This Is The Most Untapped Transformative Goal-Setting Hack!

This Is The Most Untapped Transformative Goal-Setting Hack!

Do you wish to learn the most underused yet incredibly powerful hack for goal-setting?

This post will surely blow your mind!

It’ll also impart with you the following:

  • The true impact of appreciation
  • How creating systems increases wealth
  • Why the same problems keep repeating
  • …and so much more!

Are you ready to change your life?

Let’s begin!

After-Manifest Review: The Most Overlooked Hack For Goal-Setting

If an individual is aiming to enhance their goal-setting abilities, they can utilize after-manifest review. It maintains appreciation for the manifested goal, enhances the process even further,  and prevents the repetition of negative thought process that serve as roadblocks to success.

3 Ways The After-Manifest Review Supercharges Goal-Setting

Here are three ways that the after-manifest review skyrockets your success.

#1 Maintains appreciation for the manifested goal

Maintains appreciation for the manifested goal

You should always write down a review of your desire after you manifest it.

This allows you to maintain your appreciation of your manifested desire so it does not disappear.

Allow me to explain.

It is crucial to keep your attention on your manifested things.

Don’t take them for granted just because you now have them.

Continue your love for it if you wish to have it stay with you effortlessly.

This is where you will learn rapidly about your power and yourself.

Remember also to feel the gratitude fully and celebrate!

Tell your subconscious that this was a job well done.

Such feedback will strengthen your link with intent and make you more accurate in creation.

#2 Enhance your process even further

Enhance your process even further

Here’s another reason the after-manifest review is important:

Not only can you learn from the process, it also enables you to improve parts of it.

This is how you achieve that:

When reviewing manifested goals, make sure to include the thoughts and emotions you had every step of the way.

Once you do this, you’ll realize common areas that you always seem to struggle with.

Recognizing these and solving the problems will make your process so much simpler.

There will be tasks that you can delegate and/or automate so you can do more.

See, your life already has many tasks that involve:

  • Social
  • Business
  • Personal

Successful people know the value of multiplying their efforts.

They focus on what they like to do and what they’re best at doing.

They leave everything else to other people and systems.

This multiplies your time and freedom.

Amazingly, it also increases your health and wealth!

This can be enabled by entering a:

  • Soft System: This refers to persons who can do it for you.
  • Hard System: This one can be in the form of a machine.
  • Information System: This pertains to software and the like.

Important: If you find that overwhelm slows you down, here’s an easy fix:

First, write down a task that you usually do.

Break that down into steps.

So, stop looking at it as one big mass.

View it as a series of steps instead.

#3 Prevents repetition of false thoughts

Prevent repetition of false thoughts

Let me ask you something.

Have you noticed some situations keep repeating themselves?

This only stops when you undergo a major breakthrough.

Here’s an example:

Some people are always having money problems.

When they fix one issue, sometime later, another comes up.

Now, why does this happen?

This is why: 

All problems arise from believing in a false thought.

Until it is changed, the effects will return in different forms.

This is because the universe follows you.

Nothing outside of you will save you permanently.

It does not matter if it’s another place or time.

You can only be rescued from your problem by changing within.

One powerful way you can avoid the repetition of the same negative thoughts is through the after-manifest review method.

Whenever you’re manifesting a new goal, you’ll go through the same process, same issues.

Because this is actually coming from a deep-rooted belief, you may find it hard to snap out of this cycle.

Here’s what you need to do:

Present yourself with evidence. Challenge the false thoughts by looking for evidence.

This will negate this kind of thinking.

Also, use mindfulness and meditation to train the mind to let go of rumination on negative thoughts.

When you do this as a habit, this will eventually reprogram your subconscious mind.

As a result, your goal-setting capabilities will become so much smoother and faster.


It is my desire that this article helped open your eyes to the tremendous power of the after-manifest review.

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Thank you so much for taking the time to read this post.

I’ll see you in the next one!

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