This Unknown Hack About The Body Will Help You Instantly (Based On Studies!)

This Unknown Hack About The Body Will Help You Instantly (Based On Studies!)

Do you wish to learn this unpopular trick about the body that is even based on studies?

This is for you!

Additionally, this powerful hack works no matter:

  • Who undergoes the test
  • Topic or type of question
  • Where in the world it’s done

Ready to start?

Let’s go!

Did you know your body is a communication device?

Did you know your body is a communication device?

Your body is a communication device that knows everything.

The body’s muscles respond either with strength or weakness depending on the stimuli around the body or mind.

Researchers found out two incredible facts years ago.

First, the body’s muscles would go strong when something beneficial was made available.

And secondly, it became weak when something harmful was in its presence.

This discovery was, in the Western world, made famous by Dr. George Goodheart.

Certain compounds were placed in their vicinity and the participants had no idea.

This was confirmed in all tests done worldwide over the last 40 years or so.

Scientists have concluded that the body knows exactly what is good or not good for it instantly.

This happens even when the mind has no idea what is going on!

Here are a few examples to explain this further:

The Dr. Hawkins experiment (with 1,000 participants)

The Dr. Hawkins experiment (with 1,000 participants)

This is an experiment Dr. Hawkins (and others around the world) has repeated with the exact same results coming up.

Briefly, the test was conducted as follows:

A group of about 1,000 college students was put together.

500 unmarked envelopes were passed around in random order by a third party who has no idea what is going on.

Of course, half the 1,000 people will get an envelope each.

They are going to be the test subjects.

The other 500 people are going to be doing the test (of course, they have no idea what is in the envelopes or what the whole thing is about – all they know is how to do the simple test on their partner).

What happens now is that the person in the pair that is holding an envelope will get tested for muscle strength by the person without an envelope.

They would report their finding and return the unmarked envelope.

Not even the researchers knew which envelope contained what, as they were all unmarked.

Now, this is what was in the envelopes.

About 250 envelopes had artificial sweetener.

One of which was aspartame.

This is found in products like Diet Coke and Equal.

It has been linked to cancer.

Additionally, it’s known to cause excessive firing of brain neurons in them.

Meanwhile, the other 250 had organic vitamin C.

Here’s the amazing thing:

All the test subjects that had been holding the envelope with aspartame went weak in muscle tests.

On other hand, those holding the organic vitamin C one became strong.

While the test was going on, no one had any idea about the envelope contents including:

  • Testers
  • Researchers
  • Test subjects

No matter how many times you repeat this, anywhere in the world, the results are the same. 

Here’s another astonishing fact:

You don’t actually need to be in physical contact with a substance for you to test weak or strong to it.

Simply looking or thinking of the test item while being tested will give the same result.

Additionally, it can be used in four ways such as:

  • Detecting fakes
  • Major world themes
  • Yes-or-no questions
  • Complex concepts

Let me explain them one by one.

#1 Spotting fakes

Spotting fakes

If you have an original painting and hang it on the wall.

Then, get a very good fake copy of that same painting as well.

You will realize something:

It will take an expert a lot of trouble to realize which is fake and which is not.

However, any body will instantly tell you which is fake and which is not.

When any test subject contemplates original work, their muscles test strong to it.

And when viewing a fake painting, even if they think it is real, they will test weak.

This is guaranteed to work all the time. 

#2 Major world themes

Major world themes

Here’s another test that would always come up the same.

It does not matter who you tested on.

Moreover, it has to do with major world themes such as:

  • Love
  • Peace
  • Murder

Get any number of test subjects to think of a certain theme.

You’ll be shocked to see the repeated outcome.

Let us take the example of Hitler since many have heard of him.

There are some people on earth who don’t know him and his politics.

All test subjects will have their muscles go weak upon hearing his ideologies even if it’s:

  • A person who loves Hitler’s politics
  • Someone who completely hates them
  • An individual who does not know him at all

Now, the important thing to note here is that your questions have to be very specific.

The idea of Hitler versus his politics are two very different subjects!

They are very separate entities, each with its own score on consciousness.

Anyway, to summarize, you cannot cheat consciousness.

That is what answers through communication through the body.

#3 Yes-or-no questions

Yes-or-no questions

There are some practical applications you can use in your life in areas of business, relationships, and so on.

Let me give you an example.

You can test for truth or false on questions such as:

Is this politician telling the truth about this particular issue?

Is my business partner being honest regarding our deal?

These are just simple yes or no answers.

However, we will look at even more complex answers and questions.

At the end of it all, we will see exactly how you can do your own tests at home.

#4 Complex concepts

Complex concepts

You can use this test to further expand results.

In addition to that, you’ll even come up with a universal calibration of consciousness by which to measure everything.

The simple kinesiology test goes like this:

You ask someone to hold a concept in mind or a thing at hand.

And then, test for muscle strength.

You either get weak or strong.

The conclude, weak means no, and strong means yes.

That is a good enough test for simple true or false issues.

However, what about more complex answers that you may need?

Well, through tons of tests, Dr. Hawkins and his researchers were able to come up with a scale that works universally.

It runs from 1 to 1,000.

Here is how it works:

You would say to a test subject:

Do you think the power of this concept or person is over 100?

And then, test for yes or no.

If it is more than 100, you will get a strong response from the muscle.

Then say:

Is [whatever you are testing on] more than 200?”

You keep going until you get a weak response.

Say for example that you had reached 500 and got a strong response, then asked if it was more than 600 and got a weak one.

In that case, you would now go back down to say 510 and ask, “Is it more than 510?”

Test for yes or no until you get the weak result again.

The amazing thing is that you’ll get the same score no matter whom you test it on and where in the world it’s done.


It is my desire that this post regarding a magnificent hack about the body helps you.

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