Why Logical & Scientific Proof Are Limiting (5 Jaw-Dropping Truths!)

Why Logical & Scientific Proof Are Limiting (5 Jaw-Dropping Truths!)

Do you wish to learn the realities of why logical and scientific evidence are limiting?

In this article, I’ll share five with you.

In addition to that, I will also impart the following:

  • The value of following your heart
  • Why you can’t see higher beings
  • The true pillars of logic and science
  • …and so much more!

Eager to start?

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5 Limitations Of Logical & Scientific Proof In Manifesting

Logical and scientific proof are limited because they only presented a fragmented form of knowing, depend on past evidence, rely on discoveries, are unable to detect higher realms, and progress gradually.

5 Truths As To Why Logical & Scientific Proof Are Limited

Here are five reasons scientific and logical evidence are limiting:

#1 Reason is only fragmented understanding

Reason is only fragmented understanding

Reason is a crutch.

Unless you drop it, or are at least willing to see if you can walk without it, you won’t get off the crutch.

A crutch is a form of assistance.

It’s important that you don’t depend on it.

This is why:

Reason is still fragmented understanding.

It is knowing, but it is incomplete.

It is still standing in the region of separations, yet pointing to unity.

You cannot use reason within the whole!

It depends on analysis, logic, and so on.

All these are founded on abstraction.

It also relies on splitting the whole into smaller segments.

The whole is complete!

To cross over into the regions of higher consciousness, you have to drop reason and follow the heart.

It is impossible to make a complete jump into a consistent level of being unless you stop insisting on having everything explained in logic.

Here’s the truth:

Logic has its limitations.

It cannot carry you into infinity.

It can’t even comprehend it.

It also cannot understand miracles, which are even smaller than infinity yet are a natural part of life.

To experience the totality of your being as you wish (which is what enlightened masters do), you have to move to knowingness.

How you do that, actually, is beyond your own doing.

So, don’t worry about how to do it.

Just move toward it, and then, it will move toward you.

#2 Logic relies on past experiences

Logic relies on past experiences

The last step, the last jump across into full enlightenment, is not taken by you.

You are pulled across but only when you have walked right up there.

The other problem with logic is that it relies largely on the little you already know within your conscious awareness.

Out of all the possibilities in an infinite universe, you are aware of a very limited amount.

Your logic, if you ever noticed, relies on your past experiences.

How can you possibly allow in infinity while attempting to force it through the tiny window of comprehension that is called logic?

It is impossible.

You have to go by trust and feeling.

At first, you will have to go by faith.

In the end, even faith will be unnecessary, for you will have reached complete knowing!

However, you cannot get there if you still insist on “logical proof.”

While we are on this topic, let us look at a similar one “scientific proof.”

Science has done very well for us.

It has shown us much we did not know about before.

#3 Scientific proof are merely ‘discoveries’

Scientific proof is merely ‘discoveries’

Nowadays, science is being regarded as the end-all and be-all.

This is a grave mistake.

Now more than ever, we are refusing to allow anything that does not have “scientific proof.”

It would serve us well to remember a few things about science before we walk around insisting it is proof for everything.

Even inventions are discoveries.

In science, all you are doing is gaining an increased understanding of totality.

Totality already exists, you are just discovering it.

Even when you invent something new, you are simply discovering a process or thing that was always there.

You just never knew it was.

Let me give you an example:

When you invent an airplane, you don’t invent the principles of flight.

You simply find it out and then learn how to live by them and comply.

As a result, you fly.

So, how can you then ask for proof from the undiscovered, using the old discoveries as your yardstick?

That is very limiting.

#4 Higher realms can’t be detected by instruments

Higher realms can’t be detected by instruments

Scientific instruments, like the human body, have a range of operations.

The human eyes can see colors from red (the lowest frequency of energy we can detect with our eyes) to violet (the highest detectable one).

Does that mean there are no colors above violet or below red?

Of course not.

Do we see them?

No, we don’t.

We now know, through scientific instruments, that infrared and ultraviolet exist too.

Before, we did not know that.

You can rest assured that the frequency of energy spans infinity, both above and below what we can detect.

There lies an abundance of life that lies beyond our capability to detect with our eyes and instruments.

However, you naturally can detect this infinity, depending on your level of consciousness and awareness.

As these increase, you’ll begin to see and experience things that most people cannot, nor can scientific instruments due to their limitations.

At this stage, scientific proof goes out the window.

The power and frequencies of higher realms of existence are above the upper limits of normal human and instrument detection.

#5 Science progresses slowly

Science progresses slowly

What do scientists look for evidence of life on other planets?

They search for water, oxygen, and so on.

In other words, although noble in their quest, they are assuming life only exists in the form that we know here on earth.

Did you know that human beings have a frequency and wavelength?

Yes, just like a radio wave, we also have it.

Here is the key:

A being of a higher frequency than us, if high enough, will be completely transparent to our eyes and instruments.

Yet this being will have its own life, structures, and so on.

There is more life right in front of your eyes than you can see normally.

You need not leave this planet to find life unlike ours.

In fact, you need not even leave our solar system.

Some places that look so hot or inhabitable under the naked eye are a hive of activity at different frequencies.

What I am getting at here is that logic and science approach everything from the little it knows.

It tries to force everything into that space.

And then, it expands that space very gradually and in minuscule amounts.

If you wish to move faster and further, gratefully accept science and logic for what it is, and not more than that.


It is my desire that this article helps you see the limits of logical and scientific evidence.

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