3 Kickass Rules To Instantly Overcome Your Ego

3 Kickass Rules To Instantly Overcome Your Ego

Do you wish to learn how to instantly overcome your ego? In this post, I’ll share with you three rules to achieve this.

Additionally, you’ll learn the following:

  • The ego’s origins
  • Why it was created in the first place
  • How the ego uses selective evidence

Are you ready to start? Let’s continue.

3 Incredible Hacks To Drop The Ego

For an individual to overcome his or her ego, they need to realize its true purpose, direct their attention to thoughts that stem from unconditional love and be in the present moment, as well as view things from a healthy perspective.

The Ego’s Eternal History

The Ego’s Eternal History

Before we discuss how to “conquer” the ego, it’s important to understand its origins

This will help you understand why your mind seems to work against you at times.

It’ll also allow you to comprehend why you went through a lot of the pain perpetrated by the ego.

Let’s begin!

You most likely have heard of the Big Bang, the start of the universe.

You know that it started in an instant, arising from nothing and becoming something.

Now, take your mind before the Big Bang and the beginning of the universe.

What was there?

There was just The Source, what some people call God, one being.

Note: During this period, there was nothing else. In fact, even nothing did not exist. There was no thing called nothing.

Because of this, The Source could not know itself.

There wasn’t anything against which to experience itself.

Other realms created

Allow me to explain this in simpler terms:

Let’s say you are tall.

Yet, you have never seen another thing in your life.

You only know this as a concept.

Without the opposite, you would not be able to experience it.

As you have observed from this example, a frame of reference is needed.

In the realm of the absolute, there can be no feelings and experiences of what is known.

And so, the following realms were created so that each part can observe each other:

  • Duality
  • Relativity
  • Opposites

Anyway, The Source chose to split into seemingly different forms within itself and have each form perceive the next, hence creating the relative experience.

And so, the universe was born.

beginning of the universe

Now comes how it was born and where you come in.

At the beginning of the universe, the following split into infinite energy “pieces”:

  • Pure love
  • One mind
  • Pure energy

Scientifically, they can be called quantum energy “packets.”

In the mystical definition, however, it is termed the spirit.

The One Mind was also divided into many.

The splits, you have to realize, are not clear and defined.

They are individuations, seemingly separate.

Allow me to give you an example of what this means.

Let’s observe the body, from a scientific point of view. 

In the beginning, the universe was all just one element, hydrogen.

This is the most basic element.

It’s made up of the simplest combinations of quantum packets.

This element, through many processes, formed all the other elements that you know of, such as oxygen and so on.

Up until now, these elements were self-sufficient.

They were stable in themselves.

But over billions of years, as the “split” minds believed they were separate, they created forms that were insufficient by themselves.

Compounds such as amino acids came into being.

These needed to consume and absorb other elements so that they could sustain themselves.

This is where the idea of need first came up.

This illusion was the first to be formed.

It’s from the split mind believing it is separate and thereby creating forms which, with increasing complexity, needed other things to maintain them.

Anyway, as time went on, and forms increased in complexity and dependence, other illusions came in, such as:

  • Fear
  • Attack
  • Vulnerability
  • Unfulfilled needs

This is what the ego truly is.

It is the opposite of Reality.

It also believes in false notions such as:

  • Need
  • Separation
  • Possibility of failure

It is also a belief system created billions of years ago.

Note: If you’re interested in learning more about beliefs, feel free to check out the following posts:

How To “Conquer” The Ego Instantly (In 3 Easy Steps!)

You’ve now gained a deeper understanding of the ego’s eternal history and purpose.

Let us go over the three ways you can transcend/evolve it.

#1 Recognize its true purpose

Recognize its true purpose

As discussed earlier, the ego was made for contrast.

It was a necessary creation.

However, not many people are aware of this and things went too far.

They did not know the plan which involved the following:

  • Create illusions
  • Overcome them
  • Experience the magnificence of What We Truly Are

This can never fail because we are designed to self-correct eventually.

The opposite of all the properties of The Source had to be created as illusions so that the real ones may know themselves experientially.

Here’s an example:

Love is a property of The Source.

On the other hand, fear had to be created as an illusion.

It cannot be real because there is nothing outside of The Source that can be threatened so that the experience of love can happen.

At this stage of humanity, we are now beginning to realize that there is a difference between illusions and reality.

Some people have mastered this so well that they literally create their life as they wish it to be in an instant, seemingly breaking all the “laws” of science.

Anyway, right now, we are waking up, remembering how to be in this world but not of it.

It is gradual, but it is happening.

In fact, all of human history is about evolution towards this point.

The human race as a whole awakens slowly but an individual can do this swiftly, at any time, if they wholly choose to.

As we become aware, we increase our intelligence and abilities.

Things happen faster now than they did a hundred years ago.

About eight hundred years ago, we did not even know how to draw in three dimensions.

We could not communicate across the globe either.

See, our minds are awakening to the unity.

And with that, our physical plane is responding.

But you can take a quantum leap right now, instead of awakening slowly. 

Nothing is denied from you, least of all instantly knowing who you really are.

#2 Focus on thoughts from unconditional love & the present moment

Focus on thoughts from unconditional love & the present moment

Not all thought is true thinking

Thoughts out of unconditional love unify with the universe and move you as well as the rest of the universe forward.

They make reality up and they are real thoughts.

Thoughts out of fear, on the other hand, are not true.

They make illusions.

You will still see their effects, but it will be your own private “hell,” so to speak, that you shall go through.

Fortunately, you can change your mind at any time and drop those painful illusions.

You also have to understand, very clearly, that the ego’s only goal is to maintain itself.

It has a vested interest in that.

It is designed to perpetuate the illusion of separation.

Because of this, it engages in many tricks.

One that the ego uses to take over you is to have you become a human thinking instead of a human being.

Because it creates a lot of noise in your mind, you miss being in the present.

It resists the here and now by doing the following:

  • Brings up your past which does not exist anymore
  • Anticipate the future which also does not happen yet

The only moment you can be is in the present.

When you refuse to accept that, you lose your joy and power.

Negativity is the ego’s attempt to strongly make you believe two notions:

  • You cannot do anything.
  • You can’t have something.

It is in its best interests that you fail.

So, eliminate anything that is not of abundance, unity, and unconditional love, including the following:

  • Need
  • Attack
  • Failure
  • Separation
  • Vulnerability
  • Condemnation

This new way of living may sound scary to you initially, but that is just the response of ego under threat.

When you refuse to follow it, you’re fully guaranteed:

  • Joy
  • Security
  • Success

The ego is the weight that holds you back.

It is what makes you tired and fearful.

It’s the one keeping you going in circles.

It is not difficult to drop the ego, but it is very different.

It disappears the minute you stop giving it power and attention.


This is because the private world of ego thoughts belongs only to you.

It never was a reality.

Your mind tricks you with things that cannot be seen or heard by anyone else but you.

Yet, you choose to believe them and run your life by them.

As long as you do so, you miss seeing the world as it truly is.

#3 Always look into the positive side of things

Always look into the positive side of things

The third way to defeat the ego is to think positively.

Let me explain why.

The ego has to win your loyalty because only you can lend it your mind, the only tool it can use to create.

On its own, it is powerless.

Meanwhile, your mind is fully mighty.

Yet, it is your tool.

The ego’s only mission is to have autonomy, full separation.

This is an unattainable goal but it believes it can attain it.

It tries to achieve this through two steps.

First, it convinces your mind that it is your ego.

It makes your mind believe ideas like:

  • It’s incapable of having things
  • It’s a separate unit that is vulnerable
  • Its memories and experiences define it

Most people think this lie is true because the ego is very crafty.

Here’s another example of its tricks:

When you are seemingly in trouble, your mind (because of your ego) does the following:

  • Offers you evidence of past failures
  • Scares you into believing that you’ll screw up

The ego selectively uses evidence that supports its case and throws away anything else that doesn’t.

It works through the following:

  • Hiding
  • Judging
  • Attacking
  • Rejecting
  • Separating
  • Categorizing
  • Condemning

Because of this, you totally forget all the good stuff in your life.

All the times you have succeeded are ignored.

Moreover, your mind blows the whole situation out of proportion.

Let’s now go to the second step.

The ego uses your mind to create out of fear.

Let me give you an example of this.

The ego can give you a belief that you can be attacked.

The truth is, this isn’t possible.

However, if you think this is true, you will do things that include:

  • Defending yourself
  • Projecting the attack

And because the ego convinces you to operate from a place of fear, you’re also vigilant of the following:

  • Loss
  • Failure
  • Conflict

This cycle goes on.

This is why thinking, speaking, and acting in a place of unconditional love is a revolutionary way to destroy the ego.

#BONUS: Know who you truly are

Know what you truly are

The minute you fully accept and realize who you really are, your ego will have to be gone.

It never really existed as a reality.

It was just a projected belief system.

The illusions also drop.

They are replaced by reality, which has always been there but covered up.

It never resisted your free will to choose what you wish to have.

The tricks that the ego creates serve as reference points for you to experience your reality, in contrast to the illusions.

These Illusions can take over you if you do not recognize them.

Once they do, it can create cause havoc in your life.

They also exist to belittle you.

That’s why it’s vital to remember you are not your mind or body.

To be clear, here are their corresponding functions:

  • Body: It is a communication tool
  • Mind: This, on the other hand, is a creation tool.

What you are is a spirit created in the image and likeness of The Source.

You are your higher self.

Note: If you want to learn more about who you are and your higher self, I’ve discussed this in relation to the ego in the article below. 


I hope that this article has opened your eyes to how to conquer your ego.

If you’d like to take a much deeper into this subject, feel free to enroll in my course Spirituality & The Subconscious Revealed & Reprogrammed course.

My blog and newsletter are also packed with enlightening posts such as this one.

Thank you so much for reading this article.

I will see you in the next one!

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David Cameron Gikandi

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