5 Indispensable Truths Of Goal-Setting (Love vs. The Ego)

5 Indispensable Truths Of Goal-Setting (Love vs. The Ego)

Do you wish to learn about five ultimate truths of goal-setting?

In this article, you’ll also know where you’re operating from, either from love or the ego.

I’ll also share with you the following information:

  • The reality of self-sabotage
  • How your inner critic was born
  • Why the ego cannot know reality
  • …and so much more!

Ready to begin?

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5 Ultimate Truths About Goal-Setting

Successful goal-setting requires an individual to operate from the foundations of love, trust, acceptance, and certainty. They must also recognize that they cannot fail because they are a part of The Creator. Moreover, the making of the inner critic and self-sabotage are indicators of the ego. 

5 Truths To Master Goal-Setting

Here are five truths about setting goals to discern whether you are operating from love or the ego.

#1 Love, trust, & acceptance are solid foundations

Love, trust, & acceptance are solid foundations

The most important thing to realize when setting goals is the concept of love and the ego.

Love is the only Reality.

On the other hand, the ego is the denial of love and all that goes with it, including trust and acceptance.

One of the ego’s major forms is fear.

This emotion is how you discern if you are operating from the ego.

Therefore, when setting goals, love, trust, and self-acceptance need to be allowed when you are setting goals.

Whenever you encounter circumstances that’ll challenge you along the way, know that this happens so that you’ll:

  • Grow without further hindrance
  • Remove that block you put in years ago
  • Allow the force of Life to thrive through you
  • Provide you an opportunity to drop old beliefs

Overcoming difficulties on your way to success is simply an opportunity to clear blockages.

Why do they need to be cleared?

This is because they are false.

They also limit the expression of truth and life, as it is without judgment.

#2 The inner critic originated from the ego

The inner critic originated from the ego

Another common struggle when achieving something is the inner critic.

It disguises itself as a voice from within, inside you.

However, it did not start that way.

The inner critic was formed over time as a reaction to certain events.

Here’s an example:

A child is innocently playing and discovering their world.

They know nothing is wrong with them.

Their only desire is to be loved and to enjoy.

Then one day, they were judged and reprimanded by their:

  • Sister
  • Parent
  • Brother
  • Teacher
  • Neighbor

The child is now left with the question:

“What did I do wrong that made that person withdraw their love from me?”

From here is where the first inner critic is formed.

It is the first strand of the ego.

It has a false intent.

It’s making sure that, in a similar situation, this child will:

  • Not act in that way again
  • Don’t express themselves freely
  • Lest they shall be found worthy of punishment, guilty, and unloved.

Therefore, this new voice keeps trying to control and block the child.

From that point on, the present is no longer faced afresh.

It’s no longer seen in Reality.

#3 Self-sabotage is ego-based

Self-sabotage is ego-based

In addition to the inner critic, self-sabotage is another indicator that you’re setting goals from the ego.

Allow me to elaborate.

The ego is made up of a basket of beliefs.

These are what people decide defines them and who they are, 

From these beliefs, thoughts arise out of fear.

It comes in various forms, such as:

  • Attack
  • Anger
  • Denial
  • Judgment
  • Low self-esteem

It’s been covered by the past-based belief being carried by the ego.

Until that is dropped, self-sabotage and pain will keep happening.

The ego knows absolutely very little.

It’s a tiny collection of inventory accumulated over a very short lifetime.

It defends that little morsel that it knows with all its might.

All it knows arises from fear, and thus it knows not the truth.

Love, on the other hand, knows Reality.

Reality comes in Whole and as Truth.

Now, why would you wish to place your trust in the ego?

Realize that it knows so little about the Infinite universe.

In fact, it only understands the exact opposite of What Is.

Would it not be much more beneficial to let go?

Love is a part of you.

It knows the hows of the realization of your goals.

You’re made of the same fabric as The Source.

It is, after all, the infinite intelligence that runs creation.

#4 You are a creator, part of The Source

You are a creator, part of The Source

You cannot lose under any circumstance!

You are made eternally in the image and likeness of The Source, God.

It is only an illusion when you:

  • Feel guilty
  • Seem unworthy
  • Attempt to deny this truth
  • View yourself as a failure

Let me explain clearly what image and likeness really mean.

All our religions remind us that we are made in the image and likeness of The One Creator.

They state that we are part of it, not separate from it.

“Image” means of the same form and design.

Here, we are talking about you, and you are spirit.

Your body is just a temporary jacket that you put on.

Meanwhile, “likeness” means the same properties and content.

This includes:

  • Size
  • Being
  • Power
  • Extent
  • Abilities
  • Knowing
  • Presence

The only difference between you and the part of you that you call God, are these:

  • God is fully aware and conscious, not pretending, limiting, and denying Who It Really Is.
  • God created you by extending Itself, just like a parent creates a child by extending themselves.

That is it!

That is the only difference.

This means that the only two things that you are not capable of:

  • Creating God
  • Destroying anything Real

This is because nothing Real can be threatened since all Reality is an extension of The First Force.

Any other limits you face are those you place and accept on yourself.

Think of it this way:

You are like a ray of sunlight from the original sun.

You have never left the sun.

And, you cannot possibly be disconnected from it.

You also possess the same properties of light as the whole sun, even if you are just a ray.

To put it in another way, you are like a wave that has arisen from the ocean.

Even though you are individuated and seemingly separate from all the other waves, you are still part of it.

You also have the same characteristics of water as the infinite ocean that you arose from.

#5 Certainty will attract all you need

Certainty will attract all you need

Knowing that you are a part of the all-powerful God, it is important to remember this:

Never set goals out of fear.

Its results will be temporal and harmful.

Set all goals out of love and certainty, not reaction.

When you see things clearly, you start creating instead of reacting.

And when you set any goal, know that it will come true because the universe follows your truth.

Be certain.

Have faith in the system.

And because you are certain, the goal will, without fail.

Intelligently attract all the necessary resources and miracles that will enable it to come true.

Your power, although you may not know it, extends across the entire universe and is in collaboration with it.

The universe is friendly to your goals because they enable another aspect of the universe to know Itself.

There are no conflicts of will, although it may appear that way.

If you have ever noticed, nature seems to work such complicated outcomes using effortless ease!

Look at nature and be amazed!

Your goals will also work out on their own; bringing in all the needed resources to you at the right time.

Your only part to play is that you do not interfere.

Whatever and whoever is in your presence at any moment is there to help you get where you choose to get to.

Therefore, at every moment look around you and ask:

“What is this for in relation to all my goals?”

Dp this and you will find an answer.

Perhaps, the place or person is there to point out an error in thought that prevents you from getting where you wish to go.

Or, they are there to provide some information.

Just listen, relax, accept, and do not withhold anything.

Your resistance is the only thing that would slow it down and give you pain.


It is my desire that this post will enlighten you about the truths of goal-setting.

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David Cameron Gikandi

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