The Hidden Laws of Creation & Manifesting, Entrepreneurship, Abundance & Money

Let's face it... we are under attack!

  • The last two years have shown us that humanity is now at the most crucial turning point in history. We are on the verge of a major change in society.
  • Paradise or oblivion? That is the choice we are faced with. And there are dark forces hell-bent on taking us towards oblivion.
  • The battle-fronts are clear: mass media, totalitarian governments, the monetary system, our environment, our food and water supply, big pharma, big tech, the endless ‘wars on terror’… ultimately, it is a battle for our minds, our energies, our beingness. Brainwashing to weaken us, to fill us with fear, and to separate us from our divine creative powers.
  • Worldwide, there is a widespread sense that we are sliding towards an Orwellian nightmare and a more divided society.
  • At the same time, however, a great awakening is also taking hold worldwide. The level of political, monetary, and most of all, conscious awareness, is rapidly rising. It is much more vast and all-embracing than anything that has come before in history. Such awareness and awakening are the pre-requisite to ultimate liberation. We can indeed have Paradise!
  • As philosopher G.I. Gurdjieff said, “If you wish to get out of prison, the first thing you must do is realize that you are in prison. If you think you are free, you can’t escape.”
  • We are not powerless. We are the ones who will break the chains. If not you and I, then who? If not now, then when? Indeed, we are powerful beyond imagination. If only we knew how to access and use that power.
  • Fortunately… we have a way out. Read on…

People have forgotten their spiritual power

Spirit is not simply a piece of equipment at our disposal. It is not a part-time actor in our drama.

Spirit is What We Truly Are. The body, the mind, and the ego are merely cloaks and tools used by the True Self, which is Spirit.

The trouble is, we have forgotten all that, and forgotten our magnificent and potent spiritual power. Instead, we have been conditioned to rely only on the small ego and weak physical body.

That is the debilitating mass consciousness of our times. At the core of our problems is the self-view and worldview we have been programmed and conditioned to believe in. We have been taught to see ourselves as mechanical beings in a mechanical universe, disconnected and separated from our Source. Spirit is left out, even though we now know, scientifically, that humans are not just physical, and they live in a conscious and intelligent energetic universe that is aligned with their consciousness. We have been conditioned to operate through a broken self-view and world-view.

It is time to question that consensus reality, to question this limiting social programming. See past this limiting domestication and conditioning we have been subjected to. To see past it, and into the magnificent truth of our Being.

To regain access to our innate magnificence and overcome our inner and outer ‘monsters’, I believe we must find answers to the following fundamental questions:

  1. What is the purpose of this whole “game of life” that we are all playing in? How does our reality really come about? What are the hidden laws of creation and manifesting, and what power and control do we actually have in it all? We have been conditioned to believe we are fairly powerless…. but is that really true? Or are we sitting on an untapped magnificence?
  2. Because abundance and money are key considerations in most of our lives, what do we need to know about that subject? I mean… What we have been programmed to think about money and abundance is very limiting. So what do we need to know to go beyond those artificial mental limitations?
  3. I also believe that entrepreneurs change the world. They always have. Furthermore, there is a new breed of entrepreneurs that’s a Force for Good, you and I. And together, with each following our unique Calling, we can herald a better world, a New Earth in a New Energy, a sustainable, thriving, and magnificent future for all humankind. So the question is, as entrepreneurs, is there a map we can follow that allows us to serve more, and to have more impact (and income)?


If we fail to do that, we are doomed to experience:

  • Manipulation, domination, control, and victimization (‘sheeple’ fate)
  • Fear, doubt, frustration, overwhelm and spinning our wheels in endless dramas and suffering
  • Unnecessary scarcity and limitations
  • Loss of our freedoms, dignity, self-worth, humanity, connection to each other, and our wellbeing
  • Feeling stuck!
  • Worst of all, the destruction of our home planet’s ecosystem


Know thyself! And the truth will set you free. It is the challenge of our times, for all of us.

‘Normal’ isn’t coming back. Humanity has come to a ‘coming of age’ point, and there is no turning back. The only way out is through it.

And to do that, we need to see ourselves and our world anew…

I believe that humans are powerful beyond measure...

That deep within us all there dwells slumbering powers; powers that would astonish us, powers we ever dreamed we possessed, forces that would revolutionize our lives and our home planet if aroused and put into action.

The problem is nobody ever teaches us What We Really are, and how the world really works. We believe that the traditional education and employment path is fundamentally broken, and we are here to play our part in helping fix it.

With the right wisdom applied, we can live our dreams and transform the lives of others and our home planet. We are the ones we have been waiting for. If not us, then who? If not now, then when? If not here, then where? We are the ones who will break the chains. We are the Conscious Entrepreneurs, in a new economic paradigm. Entrepreneurs who actively cultivate self-awareness and personal growth, are in touch with ourselves and our home planet Earth and are willing to look both inward and outward to manifest outstanding results for all humanity and Mother Earth. Applying the new professional superpower of body, mind, and spirit. When the three become one, all things are possible. Eventually, if we wake up and play our part, there will be a new earth, and a new humanity, in which everyone will have such freedom and power as when the Creator first gave it to them.

We are in the age when the ‘caterpillars will transform into butterflies’, catalyzed by the tribulations we face today, forced to look within and discover our True Nature and Divine Power. And Love!

You have no idea of the grandiose future that awaits you.

A New Earth will soon see day.

sun reflection on calm water near green mountains

No entrepreneur, no person, should struggle with manifesting their reality, sharing their innate gifts, or experiencing their joy


But it’s become so normal, so accepted, that it’s lulling many people into giving in.

I get it.

I was there.

Feeling the doubt, fear, pain, and frustration of being stuck in the mud and fog!

Trying pure hard work yet not really breaking free.


I had to finally understand the transformational power of a liberating self-view and worldview before anything started to change for the better, and beyond.

I’m on a mission now.

I don’t want you or anyone else to suffer unnecessarily.

For me, this is more than a coaching business.

This is a Calling, and a passion.

This is a movement!

I am most grateful to have you guys with me! Together, we can go far, helping each other out, looking after each other, to the best of our abilities, and keep expanding that capacity the more we participate.

The enemy we face is subtle.

It’s actually a belief system.

It gets passed down from one person to another.

Right when you are about to move towards your dreams, that little voice tells you that you are not enough.

It sounds so rational, so real, doesn’t it?

And yet it’s a lie.

The truth is actually that you ARE enough!

March For Our Lives event in Montreal.


Enough is a word that rings loudly in the hearts and minds of so many today, worldwide. You really are ENOUGH. And together we really are ENOUGH. We just need to remember What We Really Are, and come together to connect, collaborate, and create unity, peace, health, wellbeing, and prosperity for all.

Vires in Numeris. Strength in Numbers. Our numbers are far greater than the forces that wish to divide us. We ARE enough. Once we remind ourselves and the world of that fact, we will be able to bring the world back to a place of compassion, love, wellbeing, humility, respect, support, and much more.

However, we won’t be free until our minds are free. Free your mind, and the rest will follow. The incumbent power structures have become pretty good at giving people the illusion of freedom while still keeping them enslaved to their nefarious agendas through mass-scale psychological manipulation.

The most important step to free our minds is to remove from ourselves the psychological hooks of fear and mistaken identity to which those shackles are attached. It implies leaving behind the delusions of ego consciousness.

As long as humanity is enslaved to the ego, it will remain enslaved to abusive power structures. Manipulators will always be able to use our egoic hooks to manipulate us into supporting their interests through fear and reactivity.

girl in black and white polka dot dress

The Forecast Is…

Have you noticed how every year, life seems to be getting more complicated and stressful?

What you’re seeing right now in society is stress reaching a breaking point. Increasingly, many individuals are finding it difficult to handle the complexity and pressure in their lives. The light at the end of the tunnel is eagerly anticipated by humanity. Resolution and relief!

Examined differently, we can all see that humanity is in a major evolutionary node. Whereby society, spirituality, technology, power structures, governments, institutions, the financial system, subcultures, the ecosystem, paradigms, systems of belief… all are breaking down rapidly, with new ones forming just as fast.

What do we have today, which did not exist a few years ago? What will we see in the next ten to twenty years that does not exist now? What do we have today that is about to become extinct?

Chaos and opportunity. Uncertainty. Change is in the air!

In the past, denial and bypassing would have worked. But no more. People used to ignore things and hope the nanny government will fix it, or someone else will fix it. No more. Denial and bypassing are going to be harder to maintain, if not impossible. We have to face this, individually and collectively. Because we must. No other option left, going forward.

As Teal Swan says, “A human being cannot thrive in an atmosphere of distress. When an atmosphere of distress is present, it’s only natural for a person to want to make a change immediately in any way they possibly can to the situation so they can get out of it. But what happens when a person perceives that they can’t change the stressor, whatever it is, that is causing distress? They feel they automatically have to adapt to it in some way. They begin to cope. To cope is to make a specific alteration mentally, emotionally, or physically so that you can manage or adapt to something that is causing you stress. And a coping mechanism is a specific procedure process or technique, which manages or creates adaptation to stress. However, there are huge problems with coping. One of these problems is that the very thing we think may be benefiting us because it’s allowing us to cope may be the very thing that is inhibiting our own personal growth, causing us pain and also pain to everyone around us. Another problem is that when we perceive that there’s some stressor we can’t change, we have this tendency of adapting to it and coping with it even when it is well within our capacity to change something so the stressor isn’t something that exists. People have been developing coping mechanisms to exist in a profoundly unhealthy and distressing society rather than changing society to be conducive to human health and well-being for far, far too long.”

When there is any kind of pressure, there’s generally a conscious or subconscious desire to get out of it, right?

Humanity as a whole will eventually accept the fact that they have not built a society that is conducive to human health or wellbeing, or even the planet’s well-being. There’s a feeling of “I can’t take it anymore!” There’s a sense of something having to give.

A sense that we can’t continue like this.

And we cannot rely on our compromised governments to fix this. They are also as frightened as the general population is, if not more. They are frightened of losing power and control. And they are also broken and outdated, in need of an overhaul, incapable of managing the situation without undergoing major change themselves. So what we see right now is governments reacting fearfully in a totalitarian way. The eroding of democracy and freedom and the return to totalitarianism. A very dangerous move that has never ended well in history. Those who are encouraging this authoritarian resurgence will of course deny that it is the case. The masses have not learned the lesson here yet, regarding the dangers of staying in denial and allowing nefarious forces to take us into totalitarianism and fear-based governance. And so the opportunity to learn our lesson, again, is back.

There will be huge issues worldwide relative to authority. For example, do you sometimes feel like you are being lied to and manipulated when you watch the news on TV? That’s because you are being lied to and manipulated. This, alongside many other issues, are the challenges we face today. Fortunately, we now have the opportunity to reconsider how we relate to ‘authority’. We must therefore be extremely cautious this year not to repeat the mistake of simply complying, like sheep (sheeple). Or blindly rebelling for the sake of rebelling (anarchy).

There is a growing split between people who like being in a totalitarian environment, and those who detest totalitarianism and will do whatever it takes to prevent it from happening. We have already seen clashes between those two camps, for example with the US elections a while back, and with COVID vaccine mandates, and so on. All of these are lessons and themes that we have not learned from in the past as a human race.

Once again, to quote Teal Swan, “Humanity as a collective is facing the return of their childhood drama, which is some authority figure doing something that doesn’t feel good for your own good. In the world today, we are not dealing with one. We are dealing with several very powerful authority figures. In 2022, Earth is a battleground between control and freedom, but it will take several more years to restructure power within our human society.”

That being said, there is always opportunity inside of chaos.

And the opportunity we face here is a GRAND OPPORTUNITY!


And mass awakening leads to this ability to access objective perspective, higher thinking, love, compassion, oneness, peace, wisdom, and so on.

So, don’t fall into the trap of doing nothing and waiting for things to change. Don’t give in to apathy and stagnation. You are the one you have been waiting for. If not you, then who? If not now, then when? Apathy is a big mistake. Get active at awakening. Get active at choosing love instead of fear, in your personal life and in the civic arena.

These are challenging times, yet the challenge is appropriate and necessary. But don’t worry. The universe is aligned with change for the better. You will get help! Simply ask for it, be open to it, and be courageous, and help will be there.

In the coming months and years, there will be nothing too far-fetched or fantastic or strange to become a reality. Think big! Think huge! The new energies coming through will support you to break through limitations this year. In this coming age, you are likely to see the results of what you’ve been struggling to create or attract in previous years. And the more simplify it, the more dramatic these results will be.

And the more you accept that what used to work in the past may not work anymore, the less suffering you will experience. The old is gone! It ain’t coming back! It is time to reinvent yourself. Find the divinity that is already within you, and use it actively. That is how to thrive in the coming age. Step outside the norm, experiment, develop resilience, embrace uncertainty, open up to the divinity within you, and go forth! Future-oriented, not past-oriented.

This is your home planet! And it is the only one you have. It doesn’t belong to someone else. It is yours! Ours! All of us. Remember that.

Sunshine bath

And so, to that end, I wish to share with you some thought-provoking videos I made for you for your consideration.

Here you go:

The Game of Life, The Game that Spirit Plays, As YOU!

The Conscious Entrepreneur’s Path, The 9 Levels, & The Business/Sales Success Recipes At Each Level

Fix Law of Attraction Not Working, Manifesting Not Working

Yes! *YOU* Are God (And Here Is Proof, Great Spirit That You Are)

Free Your Mind: Redefine & Demystify “Money” (Plus Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cryptocurrency, Blockchain)

9 Levels of Radical Mindfulness (Stairway to Heaven on Earth, Becoming Unfuckwithable)

What’s The Meaning Of Your Life? (Secrets To The Hidden Game of Life, Spirit & Consciousness)

Hidden Mindfulness Secrets (The End of Suffering, Finding Freedom in Troubled Times)

Love yourself.

Love your neighbor as you love yourself.

Love Mother Nature as you love yourself.

Let’s look after each other, and everything else will take care of itself.

Thank you and namaste. 🙏

And if you wish to, you can enjoy free samples of my premium courses and coaching programs here.

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