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A creative consultant on The Secret (2006) documentary, David Cameron Gikandi is an entrepreneur and manifesting coach and consultant for high achievers, conscious entrepreneurs and leaders, life coaches and lightworkers who are looking to create more impact in their lives. He also helps them decode their essence so they can bring that into their lives, businesses, tribes, and societies. He is also the author of A Happy Pocket Full of Money and other publications. David is also a futurist interested in blockchain technology which he believes will have wide-ranging applications including decentralized finance (DeFi). He holds a BSc. in International Business, an MSc. in Information Technology, a Dip. in Film Production, is a Microsoft Certified Solution Developer, and a Blockchain Revolution in Financial Services Specialization from INSEAD.

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/davidgikandi/

We Believe...

We believe that humans are powerful beyond measure, that deep within us all there dwells slumbering powers; powers that would astonish us, powers we never dreamed we possessed, forces that would revolutionize our lives and our home planet if aroused and put into action.

The problem is nobody ever teaches us What We Really are, and how the world really works. And how value, abundance, money, and wealth are made outside of the old industrial model of limited understanding. We believe that the traditional education and employment path is fundamentally broken, and we are here to play our part in fixing it. With the right wisdom applied, we can live our dreams and transform the lives of others and our home planet.

We also believe that entrepreneurs change the world. Furthermore, there is a new breed of entrepreneurs that’s a Force for Good, you and I. And together, with each following our unique Calling, we can herald a better world, a New Earth in a New Energy, a sustainable, thriving, and magnificent future for all humankind.

We are the ones we have been waiting for. If not us, then who? If not now, then when? If not here, then where? We are the ones who will break the chains. We are the High Achievers, Conscious Entrepreneurs and Leaders, Life Coaches and Lightworkers, in a new paradigm. People who actively cultivate self-awareness and personal growth, in touch with ourselves and our home planet Earth, are willing to look both inward and outward to achieve outstanding results for all humanity and Mother Earth.

Applying the new professional superpower of body, mind, and spirit. When the three become one, all things are possible.

Together... Let us imagine A New Earth, In A New Energy

Forecast 2020 - 2030


Courses & Coaching

For High Achievers, Conscious Entrepreneurs and Leaders, Life Coaches and Lightworkers ready for advanced manifesting. You can now learn how to Manifest Without Fail. Because we provide a rare system that addresses the three aspects of holistic manifesting, taking you from a relatively weak manifesting state of being FRAGMENTED, and on to a powerful state of being CONNECTED, EMBODIED, and GROUNDED. We call it Emergent Manifesting. We think ‘way out of the box’ more than anyone else, to the realm of massively transformational results and quantum leaps forward. We make you self-aware and construct-aware, expanding your self-view and world-view, so you can become self-actualised and unitive. 

Emergent Manifesting is bringing one’s desires and intentions into reality by aligning their entire Being with the energy of the Universe. CONNECTED, EMBODIED and GROUNDED. By understanding our true nature, our relationship with ourselves and the energies of the Universe, and learning how to use those energies, we can manifest our dreams and desires. Emergence is the process by which complex systems and patterns arise out of an assortment of relatively simple interactions. It is an important concept in fields such as artificial intelligence, computer science, economics, psychology, philosophy, biology, sociology, and other disciplines. Emergent properties are seen only at the system level and cannot be understood by individual components. These properties can be unexpected and offer new insights into how the system works and behaves. Emergence is a powerful force that gives rise to unexpected and wondrous outcomes. It can lead to creative solutions to seemingly unsolvable problems and inspire us to look at our world differently. Emergence has been described as “the magic of the universe,” It can be a source of immense joy, surprise, and delight. Emergent phenomena can be awe-inspiring, allowing us to discover something new and unexpected daily. With emergence, anything is possible. It gives us the potential to transform our lives and world. And when we factor in Emergence in our Manifesting, everything falls into place.

I’d like you to imagine Emergent Manifesting as a type of garden. In the same way that complex structures, patterns and beautiful blooms arise from a collection of simpler components such as soil, water, sunlight and seeds in a garden, we can also create our desired outcomes through Emergent Manifesting by aligning ourselves with the energy of the Universe. Just like creating lush gardens requires careful attention to detail, consistent care and nurturing over time, so does manifesting require dedication to understanding our true nature and relationship with the energies of the Universe. By doing this work mindfully, we are able to cultivate our reality according to what is most important to us.

BE. Do. Have. That is the formula for manifesting. Simple, but not always easy. Watch this...

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