The Best Advice For Dealing With Negative Thoughts

The Best Advice For Dealing With Negative Thoughts

If you’re constantly struggling with negative thoughts, this article will save your life.

As you go through difficult times, it can be tempting to go for quick fixes such as: disowning, denying, and suppressing.

Left to your own devices, those are common and understandable strategies.

However, for your ultimate well-being and long-term benefit, I am proposing the best solution there is.

Once implement and master this, you’ll no longer fear having pessimistic thoughts.

Instead, you’ll see them for the potential they hold once properly addressed.

Here’s an overview of other things you will learn from this post:

  • The benefit of negative thoughts
  • How they were made in the first place 
  • A powerful method and tools for changing them

Ready for the most profound advice on cynical thinking you’ll ever hear?

Let’s continue.

How To Deal With Negative Thoughts The Right Way

The most transformative method of handling negative thoughts involves embracing and accepting them, instead of resistance or avoidance. Once this is accomplished, working with the underlying beliefs should be the next step.

Unpopular Yet Incredibly Effective Way Of Handling Negative Thoughts

Negative thoughts, when properly examined, can help change your life. Here’s what you need to know to achieve this.

First and foremost, think positively… but what if you don’t?

First and foremost, think positively

Most people, especially in the spiritual realm will advise you to focus positively.

This is for good reason.

Here’s the reality:

All thoughts, at some level, create experiences.

Naturally, when you think negatively, you’ll encounter events in your life that’ll mirror it.

So from this point of view, it is clear that you should steer clear of them.

Obviously, it is far more efficient and pleasurable to have positive thoughts.

However, that is assuming you have a conscious choice in the matter.

If you find that you are somehow driven to think negatively in a certain area, don’t spend energy and emotions trying your best to suppress them.

You need to accept the fact that most of us have a tendency to become consumed by this type of thinking.

It starts with one small thought, then another follows. 

Next thing we know, we are overthinking or ruminating.

Meanwhile, others simply wave them away, pretending they don’t exist.

The problem is this:

You can’t fix something without admitting its existence.

Repressing or letting your negative thoughts run your life will only make things worse for you.

You will also lose the important benefits of the awareness they bring.

Moreover, every thought is accompanied by an emotion.

Say, for example, if you think something bad is going to happen, you will automatically feel anxious.

In the same way, if you are anticipating good news, your mood will be uplifted.

That’s why the moment you disown your negative thoughts, you are also casting aside the emotions that go along with them.

This robs you of your authentic truth.

More on this in the blog post:

But, why do we prefer to deny, disown, or suppress these thoughts?

Well, we do this because we are afraid.

We don’t want to pay much attention and listen to this side of us because we don’t want them to be true.

And although doing that can work for you short term, there will be long-lived consequences.

So, what should you do instead?

Step #1 Embrace & accept your negative thoughts

Accept negative thoughts and stop resisting

Dealing with negative thoughts requires a two-step plan.

But before we discuss that, let’s talk about how thoughts are formed.

It is vital that you learn the origin of your thinking patterns.

Understanding this will free and empower you.

As I mentioned in my article 5 Revolutionary Facts About Beliefs That You Need To Know Today, our thoughts come from our beliefs.

Beliefs, in return, stem from our image conclusions (created from conception to 7 years of age).

What this means is that your thinking was heavily influenced by what happened to you in the past, specifically your childhood.

Therefore if you’ve had a challenging upbringing, this can pose serious problems.

Hence, I would like you to ask yourself, “Do I still want to keep having the same thought patterns from my past?

Don’t you want to question, update, and change them for your own good?

If the answer is yes, you need to take the first and perhaps the most difficult step: acceptance.

You need to be able to acknowledge and embrace them, instead of doing the opposite.

Recognize your negative thoughts for what they are: opportunities to look within so that you can grow.

Once you’ve done this, it’s time to proceed to the second part: discovering the underlying beliefs.

Step #2 Work on the belief level

Work on the belief level

If you follow the trail of each negative thought, it will lead you to the limiting beliefs you hold.

When utilized this way, they become friendly beacons that guide you.

And so, whenever you encounter this, reflect, “What beliefs could I possibly have that would cause these thoughts to arise?”

Analyzing the roots will automatically stop the barrage of negative thoughts in that area.

And even if you’ve long had the habit of thinking this way, you can always change.

Here’s how:

  • Present Moment: Your thought patterns started in the past but you are not forever helpless to them. Right now, your point of power is no other than the present moment.
  • Conscious Mind: Your beliefs are operated by your subconscious mind. Most of the time, you are not even aware of it. What you need to do is use your conscious mind to reprogram your thinking.

I’ve gone into details regarding changing beliefs in my article:


In summary, think positively but if you find yourself thinking negatively, accept that. And then, ask yourself what belief is behind it.

This is the fastest and surest way to deal with them.

Note: You are not your thoughts. What you are is spirit. I’ve delved deeper into this topic in the following articles. If you haven’t read these already, make sure you do. They are game-changers!

If you want in-depth take on this topic, get a copy of my book Who Am I? Finally, a Simple Answer the Question, “How Can I Be Happy?”

It’s on available Amazon and has a Kindle version.

Thanks for reading this article! I will see you in the next one.

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