The #1 Self-Improvement Hack You’ve Been Missing Out On

The #1 Self-Improvement Hack You’ve Been Missing Out On

Do you wish to learn one of the most overlooked yet highly effective tips for successful self-improvement? In this article, I will share this with you in detail.

Along with it, I’ll also include the following information:

  • The perks of removing internal blockages
  • Why self-criticism is the root cause of judgment 
  • Indicators of resistance to a feeling or life situation

Are you ready? Let’s begin!

The Secret Ingredient To Self-Improvement

Self-acceptance is the solution to successful self-improvement. Once an individual allows certain feelings to be felt and removes their resistance to undesired events, the stream of life can swiftly flow and he or she will progress smoothly.

The Reason You Struggle With Self-Improvement

The Reason You Struggle With Self-Improvement

You desire self-improvement in various areas of your life.

You want to get better with the following:

  • Body
  • Health
  • Finances
  • Spirituality
  • Relationships
  • Social situations

In fact, you may even have struggled with yourself for years, trying to change some things unsuccessfully.

You may have tried everything!

And, nothing really worked.

Have you ever said to yourself, “I have all the knowledge, tools, courses, and help necessary! 

Why can’t I seem to achieve the life I want, even when I have everything I need to make the changes?

Why does it look so easy for some people and so difficult for others including myself? 

After all, we all have access to the same resources and all that.”

I will tell you why.

No, I will do one better.

I will show you why. 

Blockages: Your Biggest Hurdle In Improving Yourself

Blockages: Your Biggest Hurdle In Improving Yourself

Have you ever heard people talk about being blocked internally?

This blockage is preventing them from achieving their dreams.

But, what is a block exactly?

It is a pattern of handling energy; specifically, it is a holding pattern, better known as resistance.

Note: If you wish to read more about energy blockages, my article will give you more information on it. Here’s the link if you want to check it out:

Have a look at this diagram, which represents you in an area in which you may be facing a blockage:

blockage diagram

Let us define the parts that it is made up of.

  • Field Of Experience: As you can see, it is located on the right hand side and is the pink box. This represents what you are experiencing at that moment in time, the here and now. You are generally not aware of whatever exists outside your field of experience (which can also be called your field of awareness).
  • Red Box 1: There is also a red box labeled 1 which represents a particular feeling/experience that you tend to avoid. It symbolizes whatever it is that you fear.
  • Resistance: You will also notice that there are arrows on the right side labeled Resistance. They are pushing against box 1 and a column of fear.
  • Fear: Fear is defined as False Evidence Appearing Real. It is an attempt to avoid pain and an incorrect conclusion that a certain feeling will produce pain/rejection. It is also an attempt to reject that part of you that feels that particular feeling before it can materialize your fear.
  • Stream Of Life: Box 1, along with boxes 2, 3, 4, and 5, is in a large arrow flowing towards your field of experience. This arrow represents the Stream of Life. Stream of Life = Experience = Feeling. Why is experience the same as life and feeling? Well, because the only thing that keeps something real is the feeling! Without it there would be no experience, and thus no reality.

Now, here is where it gets interesting.

Imagine now that box 5 represents your desired experience, say for example a good relationship whereby you can effortlessly give and accept love from your partner, etc.

Box 5 is that thing you have always wanted but never seemed to be able to get.

Let us see how, if you maintain the resistance, your life will look like next year…

blockage diagram

And the years that follow…

Stream of life 1

You see?

Your very own resistance maintains the status quo.

Nothing changes.

You are blocking the stream of life from progressing through your field of experience.

You will never reach box 5 unless you go through boxes 1 through 4 first.

Now, let us take a pause here and see how you actually resist.

Well, the two most common ways that you resist are:

  • Stop & Eliminate: You attack and attempt to stop, change or kill (eliminate) the event that triggers the feelings you are trying to avoid (e.g. You scream at the other person to change their behavior. This can also take place in the form of avoidance wherein you hide or dodge the person or the place, and so on).
  • Suppress & Distract: You can also choose to suppress your feelings using distractions such as tensing your body, TV, work, drugs, sex, food, driving, sports, or whatever. These things are not bad. The point is, you can employ just about any activity to suppress feelings, and that then becomes bad for your growth.

So, you end up doing one of the above or both, so as to avoid feeling that which you are afraid of.

This is how resistance works.

The Life-Changing Benefits Of Removing Blocks

The Life-Changing Benefits Of Removing Blocks

You’ve now seen what happens when you simply resist feelings or experiences.

Let me show you what you can achieve should you decide and work on removing your blockages.

This is what takes place once you do so:

Stream of life 2

As you can see, the stream is progressing well through the field of experience.

Box 1 has been felt/experienced and is on its way out.

Meanwhile, box 2 just entered into the field of experience and box 3 is going inside.

Since the feelings were allowed and given space to be, the following also happens:

  • Growth
  • Progress
  • Acceptance

And because everything changes, it moved on.

The stream of life is like a river; it flows by bringing ever-new experiences if it isn’t blocked.

Now, let us see what happens in the next moment…

Stream of life 3

And the one after that…

Stream of life 4

As well as those that follow…

Stream of life 5


All that change has happened in moments, not years.

So what happens next year?


Stream of life 6

Things sure do move fast when there isn’t any resistance, when there aren’t any blockages!

So, now we know a blockage is simply the habit of avoiding to feel a certain feeling.

It is that simple.

The root causes for such a habit could be as complex as a difficult childhood or a traumatic event.

Regardless of the cause, all blockages are the same.

It is the unwillingness or avoidance to feel a certain feeling for fear that it will cause pain and make the person “bad.”

Resistance is the opposite of acceptance.

When you have acceptance, you don’t try to stop or eliminate what you feel.

Moreover, you do not suppress your emotions and distract yourself.

How To Know If You’re In Resistance

How To Know If You’re In Resistance

Negative feelings (and by negative we only mean whatever doesn’t feel good to you) always indicate resistance.

Additionally suffering always indicates this.

In all cases, it comes from your judgment that something is bad and it shouldn’t exist.

This, in return, comes from a previous and often covert, self-judgment that you are bad (hence unacceptable, unworthy of love) if you partake in this experience.

The negative self-identity comes first.

In other words, you first believed that you are bad if you felt a certain way or did something.

And almost immediately, you projected that to the feeling or activity.

Do you see how that works?

At first, it appears that the thing or feeling is independently bad.

But in actual fact, it is you who decided this

And, this all started the moment you judged yourself as bad.

Note: If you want to learn more about healing from self-judgment, please don’t hesitate to read my post on it.

Self-Acceptance: The Solution To Blockages

Self-Acceptance: The Solution To Blockages

All things are experiences.

And, all experiences are feelings.

Without our feelings there can be no experience.

Hence, negativity is always an attempt to resist or kill a feeling.

We think that bad = shouldn’t = eliminate.

You may think that you have the following problems:

  • Car
  • Work
  • Health
  • House
  • Money
  • Spouse
  • President
  • Appearance

In reality, the only problem is that you don’t wish to feel a certain feeling.

You’ll try to do whatever it takes not to feel it.

Yet, the only way out of your predicament is this:

First, feel that which you don’t wish to feel. Accept and allow said feelings.

From there, you move through it.

You’ll then notice an automatic transformation of all will occur.

Thus, from this process, a new way is born.


It is my desire that after reading this post, you have now gained a new perspective when it comes to self-improvement.

I hope that you’ll be able to work through your blockages and enhance areas of your life that you want to work on.

Should you need more help, you can grab a copy of my book Success Through Self-Acceptance: Self-help and spirituality, a practical how-to guide.

There are paperback and Kindle versions so take your pick!

If you require more guidance on this subject, my course Spirituality & The Subconscious Revealed & Reprogrammed is perfect for you.

It will help you identify and work through your blocks and limiting beliefs so you can fulfill your highest potential.

Moreover, if it’s free resources you’re after, my blog and newsletter are filled with enlightening posts such as this one!

I’d also like to thank you for taking the time to read this.

I shall see you in the next one!

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David Cameron Gikandi

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