Why You Must Trust And Enjoy The Process Of Manifesting

Why You Must Trust & Enjoy The Process Of Manifesting

Do you wish to learn why you need to enjoy and trust the process when manifesting your desires? In this article, I’ll explain these to you in-depth.

I’ll also share with you the following information:

  • Why the small wins matter

  • How worrying actually causes delays

  • What you should do if you’re stressing out

Eager to begin? Let’s go!

Reasons To Enjoy & Trust The Manifestation Process

An individual needs to focus on the process, not just the results, because his/her soul came to earth for the journey itself. There is also no need to worry because the universe provides the steps as well as the events necessary for desires to come to fruition.

Focus On the Process, Not Just the End

Focus On the Process, Not Just the End

Most of us tend to value the results of our manifestation but dread the process.

Here’s why you must focus on both:

Life and joy itself are in the process.

Think about that for a second.

Although the goal or desire is important, it is not the only thing that matters.

In fact, it only serves as a motivator to prompt you to take a journey.

It is merely a carrot to entice you to do the following:

  • Grow

  • Reach out

  • Extend yourself

  • Move the life force

This is what the soul really is interested in.

Your Soul Came Into This Earth For The Journey

Your Soul Came Into This Earth For The Journey

What is of utmost importance to your soul is that you actually extend yourself.

It is primarily interested and came to this earth for the journey itself.

It keeps bringing new desires to your awareness so that you can have experiences.

It isn’t concerned so much with objects.

Moreover, it does not fear failing.

Your soul knows that failure is impossible and meaningless.

In fact, there is no such thing as failing.

Let me give you an example.

When it comes to the thoughts and vibrations you have, not once have you failed on experiencing their effects.

Important: It is only your ego, with its domains being merely illusions, that believes in failure. That’s why it is anxiously chasing every goal.

Manifestation: A Series Of Successive Moments

Manifestation: A Series Of Successive Moments

Here is perhaps one of the most powerful statements about manifestation you’ll learn:

It consists of a series of successive moments.

Do you see why you need to enjoy the process now?

The details and the small wins matter.

Additionally, as it has been said before, desire is God wanting to say hi through you.

So, stop cursing yourself for having an unfulfilled desire or goal.

This will not help you at all

Instead, start doing the following with the process of manifesting:

  • Enjoy it

  • Relish it

  • Be grateful

  • Play with it

  • Welcome it

  • Celebrate it

  • Appreciate it

That is how it will actually spring forth.

Why You Need To Trust The Process

Why You Need To Trust The Process

When manifesting, you need to develop the attitude of letting go.

With that being said, the main reason that people find it difficult to do so is that they don’t know what’s going to happen.

The uncertainty makes them uncomfortable.

They want to know all the intricacies involved to feel safe.

Here’s the good news:

The details of the process are all handled for you.

That is why this is effortless.

Sure, you will be called upon to respond to certain events with appropriate action.

However, the circumstances will be brought to you.

To put it in another way, you will always have the next step available.

You can never reach a point where you can honestly say, “I am out of moves.”

The way the whole universe works is in this process:

First, you have a desire and you put it out by vibrating in harmony with it.

Then, the universe picks that up and through infinite ways using divine intelligence, brings you steps that lead to the manifestation of your desire.

You do not need to concern yourself with the “hows.”

To become closer to manifestation, simply remain

  • Aware

  • Present

  • Responsive

With each decision, the universe brings more events.

It is all automatic.

Finally, you’ll receive your manifestation.

And in order to properly do so, you must be in vibration harmony with your desire.

Don’t contradict it with negative thoughts and emotions.

Without contradiction, manifestations occur in the most miraculous and expedient of ways. 

Your own negative thoughts and feelings are the things that add time to the manifestation, causing the delay.

You can literally shave off years of effort simply by remaining clear.

Seeing how the process works, you can now come to a new insight:

You Are Merely An Observer Making Choices

You Are Merely An Observer Making Choices

In case you are still in doubt about the universe’s power to grant your desires, I wish to enlighten you about this:

You are simply the point of consciousness that does these two things to energy:

  • Focuses it by its choice

  • Allows it to do its work with its own intelligence

Here’s the thing:

You are not the maker, doer, or director.

Think about that statement for a while.

It is so liberating!

Let me explain.

If you look at some of the moments you had today, can you honestly say you “made” them?

You did not orchestrate all the life forms involved to ensure they happen.

You are more like an observer watching an interaction of energy.

And, this is because you chose to witness it.

From that observation, you collect data to make the next choice.

Why You Need To Stop Worrying & Stressing Out

Why You Need To Stop Worrying & Stressing Out

And so, knowing that everything is handled for you and that you are merely an observer, you have to avoid worrying and stressing about the process.

This is why:

Whenever you obsess about a goal, it makes you worry that it’s not yet fulfilled.

This results in you starting to drop out of the flow of life.

This also contradicts the goal’s manifestation.

I want you to think of these two concepts:

  • Once a desire is fulfilled, you automatically aim for a new one.

  • You are actually more excited about getting something than actually having it.

The point here is this:

Stop stressing yourself out and worrying about how things will be done.

They just will.

Simply put your attention on the desire and respond to the moments that follow.

Trust that the universe knows exactly which moments to bring to you to get you to experience a manifestation of that desire.

Enjoy each moment with gratitude and satisfaction, knowing that the law of attraction never fails even once.

You may have a rough idea of what will happen but you do not know exactly how it will transpire.

In fact, it may be the exact opposite of what is really required.

That’s why it is important to detach from your idea.

When you insist it is right and fight against everything else, you actually slow yourself down dramatically.

What To Do If You’re Anxious About Manifesting

What To Do If You’re Anxious About Manifesting

If you’re still anxious regarding your goals, here’s what you should practice doing:

Write down exactly how you feel about this issue.

Then, over the coming days, review what you have jotted down.

All of the challenges that you missed will appear to you during this time.

This will help you tremendously because it forces you to become self-aware.

This newfound knowledge will allow the issues to clear themselves out.

On the contrary, anything that is left hidden will eventually control you without your knowing.

And so, do your very best to be open and honest and avoid self-judgment and self-criticism.


I hope that this post has opened your eyes to why you should have fun and trust the universe when it comes to manifesting your goals.

Do you need more help when it comes to this matter?

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You can also read my blog and newsletter to learn more about this subject and other enlightening topics.

Thank you so much for reading this.

I will see you in the next one!

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