3 Kinds Of Beliefs & How You Can Master Them

3 Kinds Of Beliefs & How You Can Master Them

Are you looking for a powerful guide in overcoming limiting beliefs? My article will tackle the different types so you can recognize them and apply corresponding solutions.

In this post, you’ll learn:

  • Exactly how you can change a belief
  • Why some “life truths” are actually false
  • How your beliefs are out of your awareness
  • Why beliefs are truly the foundation of your life

If you want to take the first steps in a life-changing journey, keep reading!

3 Types Of Beliefs & How To Change Them

Beliefs can be categorized into the following: transparent beliefs, invisible beliefs, and bridge beliefs. Another type, which is a foundational one, is called core beliefs. To change them, preparation, detached observation, enumeration, and analysis are required.

3 Kinds Of Beliefs & Methods On How To Hack Them

Before you can update limiting beliefs, you have to recognize them within you first. Here are the three different kinds to boost your awareness.

#1 Transparent beliefs

Transparent beliefs

A belief is transparent when you are operating through it without your awareness.

These are often mistaken to be:

  • Facts of life
  • Unquestionable truths

That is if they are even noticed in the first place.

Most of the time, they don’t even reach the conscious mind.

This begs the question, “How can you be aware of your transparent beliefs?”

Here’s how:

  • Observe With Detachment: First, pull away from your thoughts. View them as if it was from another person.
  • Resist The Urge To Defend: Do not try to fight for your beliefs by coming up with proof. You should not seek to be ‘right.’ That’s because the moment you do this, any supposed evidence you would come up with is just created by your beliefs.

#2 Invisible beliefs

Invisible beliefs

These are beliefs that you are fully aware of but choose to ignore.

That’s because they are within areas of life that you have a problem with.

You’re not willing to work on them or face them.

And so, if you are intentionally blocking yourself from seeing these beliefs, how can they reach your awareness?

This is how:

  • Ready Yourself First: Whenever you are willing to see the complete contents of your conscious mind, you easily start to see these beliefs.
  • Jot Down Your Beliefs In Various Areas Of Life: One great way to see them is to list all your beliefs in certain areas of your life. Do so over a period of time and you will notice that even within particular areas you do hold conflicting beliefs.
  • Notice Where Your Beliefs Unite: At different times, you believe different things about the same area of life. Look at these conflicts in belief and see what unites them. You will notice that there is an invisible belief that is holding together the conflicting ones. This underlying invisible belief spawns these others. 

#3 Bridge beliefs

Bridge beliefs

These are beliefs that bridge the gap between some of your other beliefs.

They’re usually charged with great emotion and energy.

If you want to learn what your bridge beliefs are, follow these steps:

  • Set The Intention: To find your bridge beliefs, first, hold the intention of seeing them. Tell your mind to expose them and let them emerge.
  • Search For Similarities: Then, look for similarities between your beliefs (the ones that you know about). See how these similarities are bridging (connecting) your beliefs together. The similarities that connect your beliefs (even the ones that seem to contradict) will show you what your bridge beliefs are.
  • Look For Inner Conflicts: You can also find bridge beliefs by looking at areas in your life where you are in conflict with yourself with great emotion. For example, it is normal to like to be neat in appearance. However, some people have exaggerated emotions about being neat (or appearing in a certain way) and feel almost devastated when they think that they haven’t matched their neatness expectations. Such inner conflicts that are charged with great emotion indicate the presence of a bridge belief. 

In our example with the compulsively neat people, the bridge belief may be an assumption they have made about themselves and life.

This assumption underlies many other beliefs they hold.

Once you are aware of a bridge belief, you are in a powerful position of being able to do the following:

  • Discover The Roots: You’ll be able to know where the beliefs came from.
  • Change Them With Healthier Ones: You will also be able to easily change them.
  • Examine Its Interactions: You’ll observe how other beliefs work together.

Another benefit of working with this type of belief is that once you’ve done everything mentioned above,  then all the other ones connected to it are automatically altered.

Note: You are not normally consciously aware of bridge beliefs unless you consciously examine your mind for them.

#BONUS: Core beliefs

Core beliefsThese are exactly what their name suggests they are.

They are the fundamental beliefs behind your identity and perspective.

From them, the following arises:

  • Judgments
  • Other beliefs
  • Assumptions

In other words, core beliefs are the foundations of the way you create your world. 

They are the reasons behind the question, “Why does this always happen to me no matter what I do?

Until you change them, they work behind the scenes to continue maintaining your life as it is, with only minor variations.

Because they hold such importance, you have to work hard on discovering them.

Moreover, core beliefs are often covered by all the other ones on top of them.

And so, make sure that work on the outer layers first.


Learning about the various types of beliefs is only the beginning.

Make sure that you gain a much deeper understanding of this matter so that you’ll have the tools and strategies to change your life.

My article 5 Revolutionary Facts About Beliefs That You Absolutely Must Know Today will give you more insight on this subject.

But if you want an in-depth coverage on beliefs, grab a copy of my book Who Am I? Finally, a Simple Answer the Question, “How Can I Be Happy?

It has a Kindle version and you can get it on Amazon.

My blog section is also filled with eye-opening articles, plus it’s a completely free resource you can read anytime.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this article.

See you in the next posts!

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