An In-Depth Guide To The Extraordinary Theta Manifesting Technique

An In-Depth Guide To The Extraordinary Theta Manifesting Technique

Do you wish to learn how you can manifest utilizing the theta manifesting technique?

This article is exactly what you need!

It’ll also impart with you the following knowledge:

  • Why we assume God is above
  • The 4 brain frequencies and their differences
  • The amazing perks of being in a floating state
  • …and so much more!

Are you ready to begin?

Let’s start.

The 4 Brain Frequencies & Their Functions

4 Brain Frequencies & Their Functions

In this day and age, most educated people know that the brain works in different frequencies.

It’s common scientific and psychological knowledge.

You probably heard about it.

These frequencies can be measured using medical equipment.

This is how it’s done in all hospitals worldwide for the detection and treatment of certain diseases.

However, the frequency range we are interested in is the theta range:

This is what you need for manifestation.

Let us first briefly look at the most discussed brain wave frequency ranges (outside the normal frequency range most people have when they’re awake and doing their routine.)

  • Beta
  • Alpha
  • Delta
  • Theta

#1 Beta


Let’s start with beta.

This frequency range lies between 13 and 40 hertz.

This state is characterized by wakefulness.

It is believed to be the frequency of physical cognition (recognizing your world).

#2 Alpha


Next, we have alpha.

The alpha frequency range lies between 7 and 12 hertz (cycles per second).

It’s just below the normal state of everyday waking for most people.

It is a lightly relaxed state that results in and is used for:

  • ESP
  • Intuition
  • Inspiration
  • Introspection
  • Daydreaming
  • Psychic ability
  • Positive thinking
  • Enhanced learning

It has been proven to have a wide range of amazing effects such as:

  • Higher intellect
  • Alleviation of pain
  • Elimination of anxiety
  • Vivid memory & imagination
  • Right & left brain synchronization
  • Mental clarity & enhanced memory
  • Improvement of the immune system
  • Release of beneficial body chemicals

This is commonly known as the state of mind awake, body asleep.

It is also the same frequency as the Schumann Resonance, which is the resonant frequency of the earth’s electromagnetic field.

#3 Delta


Let us now go to the third state in this list – delta.

Its frequency range lies between 0 and 4 hertz.

This is the state you reach in deep sleep.

It is of tremendous importance.

It’s responsible for recharging your whole system.

It also reconnects with your source for a variety of life-based reasons.

This is where your higher self really works with you every night.

Fact: An hour of deep sleep feels more rejuvenating than a few hours of normal sleep. However, we will not be consciously using this level for desire manifestation, so we will leave it at that.

Please note this:

You do not have to be asleep to experience delta, theta, and alpha states.

You can enter them in a more conscious state using various means.

Brain wave technologies are used in a wide range of applications today from:

  • Memory work
  • Sports training
  • Medical therapy
  • Investigative work
  • Stress management

#4 Theta


Now, let’s talk about theta.

This is the range we are interested in most for manifestation.

This is where you touch the field of possibilities.

To put it in another way, this is where creation starts, to be grounded and implemented by the beta, alpha, and other frequencies.

Have you heard of the phrase:

“Be still and know God.”

This is what it means.

Be still, move towards the infinite void within, and you’ll get to the source of all things.

The theta frequency range lies between 4 and 7 hertz.

This range is associated with the following:

  • Vast recall
  • Free association
  • Extended creativity
  • Very deep relaxation
  • Sharp but detached focus
  • Deep insights & inspiration
  • Heightened psychic abilities
  • Accelerated learning & retention
  • Feelings of unity with the universe
  • Heightened mental imagery & memory

It is a transcendental state – you transcend this existence at that stage.

In your sleep, you reach it in your dreams.

Next time you see someone sleeping and their eyes start to rapidly move while closed (as all people do when they dream), know they are in this state.

In this state, the brain does the following:

  • Releases vast amounts of tension
  • Downloads new information and insights for the next day
  • Uploads information about the day’s experiences to higher consciousness

That is why sleep is so important.

It is like a mini-death where you go and meet your higher self.

Theta also has a tremendous array of benefits.

For example, (other than those we have mentioned already):

Hypnotherapists can easily remove a person’s old limiting beliefs and blockages to program new beneficial ones in this state.

This is because beta is the gateway to the higher self and the subconscious.

You can enter it in many ways such as:

  • Sleep
  • Chants
  • Sounds
  • Hypnosis
  • Meditation
  • Drugs & hallucinogens

Additionally, you’re able to access psychic abilities such as astral travel (which is what you do anyway in your sleep).

You are also able to have deep wisdom that can’t usually be accessed in your normal waking state (that is why dreams stop making “normal sense” when you wake up.)

Not only that but you’ll also have amazing self-healing power in this state.

In fact, the brain uses theta every night to remedy chemical imbalance (in about 15 minutes), which is the primary cause of mental fatigue.

Now, before we dive deeper into how you can use the theta state to manifest your desires, let’s talk about two highly important points first.

Secret Revealed: Why we think God is ‘up there’

Secret Revealed: Why we think God is ‘up there’

People worldwide wonder about this.

In fact, you could be on opposite sides of the earth and still say the same thing!

We think that no matter where we are, God is vertically there.

However, here’s the truth:

God is everywhere.

This includes your:

  • Left
  • Right
  • Center
  • Within you
  • Behind you
  • …so on!

But for some reason, whenever you communicate with God, you always tend to direct your attention upwards.

Why is that?

Here’s the thing:

You are an extension of that which you call God.

You are like a ray from the sun, and God is that sun.

You are God/Goddess expressing Itself in the physical dimension.

The reason that this realm exists is that Spirit wished to experience itself in a physical realm of relativity and duality.

This is something it could not do in its realm of absolute (in the absolute there is only One and thus nothing to “measure against” and create an experience, so to speak).

But for It to do that, it has to “step down” itself gradually until it grounds Itself here.

Your soul only expresses a small amount of itself in the physical – it is too powerful to pour itself all in.

It would literally burn out the body and the brain.

So, our soul, or your Higher Self, “steps down” into the physical and is a part of the Godhead.

There are no boundaries as such, simply graduations.

The link is still there and it is seamless.

But between each “step”, there is an energy center (chakra) that processes this two-way passage.

By now, you may have had a chance to read the chakra energy center information in this blog or other resources.

Note: If you haven’t, you can read it here!

At this stage of our evolution, we are aware of the lowest 7 chakras in our system.

But even then, we have not fully opened them up yet.

For example, worldwide the 6th and 7th ones are becoming more prominent among people, resulting in:

  • Intellect
  • Intuition
  • Spirituality rising

As we evolve and grow, higher chakras enter our awareness.

We can, therefore, use them consciously.

Thousands of years ago, our most dominant one was the root chakra, the tribal one.

And as we have moved on over the millennia, we have evolved “upwards” in the chakra chart.

The seventh chakra is responsible for our:

  • Oneness
  • Inspiration
  • Spirituality
  • Universal being
  • Universal consciousness

What is above the crown chakra?

More chakras of course!

Each one encompasses higher and more multidimensional parts of us.

There is an oversoul chakra, and so on.

It is as if each higher chakra “steps up” and “opens up” into the Godhead further and further.

So, now you can see how you are like a massive pillar.

The “bottom end” or leading edge of this pillar is the physical part of you.

This pillar or “ray” is connected to the “sun” (Godhead) on the other “top” end.

This is why:

No matter where you are, your link to the Godhead is always above you!

This is the reason people somehow know deep within that God is “up there.”

Whenever they direct their communication to God, their attention is automatically programmed to direct that communication upwards.

We will use this information in a minute.

The astonishing power of a state of floating

The astonishing power of a state of floating

There have been numerous experiments by doctors over the last 50 years on the mental effects of floating.

Using various devices such as saltwater tanks, scientists induced a state of floating on their subjects and measured what effect that had on them.

The consistent conclusion is this:

A sense of floating always lowered the brain frequency.

It also induced a deep state of relaxation on the subject.

It’s almost as if floating was a form of meditation or hypnosis.

It puts a person in a state of theta, but unlike sleep, it keeps them conscious.

The person is able to notice the amazing imagery and insights streaming across their mind in this state.

Moreover, they are able to plant seeds of thought into that stream.

There is no argument that inducing a sense of floating puts a person’s mind into theta. 

Scientists believe that the reason this happens is that it takes away all sense of external stimuli from a person, including gravity.


The state of waking is that which defines cognition, the ability to recognize external stimuli.

And so, taking away external stimuli eradicates the need for wakefulness.

As a result, you naturally drop into alpha and theta.

You maintain consciousness since you did not go to sleep.

Have you seen infinity swimming pools?

These are common in expensive hotels and houses of the rich.

They are designed to fill to the brim.

And because they are built at a ledge, their 3 sides all merge with the sky, giving a sensation of floating in the sky to anyone who swims in them.

If you have not seen them yet, look for them on the internet.

The reason they are so sought after is that they give an extremely deep sense of relaxation.

They can take a person swimming in them into a state of conscious theta.

3 Benefits of a floating state

#1 Enhanced performance

Enhanced performance

Performance sports trainers have also used floating.

In all instances of this advanced training, what coaches would do is:

  • Enable the athletes to get into theta
  • Let them visualize themselves in competition
  • Instruct them to imagine the entire race and winning

The visualization is such that the person is watching themselves from an aerial perspective.

It would be as if they were floating above their body during the race and directing their performance all the way to victory.

When the actual race comes, it surprisingly happens exactly as was seen!

#2 Healing capabilities

Healing capabilities

Floating and theta are also used to an amazing degree of success in various healing techniques such as the Orion Healing technique.

Even some of the most “incurable” diseases are resolved with the appropriate healing guidance while in theta.

#3 Heightened learning

Heightened learning

A few universities have also carried out super-learning experiments with students while in theta (through floating or any other means) and the results have been astonishing.

Theta is an amazing state for learning, just as it is for creation and healing.

The only “downside” with theta is that you cannot operate yourself.

You can be conscious and awake.

However, you cannot walk, talk, or do physical activity while in this state.

The minute you attempt to do so, you pop out of it and then go into beta and alpha.

Other states are designed for physical cognition and wakefulness.

That is why you cannot be in theta while you are moving about and performing an action.

So, now you know that floating can take you into theta consciously, without having to put you to sleep.

Now, be prepared to see how to take yourself without the aid of:

  • Pools
  • Hypnotists
  • Equipment
  • Falling asleep

The link between the theta state & your chakras

The link between the theta state & your chakras

Normally, your consciousness is focused on your 7 major chakras.

That is what you are consciously in communication with.

Your consciousness, your “I am”, is yours.

You can direct it where you want.

As we evolve personally and as life forms, it automatically expands to include more of the totality, including the non-physical.

But, you don’t have to wait for that.

You can direct it right now.

And so, your “I am” is currently focused here, on this page.

This means it is largely focused in your 6th chakra right now, absorbing this information.

You know that you can move it around.

For example:

You can put its primary focus on your heart and you will feel increasing love and power when you do so.

Wherever you place your “I am” and your attention, you cause it to:

  • Grow
  • Vibrate with it
  • Communicate with it

You can raise it above you.

When you do, you get in touch with the higher parts of you.

At approximately 3 feet above your head is where your soul “steps down” its massive energy stream, ready for entry into the physical.

On the other hand, 67 feet on top of your head is where you connect with your Higher Self.

This is the part of you that:

  • Of unconditional love
  • Knows itself to be of infinite power
  • Is not bound by space and time constraints

You are also connecting with the part of you that is most aware and conscious of your eternal and infinite existence.

Moreover, it is at your command and it can create experiences effortlessly.

If you want a step-by-step guide on how you can get into theta state, feel free to check out this article:


It is my desire for this article to have helped you learn all about the theta state and its numerous astounding benefits.

With that being said, if you need more information on this subject, there are amazing courses waiting for you to unlock (FREE Trials available).

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Thanks for reading this article.

I’ll see you in the next one!

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