5 Powerful Truths About Wealth (#3 Will Surprise You!)

5 Powerful Truths About Wealth (#3 Will Surprise You!)

Do you wish to learn the most important facts when it comes to wealth? In this post, I’ll share with you five of them.

Along with it, you’ll also learn the following:

  • Why setting financial goals isn’t enough
  • How to properly think, state, and write your desires
  • The importance of images of the mind in wealth-building

Are you ready to start? Let’s begin.

5 Life-Changing Facts About Wealth

Wealth is abundance expressed, caused by an individual’s desires as well as of other people’s, made possible by the mind’s images, involves an entire lifestyle, and requires “I Am” statements.

5 Secrets About Wealth You Need To Know Today

Do you wish to learn more about the nature of wealth?

Here are five important things you need to know about.

#1 Wealth is abundance expressed

Wealth is abundance expressed

The first truth you need to know about wealth is that it is abundance expressed.

It’s translated into physical, manifested.

Abundance is all there is.

It is life’s true nature as well as yours.

That’s why when you think of wealth, do not think only of money and business.

It is everything that you wish to have, do, be, or see in your life and of others.

Here is the greatest insight:

You are merely an observer.

Try to understand this.

You are an observer with a body to experience.

It is what you choose that determines what you observe and experience.

It is all there for you, automatically.

So, choose many things and these are what you’ll see.

#2 Your desires are caused by you & everyone

Your desires are caused by you & everyone

Another thing you should understand about goals and thoughts is this:

Your desires are caused by you and everyone else, and vice versa.

Let me give you an example.

When you intend to have a boat, it causes an inspiration in another person suited to build it to get into this type of business.

It also motivates all the necessary events and people to take part to bring about your having that boat.

Everybody wins.

What do you think caused this post to be written for you?

It is the effect of the following:

  • Your previous desire
  • The drive of billions of other people
  • My eagerness to spread wealth and be it

It is because you want a thing, that it is created.

#3 Wealth isn’t only about money

Wealth isn’t only about money

Money is only a small aspect of wealth.

Many people plan their goals in terms of it only.

They say something like:

  • Make enough money to buy that car
  • Make a million dollars to buy a house

This is the first error in that sort of goal setting.

The second mistake people make is having huge financial goals and very few other goals.

So, why are both of these incorrect?

Try to understand this clearly:

Life is images of the mind expressed.

It is that simple and it is also precise.

You automatically get exactly the amount of money needed to realize images of your mind.

And although you may think that money is the only way to get the things you want, life knows that there are many ways.

So, if you have very few other goals and images in your mind, there will not be much “material” for life to work with.

To illustrate this, imagine that it was possible to open a person’s mind for examination.

Now imagine there were two fictitious people, Bjorg and Li.

They both wished to become wealthy.

  • Li: Li wished to have a billion dollars and that is all he thought about. On examination, his mind also showed few images of anything else. Even concerning his business or job, there were scarcely any goals related to customer numbers, quality, products, and so on. 
  • Bjorg: Now, Bjorg also wished to be wealthy. However, unlike Li, she cultivated many interests. Her mind, on examination, was full of a wide variety of vibrant images. It even had specifics on small details such as the clothes she wished to have, places to travel to, the deco in her offices, etc.

The question is, who do you think became wealthier in a way that’s:

  • Lucky
  • Much easier
  • Seemingly coincidental

The answer is Bjorg, of course.

Life ensures that all of your mind’s images, those you hold true and are clear, will be fulfilled.

#4 Visualizing your future lifestyle is vital

Visualizing your future lifestyle is vital

It is okay to wish to be a billionaire.

However, the challenge is how to visualize that much money.

It is very hard to hold fast in your mind a billion dollars.

However, it is extremely easy to visualize the lifestyle and business of a billionaire!

That is why you should not separate your financial goals from the rest of life.

The financial aspect is only a means to an end, not an end in themselves.

Remember that money is a shadow of value, a medium of exchange.

Your goals should be on the value and the exchanges, not on the money, the shadow.

#5 Use “I Am” statements

Use "I Am" statements

The fifth truth about money I’m sharing with you today is the importance of utilizing “I am” statements.

You need to think of, state, and write down your desires, intentions, affirmations, and goals this way.

Here are a few examples:

  • I am now driving my new gray BMW.
  • I am now taking a vacation in France with my family.

Don’t bother elaborating your goals at the moment.

At first, you’ll find it a little tricky to word your goals as an “I am” statement.

Instead, you may get tempted to say, “I have…”

Resist that temptation.

Remember that your state of being dictates what you will have.

So to form the sentence that states your goal as an “I am” statement, ask yourself this question:

What state of being will I be in the day I achieve this goal?”

Let me give you an example.

If you wish to acquire some paintings and you’re having a hard time wording that as an “I am” statement, imagine the day that you actually buy those paintings. 

How will you feel?

What will you be enjoying?

You will be in a particular state of being.

That is the one you should now write down as an “I am” statement (e.g. “I am now enjoying the thrill and satisfaction of looking at my Picasso hanging on my living room wall”). 


I hope that this article has opened your eyes to the astounding facts about wealth.

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Thanks for taking the time to read this.

I’ll see you in the next one.

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