The Ultimate Guide To Master Visualization (In 3 Simple Steps!)

Setting A Goal? Here Are 3 Essential Tips You Must Know

Do you wish to learn a highly-detailed guide to visualization? In this article, I will share with you easy yet advanced steps on how to achieve this.

I will also teach you the following:

  • How thinking about humanity benefits you as well
  • The importance of essence (when it comes to form)
  • Why you have to be open to receiving alternative solutions

Eager to start? Let’s continue!

How To Master Visualizing Your Goals In 3 Easy Steps

An individual can master visualization by remembering a similar success in the past and reconnecting with this memory. This is followed by removing and adding details according to his or her preferences and then merging this edited memory with the new goal.

A Detailed 3-Step Guide To Visualize Your Goals

If you wish to master visualization, here are three easy steps for you to follow.

#1 Reconnect With A Related Memory

Reconnect With A Related Memory

The first step in visualizing your goal is to actually remember a time in the past when you achieved similar success.

This memory will be used later to tell your subconscious exactly what it is you desire.

It is a perfect starting point because you know fully well how a vibration of the manifestation of such a desire feels like, including the full range of emotions.

Let me teach you how to do this step-by-step:

The very first one, as I previously stated, is to remember a time when you achieved a similar goal or desire.

It could have been much smaller, or even a little different.

It doesn’t matter.

Just find a memory you have of a past success that resembled the one you now wish to have. 

Important: On the rare occasion that you cannot find a related memory, use your imagination or use a scene you have seen on TV, movies, or the experience of other people that you have observed.

Next, write it down in full detail.

Fully involve all aspects of the space-time continuum in all your descriptions.

Do so by including particulars such as:

  • Sight
  • Logic
  • Touch
  • Words
  • Tastes
  • Sound
  • Smells
  • Actions
  • Patterns
  • Physical
  • Feelings
  • Rhythms
  • Emotions
  • Thoughts

Additionally, you must always use, “I am…”

Although it is only memory, write it down in the present tense.

For example, “I am now enjoying…”

Moreover, the subconscious delivers exactly so make sure to be thorough and complete!

Don’t leave anything out and assume that it will just be put in for you.

#2 Perfect The Memory For You

Perfect The Memory For You

The next step is to modify that memory to make it perfect for you.

You will be doing two things:

  • Editing out what you did not like
  • Adding in what you would have preferred

This will involve the related memory mentioned above.

Remember, in both instances, to fully include all of the intricate details (ex: sensations, feelings, thoughts, etc.)

When you are done editing and adding, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Is this perfect for me?
  • Is this what I truly would desire?

If you don’t get a clear “yes”, modify it again until it is clear.

Important: Just like the first step, keep in mind to always use the present tense “I am…” in the changed memory.

#3 Merge Your Perfected Memory & New Desire

Merge Your Perfected Memory & New Desire

The third step is to merge your new desire into the perfect memory.

Again, don’t miss out on anything.

Make sure that it is exactly as you would like it to turn out, in full detail.

You should also remember to add reasons.

They should answer the question, “What will you be doing with the newly manifested desire?

These reasons are what activate engagement from the subconscious.

For example, if you desire a new car, see yourself driving and enjoying it.

You can also think of taking your friends and family around in it.

In other words, see yourself participating with your manifested desire in ways that satisfy you.

Here is an extra step that will boost results dramatically.

Whatever it is you desire, have it for all of humanity as well!

This has immense effects because it enlarges and connects your mind with abundance consciousness and opens you up to even more universal assistance.

Don’t limit yourself.

Think big and challenge yourself to extend your expectations.

For example, if you desire a certain amount of money, don’t just ask for that.

Be open to receiving even more than you need.

Always think in terms of “this or better.”

Finally, (this is important but do it only if you choose to) ask that your desire be fulfilled in ways that are for the highest good of yourself and all those involved.

Important: Just like the other steps, don’t forget to use the present tense “I am…” when stating this. You also need to check with yourself if this is your authentic desire, as well as edit it as needed.

The Importance Of Essence In Visualization

Hold The Essence Of Your Goal Now

As a bonus, I will teach you all about essence.

Simply put, it is the fundamental nature, the feeling, of something.

In terms of what we are talking about here, it means the resulting quality or feeling you expect to get from the manifestation of your desire.

It is very important because the universe actually delivers more by essence, and less by form.

Let us see what this means.

Imagine that you desire to have a new car.

Perhaps, you are even very clear on the exact one you desire.

You know the model, color, and other details of it.

This is the form.

The essence is the feeling you expect to get from the car, the quality of life you expect.

For example, you may expect that a new car will give you easy transport (convenience and ease).

Or, you may expect that it will give you self-worth.

You may also expect that it will give you joy on your trip to the beach or the mountains with friends and family.

Everybody has a different essence they attach to form.

The same car may imply distinctively to various people.

Moreover, essence is the vibration match between you and your desire.

And, the process of getting to the manifestation of your goal is the holding of the essence now

Did you get that?

Whatever you expect you will feel after you get your goal manifested, you should feel it in the present.

That is how you will attract the manifestation of that goal.

The universe delivers first on essence.

So if you desire a car for the essence of convenience, the universe may find it even faster and better to give you a different solution.

It may not bring the car if there is an even better alternative.

If you wish to feel convenience and freedom, it might, for example, get you a better job that pays more and is closer to your home.

So be open to receiving your essence in the form you expected, or in an even better one.

This is another reason why detachment is so important.

If you are so attached to the form, you will miss anything else brought to you that will fulfill your desire.

Remember, in its infinite intelligence, the universe may bring alternative solutions that will always be better for your higher good than your original.

Open up and then let go.

Additionally, if you do not know the exact form of your desire, you can still create it if you know the essence.

For example, if you know you wish to have more freedom and convenience but do not know how, simply hold that essence and visualize yourself living it.

The universe will find the appropriate forms to deliver the essence to you.

Here are some questions to help you figure out what the essence is:

  • Feelings: What feelings do I expect to get when I achieve this goal or desire?
  • Features: What features and benefits will this desire bring me when manifested?
  • Quality: What higher quality do I expect to have more of from the manifestation of this desire?
  • Need: What perceived need am I expecting to fulfill with this desire?

Refresher: 3 Essentials Of Goal-Setting

Although this article is an advanced guide to visualization, I am inserting the fundamentals of goal-setting here as well.

You probably know most of these already but it just in case you missed it, here are the three must-haves of any goal:

#1 Always write down your goals

Write down your goals

When written, goals pack a lot of power.

A twenty-year study involving students in a certain Ivy League university in the USA traced the lives of one graduating class.

3% of that class had their own written goals at the start of the study.

By the end of the 20 years, that 3% were worth more financially than the other 97% combined.

They also reported more satisfaction and joy in their lives.

And so, start setting your goals by jotting them down.

The second tip will show you how you should write them.

#2 Utilize ‘I Am’ statements

Utilize ‘I Am’ statements

As I mentioned repeatedly in this article, the use of “I am…” is very important.

No matter what you are trying to create next in your life, find a way of utilizing this phrase.

For example, if you wish to lose weight, don’t say, “I want to lose 10 pounds.”

Here’s what you need to think, say, and write instead:

I am x pounds now.”

Do the same with wealth.

The only time that exists in the universe, scientifically and spiritually, is now.

Do not worry about how your goals will be fulfilled.

There are powerful forces at work in all of nature, with infinite intelligence and coordination. 

Things that seem to be coincidences will start to appear and help you. These may come in the form of:

  • Books
  • Places
  • People
  • Movies
  • TV shows

Simply visualize your goals believingly.

Target dates for them are best set to the eternal moment of the now.

Even if you are setting up a goal that you’d like fulfilled 10 years from today, state it and think of it in the present tense.

Setting an arbitrary date in the future introduces a state of wanting and waiting.

Wanting prevents achievement.

Arbitrary target dates also interfere with the natural functioning rate of the universe, which you do not usually know.

When you say, “By the end of next year, I will be a millionaire,” how do you know that you could not have become one by the end of next month?

Anyway, the only real time and place there is in the universe is the here and now.

#3 Have several goals

Have several goals

Just in case you have been limiting yourself lately, here’s a reminder:

You can never have too many goals.

The wealthiest people have hundreds.

Some have thousands.

Others have so many goals that it would take 200 or 300 years to have them all manifest.

You should aim at having at least five thousand goals.

Understand that the following are its nature: 

  • Unexpected Fulfillment: Goals have a tendency to just come true in the most unexpected times and sequences. The more you have, the richer your life experience will be.
  • Driving Force: When you reach a goal, its power disappears. You no longer have a driving force and the universe no longer has anything to work with. So the more goals you have, the better.

The fewer goals you have, the less results you’ll achieve, vice versa.

That’s why a person with one goal will achieve less than one with 100.

Similarly, an individual with a hundred will achieve less than one with 1000 goals.

So, how could you possibly have thousands of goals?


Think of details and of everything.

List everything, even small things like:

  • Fly a jet
  • Get a jeep
  • Buy a boat
  • Stay at the Ritz
  • These ski boots
  • Fly in the concord
  • Meet these people
  • Buy a BMW convertible
  • Get my father a golf set
  • Have lilies in my garden
  • Shop these types of shoes
  • Clothing from this designer
  • This kind of chair from this shop
  • Work with these types of people
  • Buy books for orphaned children
  • See these places in these countries
  • Take a trip to The Great Wall of China
  • Donate to the wildlife conservation fund
  • Decorate my grandmother’s house for her
  • Have a saltwater aquarium in my living room

You can never run out of things that you would love to do, be, and see on this planet!

The more you have them in your awareness, the more you’ll meet coincidences that make them come true.

Life starts working magic.

As a result, you have passion and excitement.


I hope that this blog post has shown how to master visualizing your goals.

If you need more tips on this subject, I have two programs that can help you:

If you want totally-free resources, my blog and newsletter are packed with enlightening articles such as this one.

I’d like to thank you for taking the time to read this post.

I’ll see you in the next one!

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David Cameron Gikandi

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