3 Brilliant Hacks To Successfully Achieve Any Goal

3 Brilliant Hacks To Successfully Achieve Any Goal

Do you wish to accomplish your goals with ease? In this article, I’ll give you three secrets that will help you with this.

You’ll also learn the following:

  • The different levels of awareness
  • The language of the universe & subconscious mind
  • How your external world only reflects your inner state

Are you eager to begin? Let’s go!

3 Top-Notch Hacks In Accomplishing Your Goals

An individual can attain their goals faster and more efficiently if they focus on improving their inner state of being, utilize the power of vibrations and mental images, as well as raise their level of consciousness.

Best Tweaks To Help Reach Any Goal

If you want to succeed with your goals, here are three tweaks that you can apply to your life.

#1 Work on your inner state of being first

Work on your inner state of being first

My first tip for achieving your goals is to work on your inner state of being first.

Let me explain.

Think of a dojo, the place where you go to learn karate.

In there, the sensei or coach gives you an opponent to fight with.

However, this person is not really an enemy.

He or she is there simply to give you a framework through which to test yourself.

In a dojo, you get to discover and learn the following about yourself:

  • Focus
  • Potential
  • Flexibility

You rapidly do so using the illusion of having an opponent to beat.

You also go back and train so you can gain more skills.

But in reality, the dojo is merely a place where you can work on yourself internally.

The externals, such as the opponent, merely give you a frame of reference.

And the better you get inside, the more you master outside.

Goals are the same.

It is an inner work mirror, an inner training harness.

Whatever successes you see in your life are a reflection of your inner state of being in that regard.

The challenges you face mirror the fears you believe in.

In fact, even childhood traumatic events can show up as negative life situations until you resolve them.

The essence will be the same, but the context or form will change.

If you need more inspiration, here are three amazing quotes on the subject:

  • Carl Jung: “The psychological rule says that when an inner situation is not made conscious, it happens outside, as fate. That is to say, when an individual remains undivided and does not become conscious of his inner contradictions, the world must act out the conflict and be torn into opposite halves.
  • James Allen: “What you are so is your world. Everything in the universe is resolved into your own inward experience. It matters little what is without, for it is all a reflection of your own state of consciousness. It matters everything that you are within, for everything without will be mirrored and colored accordingly.
  • Carlos Castenada: “Every living thing has been granted the power, if it so desires, to seek an opening to freedom and go through it.

The way of the warrior is to look at all things in your life as fun challenges for inner work. 

You need to recognize that things are not good or bad, blessings or curses.

All of them are opportunities either for enjoyment or for finding new truths to break through to new levels.

Even a really hard challenge has fruit hidden within it.

The choice is simple.

You can either remain in the rat race or join the eagles in the sky.

A rat and an eagle have different cognitive systems, distinct ways they perceive the world.

You need to change your cognitive and creation systems (the way you recognize and create your world), for it is the only way to move from the rat race to the eagle’s open skies.

It is a choice to go through to the end without retreat or detachment.

You have to be introspective, open, and determined.

Moreover, you need to learn to ask for help and move forward without defending anything.

#2 Speak the language of the universe

Speak the language of the universe

If you want to attain your goals, you have to speak the language of the universe.

Allow me to elaborate on how this works.

Every moment is a new creation.

You cannot stop it but you can choose what you make.

The thing is, the universe and subconscious mind don’t understand words!

The language of both are the following:

  • Vibrations
  • Mental images

And so, make sure that you are nurturing these two if you want to achieve.

All life arises out of an energetic field of infinite potential.

This field remains in a dormant state that has no definition until acted on by focused consciousness.

Whenever any intelligent life form directs a thought at it, it is instantly activated and takes on the form of whatever is projected onto it.

It is limitless!

It’s also from this same field that the smallest particles to the largest universes are created effortlessly.

The field has the intelligence to execute all directions on its own with ease.

The how-to is not your concern, it is taken care of for you.

The field of infinite potential will never deny or harm you. It contains infinite:

  • Love
  • Power
  • Wisdom

It loves and knows you more than you do for yourself.

It will not infringe on your free will and will therefore let you limit yourself if you insist.

But when allowed to, it will always resolve all issues and take you to points of expanding joy and abundance, for that is its nature.

#3 Raise your level of consciousness

Raise your level of consciousness

Speaking of consciousness, my last hack for you is to raise your level of it.

This is why:

You exist on many levels, more than you can imagine.

For example, science has proven that linear time is a mental illusion.

Time does not function in the linear fashion that we normally think of (based on the way our eyes perceive life).

They know, without a doubt that the following exist simultaneously:

  • Past
  • Future
  • Present

So on this earth, the physical dimension, you are present across all time.

Can you see that?

However, your consciousness is only aware of one “slice” of that totality.

You also have a part of yourself that is non-physical, one called the soul.

It extends to higher dimensions, and so forth.

You are truly a multidimensional being.

So, what does this have to do with achieving your goals?

Let me explain.

Since we’re focusing on goals, we’ll only talk briefly about your various existences.

Here are the important parts when it comes to levels of experience:

  • Conscious Level: This is the part of you that you’re aware of. It’s also the one that you create and experience consciously.
  • Subconscious Level: This one makes choices without you knowing. You may even wonder where their effects come from. However, you can expand it and make it fully conscious, which is the path to enlightenment.
  • Superconscious Level: This is your higher self or the soul level. It communicates through intuition, instinct, feelings, inner voice, dreams, etc. It does a remarkable yet effortless job of bringing together coincidences, synchronicities, people, and events that help manifest your desires faster.
  • Supraconscious Level: This is the highest level of consciousness you can achieve in this physical existence where you are aware of the parts of you that were previously subconscious, super-conscious, and conscious. At this point, you become spirit realized.

There are no definite lines demarcating these levels of awareness.

As you move through life, you raise or lower your consciousness.

In times of fear, you really lower it!

Moreover, your consciousness is dramatically raised when you do the following:

  • Operating from love
  • Progress spirituality (by knowing your spirit)

Now that you know the different levels of awareness (at least those that you need to know for your creative purpose here on earth), here are two very important things to keep in mind:

  • Internal Causes Only: Nothing you see or experience is caused by a source outside of you.
  • All Events Serve You: Whatever is occurring to you is brought by you to you from some level. Don’t curse it. It is a perfect outcome. Instead, use it to find out more about yourself and recreate yourself.


I hope that this article has helped you achieve your goals and desires!

Remember that the best effects when doing creation work and manifesting your desires will always come when you are like a child:

  • Playful
  • Creative
  • Imaginative
  • Spontaneous

If you need more guidance on the topic, there are two courses that are a perfect fit for you:

My blog and newsletter are also filled with eye-opening posts such as this one so feel free to check them out.

Thank you so much for reading this and I’ll see you in the next one!

About The Author

David Cameron Gikandi

David Cameron Gikandi

A creative consultant on The Secret (2006) documentary, David Cameron Gikandi is an entrepreneur and manifesting coach and consultant for conscious entrepreneurs, leaders, life coaches who are looking to create more impact in their lives. He also helps them decode their essence so they can bring that into their lives, businesses, tribes and societies. He is also the author of A Happy Pocket Full of Money and other publications. David is also a futurist interested in blockchain technology which he believes will have wide-ranging applications including decentralized finance (DeFi). He holds a BSc. in International Business, an MSc. in Information Technology, a Dip. in Film Production, is a Microsoft Certified Solution Developer, and a Blockchain Revolution in Financial Services Specialization from INSEAD.

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