How To Develop Self-Confidence (3 Game-Changer Tips!)

How To Believe In Yourself (3 Game-Changer Tips!)

Do you wish to learn how to cultivate positive self-belief? In this article, I’ll give you three life-changing tips.

I’ll also share the following enlightening information with you:

  • Why being and having is the same
  • How to be persistent despite blocks
  • Why you’re enough without anything external

Are you ready to start? Let’s continue.

How To Believe In Yourself

An individual will develop self-belief if they acknowledge that he or she is a being of unlimited potential, change their mindset to attract their desired goals or lifestyle, and utilize the power of their will.

3 Surefire Ways To Nurture Self-Confidence

If you have challenges regarding self-confidence, here are three hacks that you can apply to your thinking.

#1 Recognize That You’re A Being Of Infinite Possibilities

Recognize That You’re A Being Of Infinite Possibilities

Everyone has things that they can now do that they couldn’t before.

For example, when you were still a baby, you didn’t know how to read and walk.

Now, these come natural to you.

The ground, as well as the English language, never changed.

You did.

Moreover, at one time, Jesus could not perform miracles and Buddha wasn’t enlightened.

But in our modern world, they are both known to have accomplished these.

Do you get the picture?

There are a million things that people are now able to do that they couldn’t years ago.

Let me explain this further.

Have you seen the movie The Matrix?

When Neo changed his idea of himself, he was able to do the undoable.

It is the same with everyone.

And so, whenever you doubt yourself, let me share with you what capability truly means:

It is nothing more than a shift in what you think you are.

You’re a being of infinite possibilities!

Everyone is.

You say, “I wish I could do that. But I can’t.”

The things that you desire seem evasive to you.

You believe that you need money, or something external to you, so you can achieve it.

And because you don’t have that, you believe you are doomed.

This results in you being stuck in a vicious cycle.

You accept this idea and then you fear it.

Let me explain why this isn’t right.

Fear is a thing we are conditioned to accept without question.

Note: If you want to learn more about fear, please go ahead and read my article about it. 

Yet, it is not as valuable as you think.

This is because fear leads to escape.

However, the truth is, there is nowhere to run.

Eventually, you’ll have to face yourself.

Instead of avoidance, the necessary first step to solving an issue is recognizing that you are the cause.

Once you’ve acknowledged that, it is then vital to realize that you are also the solution.

The law of attraction as well as the law of cause and effect work this way.

Note: Learn more about the universal laws in this article:

#2 Attract By Shifting Your State Of Being

Attract By Shifting Your State Of Being

Another thing you have to learn to cultivate self-belief is that there’s no difference between being and having.

These are simply two words that describe the very same thing.

What this means is that your current state of being is intricately related to your life experiences that includes:

  • Health
  • Finances
  • Relationships

And so, if you want to reach your goals and have a radically new lifestyle, this requires a new state of being.

Don’t worry about the how-to of that.

It will be demonstrated to you in time.

For now, just know that this is a requirement you cannot escape from.

Be prepared to undergo some transformations within first and this will reflect your outer world.

I also want you to take note of this:

Success is not something we can chase and get; it is something that we attract by the persons we become.

We achieve this by changing the idea of what we think we are.

You see, the problem is not with the world.

It’s with your recognition of yourself and life.

The way you perceive and interpret is a system.

Change that system by seeking new truths, and in return, you change your world.

The key here is that perception is a learnt system that you’ve adopted growing up.

Its framework came from people that include your:

  • Friends
  • Parents
  • Teachers

Although you’ve accepted these as true, you can always unlearn it.

You can do this by replacing it with a new system through new truths like:

  • Books
  • Guides
  • Higher self

The world that you perceive is viewed differently by the next person.

We are all seeing an illusion, an interpretation of energy activity that we are the creators of.

The real world is seen through vision, not perception.

Additionally, vision only comes when you finally drop all judgment of what you see.

It is the result of you seeing things for exactly what they are instead of inserting your biases.

However, that is another story altogether.

You are in charge of “can” and no one else.

People can try to convince you that you aren’t capable.

In the end, this will have absolutely zero effect on you – unless you accept it.

Think back.

What did you accept as a child and even now?

Do you truly like it?

If the answer is no, then you have to release it.

You need to change and recreate yourself.

Have a new idea of who you are!

You are ready now.

#3 Harness The Strength Of Your Willpower

Harness The Strength Of Your Willpower

Everything rests on your will.

Simply be calmly willing and all else will follow

You do not have to strain to exercise it.

You don’t ever have to fight with yourself. In fact, you must never do this.

Your will is nothing more than a statement of, “Yes, let us proceed!

It is all very simple.

Your willingness is giving yourself permission to experience the new.

It is also allowing the universe to assist you, without infringing on your free will.

Don’t worry if you still have reservations after this.

These will be cleared for you because of your willingness.

No one is asking you for a perfect state of mind.

All you are asked for is to be eager to move from point A to B, regardless of your perceived reservations and blocks.

Note: Healing blockages are extremely important! If this is something that you’d like to work on, here are my articles on the subject:


I hope that this post has helped you believe in yourself!

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Thank you so much for reading this. 

I’ll see you in the next one!

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