How To Instantly Stop Worrying In 5 Easy Steps

How To Instantly Stop Worrying In 5 Easy Steps

Do you wish to stop worrying right now? This article is perfect for you.

I will give you 5 steps that you can easily follow. You’ll also learn a lot more from this post which includes:

  • How to deal with the part of you in fear
  • Why the unknown is actually your friend
  • How to receive your desired outcome from the universe

Are you eager to learn? Let’s start.

5 Simple Steps In Eradicating Worry

An individual will instantly stop worrying if he or she pretends the feared event has happened, allow the emotions to pass through with detachment, practice acceptance with life and his/herself, welcome the unknown, and choose differently.

Stop Worry Instantly With These 5 Straightforward Steps

Here are 5 easy steps that you can take to end worrying. I will also teach you how you can manifest your desired reality instead of the feared one.

#1 Pretend what you fear already took place

Pretend your fear already took place

Have you noticed how worry or fear is structured?

It is always future-based.

It goes something along the lines of, “What will happen to me if…

Let me give you an example.

If someone were to put a gun to your head right now, you would be terrified of the possibility that they might pull the trigger.

You only fear what is yet to come.

You never worry about the past or the present.

That is why a threat is no longer effective once it is carried out.

In terms of space, fear is finite.

It occupies a limited space with boundaries.

If you focus on that area only, fear can encompass your entire attention to the point that it will be all you’d think about.

You completely forget that life has many more things that are far greater.

If you step back a little, you will see the bigger picture.

As a result, your fear will lessen simply because your attention will not be 100% on it.

What’s the best, fastest, and most efficient way to overcome fear?

The answer is this:

Adjust your space-time perspective.

Once you do this, you will automatically denature fear.

Here is the exact way of doing that:

Draw, in your imagination, whatever you fear right now.

For example, let us assume that you are worried about losing your job or your spouse.

That is a future event.

Now, pretend that it has happened already.

That instantly eliminates your having to dodge it.

It enables you to stop fighting to avoid it happening.

What is the purpose of this step?

This step enables you to face your fear in the present.

It disengages your mind and emotions from trying to come up with strategies to avoid it.

Hence, it frees you from the grueling and distracting activity called worry.

This is the first step to freedom.

Once you don’t have to spend attention and energy on worry, you are clear to move on.

#2 From a position of detachment, feel the emotions pass through

From a position of detachment, feel the emotions pass through

Let’s now go to the 2nd step.

What you need to do is to allow yourself to feel.

Do this as if the feared event has already happened.

Ask yourself what feelings would be present should it become a reality.

Would it be shame, anger, vulnerability, grief, guilt, and/or embarrassment?

Whatever it is you are avoiding feeling, feel it now.

If you notice that you are finding this difficult, I have a technique for you.

It involves you disengaging your attention from your thoughts and putting it into your feelings.

People use thinking as a way of avoiding feeling.

So, to minimize this, put your head down.

And then, feel the feeling in your stomach or chest or wherever else it is.

Literally lower your head; drop it so you are looking down.

Close your eyes if that helps, although it isn’t necessary.

Let your attention move away from your head region and into your stomach, chest, and the rest of the body.

Feel the emotions running through your nervous system and around you. 

Put your attention on the feelings.

Allow them fully.

Accept whatever you feel and let it flow (flow = release, the opposite of blocking).

Note: If you want to learn more about healing blockages, please don’t hesitate to read my article about it:

Instead of trying to fix what you feel, just let go and watch.

You are simply to observe it.

Also, let your body react as it wishes to.

You might twitch, shake, or cry.

Let it be.

You may feel as if you are losing control; that is the point. 

Let your beingness be what it is.

Control is what got you into problems in the first place.

And so, notice the emotions passing through from a position of detachment.

Acting is the nature of the body, thinking is the nature of the mind, while observing (watching) is the nature of the soul.

This is where the release finally starts to happen.

Consider emotion as a phenomenon instead of as something that you label good or bad, positive or negative.


Because if it is good you are going to want to hold on to it and if it is bad you are going to want to suppress it (kill it), and that will stop the releasing process.

That is why you need to practice detachment.

Upon doing so, your perspective will begin to change.

You will start to see things in a different light.

Don’t take this change lightly.

You have to understand the value of perspective.

It is very important.

In fact, it determines how you experience life, the options you see or don’t see, and so much more.

It even determines your biology.

Remember that it is controlled by your brain which controls things such as:

  • Hormones
  • Insulin regulation
  • Cellular functioning

In short, it is an interpretation device.

Your brain (along with your skin) interprets life, and the result of this is your perspective, and the effect of it is your life experience.

If your interpretation is inaccurate, your biology is adjusted incorrectly, and vice versa.

In fact, your whole life is modified based on your interpretations.

Thus, you must ensure that you are seeing things as they truly are.

Know that everything comes from your mindset. This includes:

  • Horizons
  • Poverty
  • Wealth
  • Happiness
  • Depression
  • Health

There are no exceptions.

The secret is that the mind is limitless.

What is the purpose of this step?

This step lets progress through.

It allows stored tensions and emotions that weren’t allowed to move through to complete their course.

Allowing yourself to feel is the only way to let your emotions flow.

This will also avoid blockages.

You don’t have to engage or express the emotion.

In other words, if you have a feeling that you want to beat up that guy next door, you don’t have to express your anger.

In fact, that may not be a good idea.

However, you don’t deny the presence of anger; instead, let it flow through from the point of an observer.

Initially, it may be new and difficult.

However, with practice, you will get better until it becomes effortless and normal for you.

#3 Completely accept yourself & life

Completely accept yourself & life

This 3rd step is key.

Now that in your mind, the event has already happened and you are fully feeling your emotions, here’s what you need to do next:

Accept yourself entirely, as well as everything else in life.

Stop dodging, pretending, or trying to change things.

Simply accept them.

Look inwards and say:

“Jane (or whatever your name is), you are a worthy, good, acceptable person as you are.

Even as these things have happened, I am proud to be you.

I am also happy to know you and spend my life with you.

I accept you, this life, and these feelings as they are.”


Feel first and more.


Remind yourself that the part of you resisting acceptance was created by your psyche to protect you from your old fears.

It was trying to do you a favor, and at the time it worked well, even though now it is outdated and hindering you.

Here’s what you need to say to this part of you:

“I’d like to come closer and get to know you better.

I hadn’t realized this before but you have been here for me all these years, serving me, trying to protect me, giving me time on earth, and I never really thanked you enough.

You have loved me since I was a tiny child.

You have struggled often just to ensure my survival.

And, you have always done your best possible in every circumstance, even when you didn’t know what to do.

I wish to thank you now, deeply, from the bottom of my heart.

I love you and I am proud and happy to be associated with you, to know you, to be with you. 

Thank you.

You make me proud.” 

Keep doing this until you are totally intimate with that part, that feeling.

This will happen naturally as long as you maintain openness.

What is the purpose of this step?

This step reverses your negative identity.

Here is where you finally realize that you are not bad just because you feel or are a certain way.

This identity shift changes everything.

Once you say, “I am okay even though…” you have solved your main problem.

The point is to say to yourself it is okay as is, as you are, where you are, and without any change.

The whole, “I am bad and it is bad to be bad” crappy idea about yourself goes out the window.

You become free!

Don’t worry.

If you still wish to change or to get that promotion or whatever, you can still do that in later steps once you gain clarity.

But first, you must be okay with yourself with no changes necessary.

#4 Embrace the unknown

Embrace the unknown

We are now on the 4th step.

As I mentioned before, one of the key features of fear is that you are only afraid of the future.

You can solve this problem by simply embracing the unknown.

Admit that life is larger than what you know.

Additionally, what you don’t know isn’t necessarily a dangerous thing.

The unknown is your friend.

Tell yourself that you will be able to go through it okay, even if you don’t know how.

Life will just happen.

Even if you feel the fear but do it anyway.

What is the purpose of this step?

This step eases your hesitation to move forward.

It puts the new and unknown in a friendlier perspective.

Let me give you an example:

If you’re accustomed to suppressing emotions in order to feel safe but now want to change, you have to embrace a new way of living.

You don’t have any experience living in this new way, but that is alright.

You will enjoy it eventually, and it is more pleasurable than your fears tell you it is.

In other words, it is safe to let go.

#5 Choose differently

Choose differently

This is the step where you finally get to choose your reality instead of the feared one.

However, do not rush to this step.

It is in your best interests to complete the other steps first.

Once you have gained clarity from the previous steps and stopped fighting yourself and life, you are in a very good position to easily manifest the new. 

Whatever it is that you desire you can achieve; you are the only hindrance there is.

And by following the previous steps, you eliminate hindrance (the blocks and resistance).

Moreover, creation is something that you are born naturally with.

And whatever it is that seek to make, you want it so that you can:

  • Feel good
  • Become free
  • Experience satisfaction

Let me give you the profoundly powerful formula to change your worry into what you want to see in your reality:

  • Ask & Be Clear About It: You don’t have to address your asking to anything or anyone or any deity. All you have to do is to be clear on what you want, as clear as you can be.
  • The Universe Answers: The universe is always expanding as a function of answering all the desires of all parts of it (even your cells ask through their natural preferences for health, nutrition, bliss, and so on). You create your reality. What you intend to observe is what the universe creates in your experience. Let go of the how so that you can allow it to come to you in the fastest way possible, including ways you would never have thought about.
  • Receive: This is the final step and the one that most people seem to mess up. There are two parts to it: First and most importantly, match your feelings. How would it feel to have that which you asked for? Secondly, act on inspiration and “coincidences.” You will notice opportunities cropping up in your days.


It is my desire that this post has taught you how to stop worrying.

Now, spend your precious time and energy on creating the life you want!

If you love this article and would like to read more about this topic, check out my book Success Through Self-Acceptance: Self-help and spirituality, a practical how-to guide.

There’s also a program on my site that goes in-depth on this subject.

Feel free to enroll in the Spirituality & The Subconscious Revealed & Reprogrammed course.

Moreover, my blog and newsletter are filled with life-changing articles like this if you want resources for absolutely no charge.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this post.

I’ll see you in the next one!

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