The 9 Steps On The Conscious Entrepreneur’s Journey From $0 to $1B+

Welcome to the Conscious Entrepreneur’s Pathfinder. We will look at the nine stages of the entrepreneur’s journey and the success recipes needed to climb from one level to the next. My intention with this article is to completely demystify and clarify everything you need to know to plan your path to ever-greater entrepreneurial achievements. And I intend that all the main secrets for growth will be revealed here. The “big picture secrets”, the strategic secret. We will not look at tactical details in this article, only the strategic big-picture, from $0 to $1B+.

Here’s the journey, showing all 9 stages. From bottom left (A) to top right (B):

These 9 stages are grouped into three phases. The self-employed phase, the business owner phase, and the investor phase. Here is the same journey, displayed as a table:

And here is the big secret, the illusive obvious:

The Secret: what got you to one stage is not what will get you to the next stage.

What does that mean?

It means you cannot keep doing the same thing and expect to climb these levels. Because each level has different requirements. Both the external game changes (the business) and the inner game changes (you, the entrepreneur). You are literally becoming a different person as you go up these levels, and your business is literally morphing, too.

In the following videos, let’s examine each level in more detail, and the success recipe to advance to the next level:

Introduction & Executive Summary

Level 1: Stop Bleeding

Level 2: Transcend Survival

Level 3: Transcend Hustling

Level 4: Build a Team

Level 5: Lead a Team

Level 6: Recruit Leadership

Level 7: Lead a Transformation

Level 8: Hold Trust

Level 9: Game Changer

Core Driver: Personal Growth & Emergent Manifesting

At each step of this journey, you will need deliberate personal growth. Because you can know exactly what to do but fail to do it because of your comfort zone settings, fears, self-esteem levels, beliefs, blockages and inner wounds, and so on.

Hence, success is all about the person you become. Although taking action is very important, it is more about being than doing.

If you are interested in personal growth for conscious entrepreneurs, we have two frameworks we use to help you with that:

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And that concludes our 9 levels on the entrepreneur’s journey!

I hope you enjoyed that and found it very useful.

And now, with this map, you can work your business plan more strategically, step by step.

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Thanks again and best wishes to you!

David Cameron Gikandi

About The Author

David Cameron Gikandi

David Cameron Gikandi

A creative consultant on The Secret (2006) documentary, David Cameron Gikandi is an entrepreneur and manifesting coach and consultant for conscious entrepreneurs, leaders, life coaches who are looking to create more impact in their lives. He also helps them decode their essence so they can bring that into their lives, businesses, tribes and societies. He is also the author of A Happy Pocket Full of Money and other publications. David is also a futurist interested in blockchain technology which he believes will have wide-ranging applications including decentralized finance (DeFi). He holds a BSc. in International Business, an MSc. in Information Technology, a Dip. in Film Production, is a Microsoft Certified Solution Developer, and a Blockchain Revolution in Financial Services Specialization from INSEAD.

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