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I wish to share the knowledge contained in A Happy Pocket Full of Money freely to those who cannot afford it at the moment, so everyone has access to it. If you wish to have the free edition, it comes as the YouTube playlist you see below. If you wish to have the MP3s, they come as part of this paid course (free trial available, click here). You can also get the book in print/ kindle, and audible here. Thank you, and enjoy! 🙂

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David Cameron Gikandi

A creative consultant on The Secret (2006) documentary, David Cameron Gikandi is an entrepreneur and manifesting coach and consultant for conscious entrepreneurs, leaders, life coaches who are looking to create more impact in their lives. He also helps them decode their essence so they can bring that into their lives, businesses, tribes and societies. He is also the author of A Happy Pocket Full of Money and other publications. David is also a futurist interested in blockchain technology which he believes will have wide-ranging applications including decentralized finance (DeFi). He holds a BSc. in International Business, an MSc. in Information Technology, a Dip. in Film Production, is a Microsoft Certified Solution Developer, and a Blockchain Revolution in Financial Services Specialization from INSEAD.

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