This Is The Fastest Way To Manifest Your Goals!

This Is The Fastest Way To Manifest Your Goals!

Do you wish to learn how to manifest quickly? In today’s post, I will teach how to accomplish this.

I’ll also share with you the following information:

  • The importance of sequence of the creation
  • How your inner world can predict your future
  • The true power of being an extension of The Creator

Ready to begin? Let’s start.

How To Manifest Your Goals Quickly

An individual can manifest fastest if they match the vibration of their desires on the conscious, subconscious, and superconscious levels. He or she also needs to strictly adhere to the sequence of creation.

Manifesting Hack: Match Your Desire’s Vibration

Manifesting Hack: Match Your Desire’s Vibration

The quickest way to manifest your desire is this:

Match your vibration to that of whatever you desire.

You also need to do this matching on the following levels:

  • Conscious
  • Subconscious
  • Superconscious

That’s it.

That is the secret.

Over time, this will become part of your second nature.

You’ll also be able to do it wholesomely all of the time.

The Importance Of Following The Sequence Of Creation

The Importance Of Following The Sequence Of Creation

Along with matching the vibration of your desires, you also need to carefully follow the sequence of creation.

This is how it goes:

  • Being: It is what gives life. It has always been and will be, therefore it did not result from anything. That is why it is the first cause.
  • Thought: It is the next in power, that which extends and moves the universe. Minds are connected and thinking is shared as thought form, although this isn’t apparent in the physical world.
  • Words: After you think, you speak of your thoughts. This shares them physically with other people and also ascertains them to you.
  • Action: Actions put into place the mechanics by which thoughts are manifested here on earth and experienced.

In your life, although you may not know it, you make your experiences first in your spirit, self, and being.

Then, this is followed by creating it in your mind, words, and finally by your actions.

In fact, acting only puts the system in place necessary to receive and experience.

Most people do not focus, nurture, and tend to their first three steps.

All they do is work like crazy and wonder why they are not successful.

This sequence of creation is a law of the universe that cannot be broken.

The Immense Power Of Being The Creator’s Extension

The Immense Power Of Being God's Extension

Now that you’ve learned the importance of matching vibrations as well as following the sequence of creation, let me free you from any doubts you may have in terms of manifesting.

Here’s the thing:

In the beginning, the Source of all that is had a thought.

The Creator had a will that you become, and so you were.

You are an extension of The Creator’s thoughts and will.

Because of this, you are exactly created in their own image.

This may not be physical but is reflected in your self and spirit.

The Creator’s thought has infinite creative ability.

And as an extension, you have the same power.

That is why you can achieve whatever you think of.

Even right now, you are achieving exactly what you believe in.

This rule is never broken.

There are only two differences between you and The Creator.

First of all, you were created in The Creator’s likeness, but not vice versa (same as a parent and child on earth).

Second, you have forgotten what you really are.

It is only now that you are remembering.

In that forgetting, you let your thoughts run wild and have worries.

Because of this, you’ve created a world that is composed of exactly the things that you fear.

Since you’re unaware you are the cause, you believe the following:

  • Conditions just happen to you without your control
  • There is such a thing as an idle thought that has no effect

Yet, if you watch your thoughts closely, you’ll realize that they closely mirror your experiences.

You daydream thousands of thoughts that are often:

  • Petty
  • Negative
  • Attacking
  • Worrisome

Your world is literally arising from your thoughts and beliefs.

You also possess unlimited power, being an extension of The Creator’s thought.

Because of this, the following statements are forever true to you:

  • You have free will.
  • Ask and you shall receive.
  • Seek and you shall find.
  • Knock and it shall be opened unto you.
  • You can achieve anything you believe.

These may not appear to be right to you, or at least not always.

If you’re in doubt, take notice of yourself more.

You’ll realize that at the very deepest level, the following is correct:

  • You Experience Your Root Beliefs: For example, if you feel that you are finding conflict and poverty while you seek peace and wealth, you’ll discover that this only mirrors your beliefs (E.g.: You believe that you live in a world of scarcity and that you are vulnerable to attacks).
  • Your Inner Self Can Predict Your Future: Your ideas, visions, and dreams are the prophecies of what you shall become. You can predict your outer life tomorrow by looking at your inner self today. And so, once you change that, your external world follows.

And so, believe in yourself and your ability to manifest quickly.

You are more powerful and capable that you ever thought!


I hope that this article has helped you understand the essentials of manifesting quickly.

Should you need more guidance and information on this topic, you can enroll in my course GO!LIMITLESS: Manifest Without Fail.

My blog and newsletter are also filled with helpful posts such as this one.

Please don’t hesitate to check them out if you’re looking for enlightening and completely-free resources.

Thank you so much for reading this article.

I will see you in the next one!

About The Author

David Cameron Gikandi

David Cameron Gikandi

A creative consultant on The Secret (2006) documentary, David Cameron Gikandi is an entrepreneur and manifesting coach and consultant for conscious entrepreneurs, leaders, life coaches who are looking to create more impact in their lives. He also helps them decode their essence so they can bring that into their lives, businesses, tribes and societies. He is also the author of A Happy Pocket Full of Money and other publications. David is also a futurist interested in blockchain technology which he believes will have wide-ranging applications including decentralized finance (DeFi). He holds a BSc. in International Business, an MSc. in Information Technology, a Dip. in Film Production, is a Microsoft Certified Solution Developer, and a Blockchain Revolution in Financial Services Specialization from INSEAD.

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