3 Life-Altering Thought Hacks You Can Try Today (Get Instant Results!)

life-altering thought hacks

Are you in a journey to completely change your life? The first and best way to get there is by shifting your thought patterns.

In this article, I’ll give three thought hacks that you will forever change your course. The moment you read them, you will never see life the same again.

You’ll finally undertand:

  • The immense power of your thoughts and emotions
  • How your beliefs aren’t truly yours but imposed by others
  • Why every single moment and action can be considered a miracle

If you’re eager to learn, read on!

The Little-Known Yet Revolutionary Thought Hacks To Unleash Your Potential

The three life-changing truths about the Self is that the individual is an active creator or participants of his or her universe, they are also larger and more influential that they comprehend, and once their limiting beliefs are eradicated, they’ll expand their self-awareness.

3 Life-Changing Thought Hacks To Release Untapped Possibilites

1. You are the creator of your universe

You are the creator of your universe

Let’s start with the most profound one…

Most people know that positive thinking works.

They say, “Think positive and it will work out.”


It does work, doesn’t it?

There is even an entire industry of self-education that teaches millions of people to think positively.

The professions of psychology and psychiatry are all geared towards healing the mind.

So, in short, humans understand that the mind has the ability to affect life.

Otherwise, they wouldn’t bother to think one way or the other.

But how does positive thinking work?

Think about it carefully.

Have you had any coincidences and synchronicities happen in your life?

Just when you wanted something, the right person or opportunity came along.

Or the right book showed up.

In other words, your life tends to follow your thoughts and emotions, does it not?

You don’t have a random life; your life situations fit very well with your greater sense of you and life.

The question is, what does the universe have to do so that this can happen?

The entire universe has to rearrange itself to ensure that your thoughts and emotions manifest!

That person who showed up just at the right time for you, with the right information, has to have been born at a certain time, go through certain experiences, to become just the solution you needed!

When you consider the larger picture of what has to happen in the universe just so that your life works in step with your beliefs, you will see that the universe is responding to your Self in an amazing way!

The universe responds to Self.

When the Self moves, the universe moves!

The Self has the ability to move Life, the universe, literally and practically, with no conscious effort.

Another way of putting it: Ask and it shall be given unto you, seek and you shall find, knock and it shall be opened unto you.

Anything is possible for (s)he who believes.

Cause and effect.

Your outer world mirrors your inner world.

It is almost as if the Universe is Self…

Could it be?

The number of things and people that have to be born, grow, move and be a certain way for just one of your goals to materialize is immense!

Even one breath in your life involves the interaction and chain reaction of billions of energy conglomerations all over the universe!

This is the power of your Self, the ability to move the universe, because it is One with the universe.

The Self.

The I Am.

And so, every time that you feel like life isn’t going your way, think of this: you are in control.

Your thoughts, emotions, and goals reconstruct your universe.

Be active, instead of passive, with how you handle these and you’ll see how your life will change!

2. You’re bigger and more powerful than you think

You’re bigger and more powerful than you think

The Self somehow maintains a sense of “person” from a collection of the following  ever-changing factors:

  • Cells
  • Water
  • Energy
  • Organisms
  • Personalities

Even more interesting, what does your self-experience tell you?

How much of your Self are you truly experiencing?

I mean, you mentally and consciously perceive and experience yourself as the little you that is contained within your physical body, yet the entire universe moves with your Self as if it were your Self, your larger Self.

If you look at it this way, then your definition of yourself (as you have defined it) is smaller 

then the Reality of your Self.

In other words, either your perception of yourself as the little person in a body is correct, or you are actually perceiving yourself as less than you Really Are (a false sense of self).

Which one is it?

Are you right in your self-evaluation and belief in you being a small person in a body?

Have you mistaken yourself?

Is this why you have the question, “Who Am I?”

If you accurately and fully experienced your Self, would you still have the question?

What would it feel like experientially to experience yourself in the fullness of What You Really Are?

How would that feel?

How different would it be from the feeling of being a small separate self?

How would it feel to know the answer and experience it?

Who Am I?

“You cannot fear your own being and expect

to travel through it, to explore its dimensions.” 


In your life, you breathe, live, grow, maintain hormonal balances, think, metabolize and do numerous activities that are precise and delicately balanced.

You do all this without knowing consciously how you do these things.

Your entire body is made up of an ever-changing sea of subatomic particles that somehow know how to form themselves into a hand, a blood cell, a leg, a thought, working together miraculously as one unit.

The very miracle of living in physical reality is something you achieve without knowing how you do so consciously.

Who is doing these things for you?

The part of your Self that you are unconscious to is doing it all.

You are reading this sentence without knowing exactly how you read.

It just happens that as you look at this sentence, you comprehend it, automatically.

Yet, if asked, you could not explain how on earth the atoms that make up this sentence interacted with the atoms in your eye and so on until it became an understanding in mind.

Yet it happens just because you chose it to be so.

And when you start talking, speaking a sentence, you start it without even thinking of how you are going to end it.

You just know that if you start the sentence it will automatically complete itself correctly.

Have you noticed that?

You don‘t prepare a whole sentence in your mind first before speaking – you just start and roll with it and it works.


Well, the inner parts of you do all this for you automatically and effortlessly.

The parts of your Self that you are not consciously aware of keeping your entire world working as you choose it to.

Your Self not only keeps the body alive miraculously, from an ocean of energy, but it also creates the rest of the world around you in the same fashion, automatically and effortlessly.

Ask and you shall receive.

Seek and you shall find.

These things work as promised because of the amazing power your Self has.

Many people are afraid of their Self, mistrust it, or believe it is powerless.

None of this is the truth about the Self, but if you believe in any of these limiting concepts you will naturally make the Self create situations that ‘ prove ‘ these limiting beliefs to you.

The love of Spirit is such that you can never ask for an apple and get anything else other than an apple.

The outer landscape of your life always mirrors the inner landscape.

It is all automatic.

3. You can boost self-awareness by expanding definitions

You can boost self-awareness by expanding definitions

Definitions are labels we place on life, on people, on things.

Any label is a definition and any definition is a label.

You place them on things to help you function within physicality, to work with identities. 

However, the downside to definitions is that they act as beliefs, filters, ways in which your mind is stuck in the past about an issue (as you last defined it) and within the borders of that definition.

You miss almost everything else that lies outside of that definition.

A thing could change or could have an expanded existence, but your mind would be largely limited to experiencing it only within the label or definition is made.

In this way, definitions block your awareness of other possibilities and existences and thus limit your experience of the eternal Now.

You can live outside of definitions.

You don’t have to define things or define yourself.

Your definitions are based on your beliefs.

There are main ways through which you are motivated to define yourself and things:

  • Copying: This is done through deliberate modeling.
  • Resistance: This one is formed as a rebellion or resistance in response to a person or concept that you antagonize with.
  • Obedience: As for obedience, it happens when you are conforming or following someone else’s expectations.
  • Direct experience uncontaminated by beliefs: By Truth, self-experience of the fullness of What Is, without judgment and theorizing.

How would your life change if you changed your definitions?

Let us take some examples.

What have you been conditioned or told about feelings and emotions?

What if you expanded that definition to include the larger universe?

You separate your feelings and emotions from your life experiences and events.

You say, “I feel happy because event XYZ has happened to me. And I feel sad because event ABC has happened to me.”the 

You separate your emotions and feelings from the experiences you imagine cause them.

What if you changed your perspective so that you now consider the emotions and feelings and the events as the same thing in different forms?

How would such an expanded definition change the way you view the following:

  • Yourself
  • Your world
  • Your position as creator/victim
  • Your sense of self-determination and self-responsibility

I want you to think deeply about the answers to these questions:

  • Are your emotions separate from your situations?
  • Are your feelings caused by your experiences?
  • Do these life experiences originate from your emotions?
  • Or, are they one and the same thing?

Where did you get your definitions of feelings and emotions from (copying, resistance, obedience or direct experience)?

What about nature?

Do you consider yourself as part of nature?

What about your thoughts?

Are they part of nature according to your definition?

How about your emotions?

Are they part of nature?

Are your desires part of nature?

Is God/Goddess part of nature and vice versa?

Many people hold the perspective that nature is the “wild bush and weather out there” and so they have separate rules for nature and separate rules for themselves.

A different perspective is that It Is All Nature.

All Of It.

And it all runs under the same simple and basic Laws of Nature, of the Universe.

How would such an expanded definition change the way you view yourself, your world, your mind, your emotions, your self, and so on?

What about your definition of God?

Is God a separate person sitting “somewhere out there”?

Or is everything God and God is everything and so there is nothing other than God so that all life is God localized as various forms (you, me, them, nature, spirit, matter, thoughts, emotions, rocks, ants, angels, everything and everywhere…) for the experience?

How would this difference in perspective change the way you view yourself and life?

Where did you get your definition of God?

Who told it to you?

And who told them?

And where did that person get their definition?

And where did that other person get their definition?

And so on.

Are you 100% sure that this information chain is right?

What about your inner sense, what does it say?

Look at this statement: God appears to you as you see Him/Her/It.

Is that possible?

What other definitions have you made of your life?

Where did you get those definitions?


Thinking outside the box you live in.

There is a saying that goes something like this: A frog jumps into a hole.

In time, if the frog stays there too long, the hole jumps into the frog.

The frog forgets it is in a hole.

What is the edge of your awareness?

It is the self-imposed limit to what you are aware of, within the infinite Universe, the infinite Self. 

The limits are set by your definitions, your beliefs, and experienced by your senses and mind.

Plenty exists beyond your edge of awareness.

You can push your edge of awareness, expand it.

Yes, you can look beyond the veil.

Simply drop or alter your beliefs and definitions, allow and remain open in mind and heart, follow the heart and you will start pushing the edge, expanding it.

It is very simple; there is no one fixed technique.

Simply allow.

Your systems are already built-in with more latent potential than you can imagine, just waiting to be exercised!


I hope that this blog post has completely changed the way you think as well as your perspective of everything around you.

You’ll notice that after reading this article, your expanded awareness has instantly opened your eyes to a bigger and widened your view to abn awe-inspiring universe.

With this knowledge you can anaylze in a more in-depth manner and make better informed decisions right now.

If you enjoyed this post, you’ll love my book Who Am I? Finally, a Simple Answer the Question, “How Can I Be Happy?

It’ll give you more valuable wisdom and more content on this subject.

See you on the next post!

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