How To Finally Answer The Question: “Who Am I?”

Who am I?

Have you ever asked yourself this question?

If you are like most people, you have asked yourself this question.

And so, in this article, I’ll help you finally learn the truth, plus the following:

  • 5 practical yet life-changing results of knowing yourself
  • 3 important things to remember in learning about who you are
  • 3 perspectives to help you answer the question, “Who am I?”

An Age-Old Question: “Who Am I?”

An Age-Old Question: “Who Am I?”

Ever since the beginning of humanity, people have asked themselves this question.

It is an ancient question, yet only few have answered it.

Most keep asking it of themselves every now and then, usually becoming frustrated at not finding an answer, perhaps even fearing the answer or the thoughts that come up when they ask this question.

But why bother to ask this question?

Who cares, right?

Well, this question is as ancient as the hills.

And deep within, all humans know that answering this simple question is the key to one’s life, to living and thriving in light rather than thrashing in the fog.

Unconscious, For Now…

Unconscious, For Now

After all, the fact that you even have the question “Who am I?” means that you do not consciously know who you are.

If you did, you wouldn’t have the question.

And, so what?

So what if you don’t consciously know who you really are?

Well, so everything!

It matters to your entire life from:

  • How you see it
  • How you experience it
  • Even what you experience
  • How and what you enjoy or don’t
  • What gives you problems or doesn’t

Everything – all comes down to you.

On one hand, one might say it doesn’t matter, and on the other hand, one might say it is the only thing that matters.

Both are valid.

But is it practical to ask this question and expect to find an answer?

And even if you did, would it have any practical applications in your life?

5 Practical Yet Powerful Outcomes In Knowing Who You Are

5 Practical Yet Powerful Outcomes In Knowing Who You Are

Before we begin, let us first define what being practical means.


  1. Concerned with actual use or practice.
  2. Guided by practical experience and observation rather than theory.
  3. Being actually such in almost every respect.
  4. Having or put to a practical purpose or use.


It could be the most practical thing you have ever done in your life – knowing, finally, who you are.

Finally, having the answer to the ancient question “Who Am I?”

It is said that this is the only question God has

Who Am I?

I Am That I Am.

I Am What I Am.

I Am Who I Am. I Am.

Who Am I?

Back to earth.

Of what practical use is it for you to have the answer to this question?

  1. You become the creator of your reality: In knowing who you are, the wheels of experience, creation, are set forth to experience it. You become a content, happy, deliberate creator of your life. 
  2. You’re happier and enjoy life: Life becomes pleasant, abundant, peaceful yet lively, and very, very enjoyable when you finally know the truth about yourself.
  3. You finally understand your life purpose: You understand yourself, your life, and humanity as a whole. You feel safe in the universe. You feel at home, having found your spot and purpose.
  4. You love yourself more: You have peace and power, joy and love for yourself and life in general.
  5. You grow into a better problem-solver: Your problems take on a new dimension as you master them.

And once you know who you are, you know what the rest of life is – and beyond.

3 Key Takeaways In Learning Who You Truly Are

#1 No one else can tell you who you are

No one else can tell you who you are

No one can tell you Who You Really Are.

Words can only point you in a direction.

Only you can take the final step of knowing, experiencing, being, Who You Really Are.

Only you.

But then again, you were born to do so, you have the inherent ability to do so.

#2 Knowing yourself is actually easy

Knowing yourself is actually easy

Although it appears to be the hardest, knowing yourself is the easiest thing to do.

Why is it that?

Because it takes no time and no effort to be Who You Are.

You already are who you are.

Even in denial, even when only experiencing a human fragment of Who You Really Are, you already are who you are.

#3 It takes time and effort to be someone you’re not

It takes time and effort to be someone you’re not

It only takes time and effort to be who you are not.

It has been said that illumination, enlightenment, is simply answering and experiencing the answer to the question “Who Am I?”

It has also been said that you already are enlightened, and all that is missing is your experience (knowing, being) of it.

Experience is often a matter of perspective (fragmented vision), and ultimately a matter of vision (wholesome perspective that takes in all possible perspectives).

3 Perspectives To Who You Really Are

3 Perspectives To Who You Really Are

So how do you answer this ancient question?

Who Am I?

Who Are You?

There are many ways. We will use a few.

We will try to keep it as practical as possible. But we will do one thing differently.

We will look from many perspectives.


  1. A way of regarding situations, topics, etc.
  2. The appearance of things relative to one another as determined by their distance from the viewer.

Most of us look at things from just one perspective: the perspective we grew up with.

We forget that there are as many perspectives as there are people.

More than 7 billion.

And then more!

We live in infinity, using perception to see slices of infinity.

There are infinite perspectives of the One Whole, but the One Whole is knowable as a whole through vision (wholesome perspective).

So, let us see if you can consider yourself from different angles, different perspectives, especially the ones you never thought of.

We will start easy, from apparently far away, and work our way in.

You may have been used to considering yourself only as a woman or man, in a body that you imagine to be one unit, and this has been the end of what you consider to be you.

Well, we will be looking at you from more angles than this.

From more scales and dimensions than this.

The magnificence of Who You Are will soon be clear.

We will be following no particular order, but will try to keep it as orderly as possible.

In truth, there is no beginning and no end to Life (You), but there is order.

#1 Everything is made of water… and so are you

Everything is made of water... and so are you

Water. Might as well begin with water.

One of the best sources of this research into water was done by Masaru Emoto and documented in his colorful book Messages from Water (available at

You consider yourself to be a solid physical being, right?

Have you ever thought of yourself as water?

At conception, you were 90% water.

You began life on this planet, in your mother’s womb, as 90% water.

Today, you are about 75% water and 25% earth material (like carbon and so on).

The Rest Of The World Is Water

The Rest Of The World Is Water

What else is 75% water?

The earth’s surface is 75% water.

What else is made of water?

All living organisms!

Water makes up 50 – 90% of all living organisms.

Now the most amazing thing:

Where do you find most of the world’s water?

In the oceans?

The lakes and rivers?

The ice fields?


It is in the atmosphere.

All around you.

You call it air but it is actually the carrier of most of the world’s water.

The atmosphere is one huge ocean in vapor form, water droplets.

Some individual clouds actually carry more water than many lakes do.

So here you are.

Everything Is Made Of Water

Everything Is Made Of Water

You are 75% water, living on a planet that is 75% water on the surface, and whose atmosphere is actually one big ocean in vapor form!

You might as well look at yourself as a container of water, within a larger container of water, and having only 25% of you as non-water substances suspended in the water.

But some intelligent force keeps this strange composition of things working in an organized manner as an ‘individual’ called you.

Did you also know that water, the stuff you are made of has the following characteristics:

  • Intelligent
  • Can Heal
  • Can communicate


Scientists now know this for a fact.

What is more, some very interesting things happen to water crystals depending on the words, feelings or places they are subjected to.

If you took a glass of water and spoke loving words to it, then froze it and looked at the water crystals under a microscope, you would find beautiful crystalline structures.

If instead you spoke unloving words to it, you would find that it forms unharmonious crystalline structures.

In fact, water can distinguish between words (even in the various languages of the world), feelings, and more.

Water is a living, highly intelligent, communicating thing.

If you find this amazing, consider the fact that you are mostly water, so is the earth’s surface, the atmosphere itself, the weather, and all living organisms.

Where does it begin, where does it end?

It is one continuous body, but we as humans like to mentally separate it into lakes, rivers, ocean, cloud, and so on.

But it is all one large body of intelligent, self-organizing water with seemingly separate parts! 

And so, where do you really begin and where do you end?

Do you begin and end where you think and perceive you begin and end?

Or beyond?

Is your perception of yourself accurate?

If you are not sure of the answer to the question “Who am I”, how can you be sure of your beginning and end?

How can you be so sure about what you aren’t sure about? Who am I?

#2 Your perception of energy is limited (for now)

Your perception of energy is limited (for now)

Time now for another perspective, another way of looking at things.

But before we get to that, let us first look at how you actually perceive physical things.

You use your five senses.

Each has its range of perception.

Let us see how:

  • Eyes (sight)
  • Ears (sound)
  • Nose (smell)
  • Skin (touch)
  • Mouth (taste)

These are the tools by which we perceive sections of the sea of energy that makes up the universe.

For example, your eyes capture part of the energy around you, but not all of it.

Which part do they capture?

They capture the range between what you call the color red (the lowest color we can see with the naked eye) and what you call the color violet (the highest one we can see with the eye).

What does this mean?

Consider this: everything is energy.

Even light is energy.

It is all energy and all of it is in vibration at various frequencies and wavelengths.

Energy at a wavelength of 750nm (frequency of 4 × 1014 vibrations per second) is perceived by the human eye and interpreted by the human mind as the color red (1 nm, or nanometer, is 1 billionth of a meter, or 40 billionths of an inch).

On the other end, energy at a wavelength of 350nm (frequency of 7.5 × 1014 vibrations per second) is perceived as the color violet.

Here is the point:

Does energy exist at ranges beyond 750nm on the one end, and 350nm on the other end?

Yes, it does exist.

It exists to infinity.

What about our scientific instruments?

Do they have a range of sensitivity?

Yes, of course.

Our science is still very rudimentary, relatively speaking, and can only detect a very minute segment of infinity.

Do you see the implications of this?

When people ask for proof or scientific evidence, they forget that their own physical senses and equipment are sometimes incapable of detecting the very evidence they seek.

Of course, there are other ways to experience these other dimensions, and humans already have the latent potential ability to detect them.

Those that develop these abilities are given labels such as:

  • Mystic
  • Clairvoyant
  • Clairaudient
  • Miracle worker

But in truth, everyone has these abilities inbuilt, latent, awaiting use, limited only by his or her beliefs.

You can apply the same to the other physical senses.

For example, the average human ear detects energy that vibrates at roughly between 20 hertz and 20,000 hertz.

Point: does energy exist beyond this range?

Of course it does!

The point of all this is that your human senses and scientific instruments only detect a very small slice of the universe.

What you look at as empty space is teaming with beings that are beyond your detection capability, and sometimes vice versa.

Life is everywhere!

When you change your perspective, when you look at things from a different angle, a whole new world opens up.

There are more worlds within worlds than you can imagine.

A snake sees a different world from the one a bat sees, from the one you see.

There are things in their world that are real and exist for them, but don’t for you, yet you share the same ‘space’.

One day they thought the earth was flat.

Now they laugh at that idea.

Convinced now they are that the earth is solid and only one,

Will they one day laugh at that idea?

Consciousness expanding.


Keep in mind that you have been looking at the world from a very limited perspective, with limited tools.

This will prevent you from convincing yourself that the small box of your perception is accurate or complete.

It will keep your mind and heart open.

You can push the edge of your awareness.

Look around you now.

Notice that there is a limit to the distance, depth, dimensions, scope, and color of what you see.

It is different for everyone.

It is like an envelope, an edge to what you are aware of.

Not just for your sight but for all your senses, and beyond (intuition, etc).

It is not imposed or fixed.

It is only “boxed in” by your own beliefs.

You can expand it!

#3 You are a multidimensional being

You are a multidimensional being

Humans are used to detecting just one dimension.

And just one earth.

Just one universe.

But we know that the universe is multidimensional.

We also know that spirit, who you are, is multidimensional.

But at this stage of our evolution, we are used to detecting just one dimension.

Why should this not surprise you?

Consider that just a few hundred years ago people could not draw in three dimensions, in perspective.

The ability to draw in perspective, to convey depth in art, was ‘invented’ in the 15th century.

Now even little children can draw in perspective.

And before that, cave paintings were the best they could do.

Before that, they did not even have a developed enough sense of identity to think of drawing ‘this’ and ‘that’ on the walls.

It is all a gradual awakening.

Why did people think the earth was flat?

It sounds stupid now, but then it made sense.

Think about it.

If you were born and lived all your life in the village of your birth, your eyes would tell you that the earth was flat.

It looks flat, feels flat, doesn’t it?

There would be no other evidence to tell you otherwise.

You would need a new perspective.

You would have to be able to travel fast enough so that you can come back to where you started and realize it is round.

Or you would have to go high enough to see a convincing curvature of the earth.

Both of these were unavailable to people in the past.

Can you blame them for thinking the earth was flat?

#BONUS: You have a Self

You have a Self

I Am.


Consider that.

I am.

Say it now to yourself. I am.

You have probably tried to explain intellectually and logically to yourself (and others) what you are.

You may have said, “I am a body with a soul… I am a soul with a body… I am …”

Forget the intellectual theories for now.

Only notice that there is an I.

There is an I that can say Am.

You are the I.

The Self.

The Self that recognizes itself.

I Am.

I (Self) Am (Being).

  • Self being itself…
  • Observing itself…
  • Re-creating itself…
  • Experiencing itself.

I (Self)

Am (Being)

That Which Is Alive

At any time, you are always that which you are.


I Am That I Am

I Am What I Am

I Am Who I Am

Forget about souls, spirits, and all that for now.

It doesn’t matter what religion you follow either, what god you believe in.

Atheist or fundamentalist, it doesn’t matter for this section of this discussion.

All human beings can agree on one thing:

That they can say, “I am”.

They have a Self.

And this self is behind their eyes, behind their body, behind their thoughts, their words…

It is there even before a thought pops up.

It is there even in-between thoughts.

It is that which watches the thoughts, experiences the experiences.

It is That Which Is Alive.

Life Itself.

When it withdraws, you have what humans call death of the body (not death of the Self, though, which most people agree is eternal).

The Self.

Life that is self-aware. Conscious. Self-conscious.



I hope that my article has helped open your mind.

If you want to learn more about this topic, I have more for you in this blog.

You can also grab a copy of my book “Who Am I” and gain more awareness on this subject.

Has this blog post enlightened you?

Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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