Feeling Lonely? Here Are 5 Powerful Facts To Prove You’re Never Alone

Have you been feeling isolated and unseen recently? This post is for you. 

The world may have a population of about 8 billion but our troubles and empty relationships make us feel alone.

Don’t worry.

I’ve composed this article to help combat loneliness on several scales. I tackled it on a biological, mental, and spiritual level so rest assured that you’ll find everything you need here.

You’ll even discover the following:

  • Why we are all connected and as one
  • If worms and insects live inside of your body
  • 5 incredible facts that show you’re never alone
  • How you’ll eventually live on without your body
  • The difference between the brain and the mind

Interested in learning more? Keep reading!

Why You’re Never Actually Alone

Because you are enclosed in a single unit, which is your body, you think you’re all alone.

Look closer.

An individual is never alone because their DNA shows that they are part of both the past and future, their cells have separate lives, and tiny animals live in their bodies. They’re also connected to the Infinite Mind and their soul is integrated into The One.

5 Jaw-Dropping Truths That Will Crush Loneliness

#1 Your DNA proves you’re part of the past and the future

Your DNA proves you’re part of the past and the future

The DNA you have has its origins in the beginning of life on earth!

You are the latest in your line of evolution.

It is so diverse that it contains the following:

  • Your unique personal traits
  • Attributes shared by your race
  • Characteristics from your family
  • Parts shared by the human species
  • Keys features from warm-blooded mammals

You are like a unique crest of a wave in the ocean of life.

And your DNA carries the secrets of time, information that began to be built and collected millions of years ago, even before humans arrived on the scene.

Humans are only one out of an estimated 30 to 100 million species of life on the known physical earth (only about 1.7 million of which have been described to date).

Millions of years ago, the earth was one ball of hostile gases and rocks.

How did that ball settle down and spontaneously develop millions of species of life forms?

You are part of that miracle!

And your DNA contains the keys of life, not just your life, but also a summary, in a sense, of your lineage since life began.

In the same way, this also means that your DNA will be passed down to the next generation and so forth.

Isn’t that amazing?

#2 Your cells have lives of their own

Your cells have lives of their own

Each of your cells carries about 1.5 gigabytes of information, enough data to fill over two computer CD-ROMs.

But this information is living and dynamic, and so it is much more complicated than static data that you would find on a couple of CDs.

Each cell has the ability to reproduce the entire human being!

Moreover, it is also capable of having its own lives separate from you.

If you took any of your cells and put them in a laboratory with the right nutrition and so on, they can live by themselves.

Physically, they only need you for nutrition, air, and so on.

If a laboratory gave them that in a test tube, they would be just fine.

In fact, they would likely live longer because they would be in sterile conditions.

So, you are literally a collection of billions of individuals, cells that have their own life and do the following:

  • Eat
  • Shit
  • Feel
  • Move
  • Think
  • Reproduce

When they come together, they self-organize to form your body.

Very much like a large ant or bee colony does, each one taking up their role to make one large whole.

They even form intelligent organs.

Your heart doesn’t need to go to med school to know how to work.

It just does.

So does your liver, kidney, etc.

Now, look at it differently again.

#3 You have tiny animals living in you

You have tiny animals living in you

You are not made up only of cells.

You have other animals as well.

All growing in and on you, the following exists:

  • Worms
  • Bacteria
  • Thousands of insects

And no matter how many showers you take, or what you eat, you will still have them.

Every creature has them.

For example, the surface of your skin is populated with hundreds of microscopic mites that feed on the sap of your skin cells.

Even the Queen of England has them.

You can’t avoid them.

You’re filled with fertile places where colonies of other life forms live entire lives like your:

  • Hair
  • Skin
  • Mouth
  • Intestines
  • Fingernails

Telling them to leave is akin to the earth telling you to leave.

Can’t be done.

In fact, it is not a good idea.

Anyway, the point is, you are a walking collection of a “little planet” of little animals.

They move in, mate, live, move out, fight, die, build, settle…

All the while, on the outside, it looks like it is all just one body called you.

#4 You’re part of the Infinite Mind

You’re part of the Infinite Mind

You have a brain.

And you have a mind.

The brain is physical, contained in your head.

The mind is not physical.

It is not contained.

It is all over your body.

And beyond.

How far do you think your mind ends?

At the edge of your head?

Two feet away?

Ten feet away?

Does it end?

Is it separate from my mind, or the next guy’s mind, or the mind of the ant?

Are you sure?

Your brain may be separate, but the mind?

Is it possible that there is only One Mind?

One Universe working perfectly as one, in seeming separate forms.

One Infinite Mind?

One of the possible experiences that anyone can have in deep meditation is the experience of oneness, expanded beyond personal boundaries, part of an infinite and blissful void.

#5 Your soul is connected to the One

Your soul is connected to the One

Are you a body with a spirit/soul, or a spirit/soul with a body?

Which comes first?

Which is eternal?

The body is a temporal jacket.

A communication vehicle for a very short while.

You cannot deny it and hate it without denying and hating yourself, because it is your soul/spirit in chemical clothing.

Nevertheless, it is still simply the chemical clothing of spirit, for a while, for the experience of Self.

So, you are spirit/soul, with a temporal body.




Where does your spirit end?

Does it end?

Is it possible that it is part of the Great Fabric of Life, not separated but only individuated? 

Impossible to separate from the One, just as it is impossible to separate a ray of sunlight from the sun no matter how many light-years it is ‘away’?

#BONUS: Your consciousness is part of the universe

Your consciousness is part of the universe

In the same way, from space, the earth looks like one colorful ball.

But come down to street-level, and it is amazing how much life is going on!


So, your body is actually a collection of many, many individuals, intelligent and complete life forms.

And they in turn are built up of smaller individual, intelligent and complete life forms.

It goes all the way down to the level of the energy particles, which is the smallest “thing” we have been able to detect as humans.

That doesn’t mean that there is nothing smaller that makes up the energy.

It could go down to infinity, and most probably does.

The tiny energy particle could actually be a complete universe, if only we had the ability to see into it.

And it goes the other way up as well.

You are part of a larger life form.

And it in turn is part of a larger one.

And so on.

Your consciousness is partly made up of the gestalt, sum total, consciousness of the individual consciousness of all the cells and organisms that are your body – but it is also much more.

You are the sun of your own universe.


I hope that after reading this article you’ve learned more about yourself and feel a little less lonely.

I’m rooting for you!

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I’m sure that if this post blew you away, then my book will change your life. It’ll help you discover your identity and push you to become your best self.

You can also scroll through my blog and find something you’ll like.

Till next time!

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