Spirituality, Divinity, & The Game of Life

Spirituality is a deep and powerful connection to something greater than ourselves. It is the belief in or even the experience of a higher spiritual power. This power can be found within nature and within oneself. And this power can be placed to practical use. Ask, and you shall receive, seek and you shall find, knock and it will be open unto you.

The concept has been around for millennia and has taken many different forms across cultures throughout history. Deepening your connection with spirit is both extremely powerful and practical in all areas of your life.

Where do you find your spirituality? Is it in the natural world or with a higher power, like God? What does it take for you to feel connected to your spirit? What are some things about yourself that help cultivate a sense of divine connection?

Another word for awakening is enlightenment. Many people believe that Divinity is within oneself. All of us have an inner Divinity to be discovered and cultivated. And we do so through the process of awakening to What We Really Are. When we do, it unlocks all the doors. We realize that we are far more extensive and more powerful than we have been led to believe. We finally stop being a slave to our unconscious ego. And we surrender to our Divinity, our True Self, which all creates a great expansion and realization.

These articles will explore some of these concepts and how they are still relevant, practical, and powerful today more than ever.