A Step-By-Step Guide To Using Emotions To Discover Your Authentic Truth

A Step-By-Step Guide To Using Emotions To Discover Your Authentic Truth

Most of us feel like we are at the mercy of our emotions. We are easily engulfed, and at times, unsure as to how to best deal with them.

That’s why make sure to avoid certain types like anger, sadness, etc. In this article, however, I will show you the biggest benefit of allowing yourself to feel all of your emotions – recognizing your authentic truth.

I will provide you with a detailed 5-step guide on how you can do this by yourself. You’ll also learn the following:

  • How body fat relates to emotions
  • What lies behind your emotional blocks
  • Why the reasons behind them have layers

Ready to embark on this life-changing journey? Let’s continue.

How To Use Emotions To Find Out Your Personal Truth

Emotions can show an individual their authentic truth if it’s allowed to be felt in the first place and differentiated from their identity. The absence of blocking, hiding, or resisting is also extremely important.

5 Steps On How You Can Utilize Your Emotions For Authenticity

You don’t have to feel helpless when it comes to emotions. Here are 5 ways that you can make use of them to uncover your truth.

#1 Allow your emotions to flow freelyAllow your emotions to flow freely

The first step in using your emotions to discover your authentic truth is to let them be.

Allow yourself to feel them completely.

You need to surrender yourself to what you feel.

One of the major concerns of individuals who struggle with this is that they will get stuck.

They fear that they will forever have to endure its discomfort.

If this speaks to you as well, here’s why there’s no need for concern:

All feelings and emotions are energy in motion (e-motion).

They are meant to move freely and transform.

As such, every feeling and emotion, if left to run its course without interference, will always lead to:

  • Love
  • A new insight
  • A greater understanding
  • Beliefs that spawned them

They are only making known to you the truth of your being.

And since they are in motion, they must lead to something else; none can be a dead end.

That is, of course, if you try to block them.

This brings us to number two.

#2 Do not resist or hide from them

Do not resist or hide from them

When you experience being stuck in an emotion, it is only because you are attempting to resist or block feeling something.

Unknowingly, you end up doing the following:

  • Splitting up your psyche
  • Removing yourself from reality
  • Automatically hiding from the thoughts and beliefs behind them
  • Building up body armor (like fat) to conceal these emotions and keep them unconscious

That is why it is crucial that you avoid resisting or running from them.

When you allow your emotions to flow, you’re causing the following to be in harmony:

  • Your mind
  • Your body
  • Your emotions

#3 Recognize the beliefs behind your blocks

Recognize the beliefs behind your blocks

Now that you know how your blocks are actually doing more harm than good, let’s bring this awareness to another level.

If you find yourself hiding from or resisting any emotion, ask yourself what beliefs you hold that are causing the motivation to resist.

To learn more about beliefs, I urge you to read the following eye-opening articles:

You need to ask yourself why you are so afraid of the emotion.

See what beliefs you hold that are causing the resistance in the first place.

And once you do, question the validity of your beliefs.

Are they really true?

Or, do they need to be changed for your own benefit? 

#4 Separate yourself from your emotions

Separate yourself from your emotions

I am encouraging you to make such inquiries because aside from the trap of blocking your emotions, there’s another common pitfall you may fall into.

It’s thinking that you are your emotions.

What do I mean by this?

Say, for example, let’s say that you feel like a failure.

This is not a fact of reality.

It is simply an emotion.

The statement, “I feel like a failure,” does not represent who you truly are.

It is only a reflection of how you feel about yourself.

Warning: Although the truth is that you are not your emotions, be extra careful! If you do believe this, your experiences will mirror it.

That is why you must make a clear distinction between you and your emotions.

You are not your emotions.

You are not a failure.

You are Spirit.

If you require more guidance about who you truly are, check out my blog posts on the subject:

You need to make this distinction so that you can learn how to work with them deliberately and comfortably.

Nevertheless, emotions are valid and you need to allow them that validity and right to exist, even as you recognize that they are not facts about reality. 

#5 Let them reflect your truth

Let them reflect your truth

So far, you’ve learned the following:

  • You must let your emotions be felt
  • Avoid resisting or hiding from them
  • Identify the underlying beliefs of your blocks
  • You need to stop thinking that you are your emotions

The last number on this guide wraps everything up.

When you deal with your blocks and beliefs and finally feel, you’ll experience something profound:

Your authentic truth.

This is the key to a healthy experience of emotions.

Simply live from the truth of your being and that is all.

At every moment, let the truth of your being express itself.

If, for example, you are suddenly very angry with a friend, don’t pretend everything is OK and cover your anger with a smile.

Here’s what you should do instead:

State clearly and truthfully what you feel and why.

You cannot deny the truth of your being and expect positive results (even if you think manipulation will serve you better than the truth).

Anger, for example, when used clearly and truthfully, is designed to correct imbalances.

When you cover it up and dress it with a smile, you deny yourself its healing abilities.

Instead, you store it within where it festers into an unhealthy and distorted form of itself (such as violence).

Whenever you cover up your feelings, you also hide the following:

  • Your power
  • Your energy

More importantly, you deny yourself the chance to know the true reasons behind your emotions.

Just like in the example above, the reasons behind the anger will only show themselves in the end after you express it.

Note: When you face the emotion, you will face the reasons as well.

Although it may not be apparent, why you think you are angry is often very different from the real reason (it is always a fear within that feels threatened and spawns anger in seeming self-defense).


It is my desire that this article will serve as a tool for you in the future.

Whenever you need to confront what you feel, go ahead and come back to this post!

You can also grab a copy of my book Who Am I? Finally, a Simple Answer the Question, “How Can I Be Happy?”

It’s packed with wisdom on this topic.

You can get it on Amazon. There’s a Kindle version available too.

So, what are the emotions that you are willing to face today? I’d love to know in the comment section below!

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David Cameron Gikandi

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