8 Key Tenets Of Wealth Creation

8 Key Tenets Of Wealth Creation

Do you wish to learn about the tenets of building wealth? In this article, I will share with you eight of them.

Along with that, I will also teach you the following:

  • Why you should “desire” not “want”
  • How to transform to a “having state”
  • The importance of where you put your attention to

Eager to begin? Let’s go!

8 Top Principles Of Wealth Building

Wealth creation can be achieved if an individual wishes instead of wants, exercises detachment, goes into the “having state,” truly desires their goals, turns their full attention to it, decides he or she is wealthy right now, believes it doubtlessly, and acknowledges their infinite power.

8 Best Hacks For Creating Wealth

Here are the most important facts about wealth creation:

#1 Desire instead of wanting

Desire instead of wanting

If you want to build wealth, the solution is this: never want!

You can never get what you want.

Wanting something very bad is worse.

In your thoughts, words, states, and feelings, replace want with desire or wish.

Unlike wanting, desire does not necessarily have to mean you do not have something.

It is a very subtle difference and some people may say they are the same thing, but there is a world of difference.

Some thesauruses may even say want is interchangeable with desire, but that is simply for some linguistic purposes.

Remember, your thoughts are carried out with precision and perfection by the universe.

It is the way the system is designed.

Wanting represents a perpetual state of not having.

It is sad and funny to think that billions of people are kept away from what they want by such a simple little difference.

It all lies in the precise execution of the universe.

Precisely, it is not just the word “want” that should be avoided.

It is the state.

It helps nothing to avoid the word “want” but be in a state of “want” – that is useless.

Language is a symbol used to represent things such as a state.

The word “want” is a symbol that represents the state of wanting.

It is therefore the state that you should avoid first.

The symbol, the word itself, can also to be avoided so as not to invoke the state.

#2 Practice detachment

Practice detachment

Not needing a particular result in the moment of now frees the subconscious mind from all thoughts about why you cannot have a particular result.

This, in turn, opens the path to the particular result that was consciously intended.

This is one of the benefits of intending with detachment.

You intend a future outcome, you are certain of it, but you are detached as to what is currently happening.

For example, assume that you intend to be a millionaire, but in the present moment, events are moving in a way that suggests you are not going towards your goal.

You will make the best progress if you are detached from it right now.

This means that you accept it as it is instead of doing the following:

  • Fighting it
  • Losing hope
  • Getting frustrated

But regardless of your detachment, keep your certainty about your outcome in the future, about becoming a millionaire.

Learn to enable the coexistence of the following:

  • Intention
  • Certainty
  • Detachment

When you do this, your life will quickly become happy and wealthy.

Resistance and frustration will slowly fall out but certainty and confidence will grow.

You see, you cannot fail to become prosperous if you exhibit the following with your goals:

  • Faith
  • Belief
  • Focus
  • Clarity

It is impossible to fail.

Failure would mean crossing the unbreakable laws of the universe.

So, certainty enables you to relax.

You are sure that wealth is on the way, regardless of what the present moment may look like.

Lack of detachment equates to resistance, and what you resist persists.

Eliminate all forms of wanting such as:

  • Worrying
  • Regrets about the past
  • Throwing your awareness
  • Hoping things are/were different
  • Putting your consciousness out into the future or past

Take in the moment of now in its fullness for all the gifts it brings to you.

The faster way to create a great future is to simply do the following:

  • Intend
  • Release
  • Enjoy the present

#3 Shift into a ‘having state’

Shift into a ‘getting state’

As I previously mentioned, wanting is a declaration of not having.

It is a statement that says:

I am maintaining a state of not having what I desire.”

That is what is executed for you, effortlessly.

Additionally, wanting goes hand-in-hand with the following:

  • Desperation
  • Dissatisfaction
  • Disappointment

These feelings are some of the biggest hindrances to manifestation.

That is why you need to change your vibration from a “wanting state” into a “having state.”

Let me explain how this works:

Remember the last time you wanted to eat and you got what you wanted (you ate something). 

Ok, you wanted something to eat.

This is a wanting state.

But, watch what happened next.

You started to go get something to eat.

You actually shifted from a wanting to a having state, which has finality.

You then shift to the present tense of having, finally, and you appear to have had what you wanted.

See, you never did get what you wanted when you were in a wanting state.

You had to shift states.

You see, without fail, the universe always brings to you a manifestation of the vibration you give out.

So, you always receive what you ask for.

There is nothing to want if you get everything you vibrate to.

But if you do decide to feel wanting, then you will surely experience a manifestation of that.

You might be thinking:

How come when I feel a positive vibration, I still don’t receive?

Think again.

Look at the total feeling you have over that which you desire.

Are there any little fears, negative expectations, or anything at all that you may be having?

Be still.

Start to see what was previously subconscious to you.

There is good reason to watch the following:

  • Words
  • States
  • Actions
  • Thoughts

Each one of them is acted upon precisely by the laws of the universe.

Words carry with them thousands of years of meaning and instructions.

For example, the word “dance” invokes specific images in any person’s mind, along with the appropriate instructions to execute it.

And the universe, which has to assist in that dance, acts accordingly (laws of physics, spirit-mind-body coordination, etc).

#4 Ensure you actually desire your goal

Ensure you actually desire your goal

Nothing happens without desire.

It is the natural pull that prompts beings to advancement and creation.

It’s also what gives birth to intent, which follows on to creation.

Do you feel the desire for your goal?

If you’re not sure, do this simple exercise.

First, find a quiet place and sit still.

Take away all your cares and worries.

Suspend all of that.

And then, ask yourself sincerely, “What do I desire? What does my heart truly wish for?”

Put your attention on your heart and ask it:

“What do I truly, really, desire?”

Sometimes you will find that what you truly desire in your heart is very different from what you think you desire.

It’s sometimes influenced by your fear-based ego.

Your life creates faster and with joy if your desires are truly yours and not fear-driven reactions.

Sometimes humans come up with a goal to achieve something that they do not desire.


Well, perhaps they fear that without having that goal accomplished, something terrible will happen to them.

Whatever the reason, love and desire for what you wish to have are necessary for effortless manifestation.

If you do not have these and you’re just thinking about what you don’t want, then it’s best to just drop it and move on to something else.

Important: When you are attempting to achieve something out of fear, you are already in error. Resolve your fears first. Don’t bother trying to mask it with stuff, because it will only grow in size and terror until the day you face it.

So, with honesty ask yourself:

Do you desire the goal you are thinking of achieving or is it arising out of pressure and fear?

Once you have ascertained your desire, it is time to work within it.

The next step is to align your thoughts and energy with it.

When they are fully aligned, its manifestation will come about.

The way you do this alignment is to think about your desire, actually feel it coursing through you, and feel good about it.

Imagine how it would feel to have already accomplished the manifestation of that desire.

Make it real in your mind.

Feel the emotion of joy and gratitude you would have, taste the tastes, smell the smells, see the sights, hear the sounds, as well as feel the movement and rhythm.

Stay with it in your mind; revisit it every now and then.

Do so until it feels really good and absolutely familiar to you, natural.

One very good way of achieving this familiarity is to remember a time when you once achieved the manifestation of a similar desire.

Ask yourself:

Have I ever achieved the manifestation of a similar desire?

How did I feel at just the moment right after I had that achievement?”

Feel that empowerment and gratitude and so on all over again.

Remember all the details of how you felt.

Feel it again, and anchor it to your new desire.

Desires indicate to you things that you have a built-in ability for.

Let’s say you may never have piloted an airplane before.

But if you have a desire to do so, it shows you that you have the ability and nature to be able to learn and fly it.

It shows that you, at the higher level of your soul, are fully supporting that desire to pilot planes and the whole universe will be there to assist in it manifesting.

It is advisable for a person to follow their desires in business as well.

This way you have proof that you will enjoy it.

Desires also indicate to you which parts of your Self that are calling out for the following:

  • Growth
  • Attention
  • Evolution
  • Working out to perfection

#5 Dedicate your attention to it

Dedicate your attention to it

Your attention should be to what you desire.

It, therefore, follows that you should put absolutely zero attention to what you don’t.

If you do not desire poverty, then put your attention to wealth and none to it!

Whatever you put your attention to manifests.

So, forget all about resisting and fighting poverty.

Simply do not see it.

You will be doing a great job in lifting you and humanity’s entire consciousness one giant step out of poverty and into abundance.

You do not serve the poor by adding your attention to poverty, as much as that line of thinking may seem to make sense.

In the same way, you do not achieve health by putting your attention on disease.

Ever since we started putting our attention to disease and poverty, the gap between the rich and the poor has grown and over thousands of new diseases have come about or increased in prominence.

The amazing thing about desire is that it has built within it all the abilities and instructions to manifest.

You must have heard the statement, “Ask and you shall receive.”

Ask here does not mean beg.

It simply means desire.

So, you can re-write that as:

Desire and you shall receive.

It is that automatic.

The only thing that blocks or slows down this natural process is contradicting thoughts and emotions.

You may be asking “Will all this desiring ever end?


You are an eternal being with no end.

Your possibilities are infinite and you have a built-in curiosity to explore parts of you that you have not explored.

This desire is what brought you here.

It is what keeps you extending.

It’s also what keeps your life force flowing.

You cannot turn desire off.

You can try, but all that will happen is discomfort.

The entire universe was born out of a desire for it to be created.

So start celebrating your desires!

#6 Decide to ‘being’ wealthy now

Decide to ‘being’ wealthy now

Being is a state, such as being happy.

You cannot explain nor do a state.

You can only be it.

Similarly, you cannot do happiness; you can only be happy.

As you may already know, creation works as follows:

  • Being causes thinking
  • Which causes speaking
  • This in return, results in doing
  • Which puts in place the system to receive and experience

In short, being is the first cause.

It is what causes thinking.

That’s why when you are happy, you think pleasant thoughts.

In fact, conditions occur because of a state of being, and not the other way around as most people think they do.

Let me give you an example.

Happy conditions do not make you happy.

It is being happy that causes happy conditions.

Unhappy conditions only show up to prove your pre-existing state of unhappiness.

Here’s another example:

The first step to experiencing massive wealth is being wealthy.

Being wealthy is an internal state.

It has nothing to do with the outside world.

The internal state of wealth is a decision you make right now.

Once you decide to be wealthy, you become it.

So, the fastest way to wealth is being wealthy, now, instantly.

Change your being to a wealthy one.

Knowing it to be so with certainty, against any “evidence” to the contrary in your physical world (which is an illusion anyway).

Do it with clarity and keep holding that state of being.

Know you are wealthy, for in ultimate reality, you are actually very wealthy indeed.

Not many can pull this off because they doubt it, but we all have the capability to do this.

#7 Declare it unquestioningly

Declare it unquestioningly

Simply declare, knowingly, and certainly, “I am…

Do not start thinking about it all over again after that; that will only introduce delay and doubt.

This is what I mean:

Remember the last time you were in a state of being broke or sad?

You did not consciously think about the state, questioning whether it is real, whether you were really broke or sad.

You just took it for granted that you were – you believed it completely.

You were just in that state and that was that.

You were simply it.

Now, do it with wealth.

Be wealth, believe it, and make it as that, no questions asked.

The universe will obey.

The sequence of creation is as follows:

The unified field of consciousness that is non-physical (God or The Source) individuates itself into non-physical units (individuated spirits or souls of various beings and objects).

These units then take on individuated physical forms that include:

  • Beings
  • People
  • Objects

Whatever it is that you see physically is created in this sequence from, of, and by The Source of All That Is, God.

You are a co-creator in this creation sequence – you create together with The Source, in the same sequence.

In regards to wealth, you can now see how futile it is to look at your individuated physical aspects (like your bank account, your material wealth, your body, etc) and let what you see influence your individuated non-physical aspects (like your mind and thoughts and state of being).

That is looking at the results and letting that influence the cause.

It is like short-circuiting the system.

It will only lead to enhancing that physical state.

Allow me to explain further.

For example, you look around you and see that you are broke.

You let that tell you that you are a broke being.

You also keep thinking from a broke point of reference.

If you continue to do so, you will remain broke.

The right way to do this is to never look at the physical and let that dictate to you that this is who you are.

You are not your conditions – you simply cause them.

Additionally, if you are broke is to simply choose your greatest vision of yourself.

Keep that state of being and thoughts of wealth steady and ever-present.

Act as if you were wealthy, no matter what your physical world looks like.

Always remember, the physical follows the spiritual and the mental.

It is the design of the universe.

#8 Realize that there’s no order of difficulty

Realize that there’s no order of difficulty

This is so simple that it may escape your understanding unless you take the time to consider it.

So, please consider it carefully:

Every thought is a cause that has an effect at some level.

That is the impact of our thoughts and beliefs.

Reality is truly the following:

  • Peaceful
  • Abundant
  • Fully powerful

However, the illusions are of scarcity and suffering.

When we drop an illusion, reality is naturally already there waiting to be uncovered.

Because of these two points, there is no order of difficulty in anything!

Do you see that?

The only order of difficulty that you experience actually exists in your mind and nowhere else.

To the extent that you believe a thing to be difficult, it is.

Every thought is a decision acted upon accurately by the universe.

And because a decision is effortlessly made, its results are also seamless.

When you decide you are broke and believe it, you do so effortlessly.

You need not do anything to make that decision.

You just make it, sitting there.

Yet, because of that effortless decision, you experience your world as you decide.

You can just as easily believe that you are wealthy, and the universe will follow.

To the extent that you believe you need to do certain things or conditions, you shall find achievement hard or easy.

Remember, every single little thought that flashes in your mind is a powerful yet effortless decision that causes an equivalent effect.

If you believe that you can succeed but only by doing A, B, C, and D, so shall it be.

And if you decide you think there is a risk of you not doing C, so shall it be.

When you are unclear and always changing your mind about your life, so shall it be.

If even for a split second you think, “What if I screw up…” that thought shall have an effect at some level.

Even the most insignificant-seeming little-looking idea and feeling is executed exactly and perfectly by the universe for you.

Remember, you are an extension of God’s own thoughts.

Therefore, yours carries similar power

It is as easy to decide to have $1 as it is to have $1 billion.

It is the belief that differences exist that makes them so.

Money, like everything else, is an idea, a thought that manifests.

And all thoughts are effortlessly made.

This is your infinite power.

In any case, an illusion never existed; it only appears to be, upheld by a belief in it.

No one illusion is more real than another, and as soon as any illusion is dropped, magnificent reality is there waiting.

Your only real goal should be to heal your mind, to restore it to its original splendor.

All else will follow automatically.

In the Bible, Jesus at one point looked at those who were surprised by his miracles and, asking them why they were so surprised, assured them, “These things you shall do and more.”


I hope that this article has enlightened you on the fundamentals of wealth creation.

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I’d like to thank you for taking the time to read this.

I’ll see you in the next one!

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