5 Transformative Tricks In Dealing With Guilt

5 Transformative Tricks In Dealing With Guilt

Do you wish to learn powerful ways of handling guilt? In this article, I will share with you five of the best ones.

Along with that, I’ll also give you the following information:

  • Why guilt is a contradiction of love
  • The hidden gift of the present moment
  • How forgiveness helps you become unstuck

Eager to begin?  Let’s go!

5 Life-Changing Ways Of Handling Guilt

An individual can effectively deal with guilt by realizing that it isn’t real, avoiding blaming themself or others, dropping the “shoulds” and “should nots” as well as by practicing forgiveness and unconditional love.

5 Powerful Methods To Eradicate Guilt

Here are five of the best ways to approach guilt:

#1 Recognize that guilt isn’t real

Recognize that guilt isn’t real

We are a society that has come to view guilt as something real.

Here is the truth:

There is no such thing as guilt.

Let me explain this further.

Reality was created by The Source.

Moreover, the Creator only makes through extension.

Hence, everything is in the image and likeness of The Original.

It is just like the sun extending a ray of light.

No matter how far it goes, it will always be part of the sun.

Additionally, all creation includes the following:

  • Love
  • Acceptance
  • Full security
  • Perfection in all ways

Anything that appears contrary to this is an illusion of a mind that has decided it can change reality.

However, since reality is eternally perfect, such can only appear to have succeeded in deception.

This is the product of the ego’s perception and “making up” of life as it has been said many times before by:

  • Scientists
  • Psychologists
  • Spiritual leaders

It is like a dream.

All that matters here is this:

Anything that is the opposite of love is unreal.

#2 Stop blaming & start seeing the bigger picture

Stop blaming & start seeing the bigger picture

There is no one to blame.

Once you fully understand the following, you’ll see how nothing experienced can be caused by a source outside of you:

  • Karma
  • Cause & effect
  • Laws of vibration
  • Conscious mind
  • Subconscious mind 
  • Superconscious mind

Note: If you want to learn more about the topics above, feel free to check out my article:

Do you see the sense behind that?

Are you starting to see how guilt is an unnatural thought?

You need to drop the guilt you have placed on yourself and on others.

Instead, practice doing this:

Start seeing all creation in its true light, as expressions of the divine.

You know the way they say that God is everywhere?

Start to see that.

Acknowledge that nothing can exist outside of The Source, that all things have a purpose.

No matter how bitter or sweet the lesson looks, there’s a bigger picture to it.

#3 Forgive yourself & others

Forgive yourself & others

Guilt tries to assert that an error is permanent.

Yet, the only reason why a mistake can be corrected is that it didn’t exist in the first place.

If it did exist as a reality, it would be permanent and uncorrectable.

Forgiveness, therefore, is overlooking the error and thereby dropping it.

It also sees through it instead of believing in it.

Here are two other major benefits of forgiveness:

  • Frees you from the past
  • Ensures you make good decisions

Let’s talk about the first one.

At this moment, everything is fresh, waiting for a wholly new definition.

You can either redefine it or cloud it up with the past, creating even more pain.

In fact, at every moment, you and all creation are an extension of the perfect One Being.

The past cannot change that and has nothing to do with that.

That is why you need to forgive.

Forgiveness allows you to move forward and get unstuck from what has already taken place.

On the other hand, holding on to your guilt will only keep the past alive.

Let me ask you this:

Have you managed to travel to the past and actually change it?

If you haven’t, then what is the point of guilt if it cannot help you go change what you are holding the guilt up for?

What has passed has passed.

Now, let’s go over the second item.

As I previously tackled, guilt arises from error.

From that point on, all decisions that originate from it are also misconceptions.

The only way the effects of an error can be undone is through forgiveness.

Forgiveness is recognizing it as an error, and therefore unreal, and in that way ceasing to maintain it.

#4 Practice unconditional love

Practice unconditional love

It is funny how people attribute the human ego to God.

Let us look at this again.

What is God?

God is that first force that expresses Itself as and through everything in all dimensions.

It has no personality.

The moment you attach a personality to God, you get into the trap of attaching some sort of ego as well.

The point simply is that The Source expresses Itself in all things.

It has unconditional love for all creation.

So in that space, you cannot do anything to displease God.

Anything outside of that is an interpretation of ego.

Moreover, as an extension of The Creator, you must also practice unconditional love for yourself and other people.

Practice allowing and accepting without exercising judgment.

Note: If you are curious about this topic and would like to gain more insight, you can read my articles on them:

#5 Forget the ‘shoulds’ & ‘should nots’

Forget the ‘shoulds’ & ‘should nots’

The following statements indicate that you are declaring yourself guilty:

“I must do that, but I am not.

“I am doing this but I shouldn’t.”

Here’s the reality:

Should is a mental construct.

It is an attempt to lay guilt on yourself or another person based on some judgment.

It doesn’t exist as a reality.

And so, drop all “shoulds” and “should nots” from your vibration.

It is not helping anyone in any way at all.

That vibration is simply calling forth struggle.

If someone says to you “You should…” just thank them and then ignore that statement.

Who says you should?

From what ultimate authority did they get that idea?

You either do a thing or you don’t.

But if you do it, then don’t criticize yourself.

It is done.


I hope that this article has opened your eyes regarding effectively handling guilt.

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Thank you very much for reading this.

I will see you in the next one!

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