5 Priceless Facts About Time You Need To Know

5 Priceless Facts About Time You Need To Know

Do you wish to know the most astonishing truths about time?

In this article, I’ll tell you about five of them.

I’ll also share with you the following:

  • The value of detachment
  • The correct way to state your goals
  • How to uncover gifts hiding in plain sight
  • …and so much more!

Are you ready to begin?

Let’s go!

5 Astonishing Truths About Time You Must Know

Time is only created as an illusion in the mind. Only the present moment exists and by paying attention to it, an individual is able to get fresh perspectives and see formerly missed opportunities. It’s also important to use the words “now” and “soon” when manifesting goals.

5 Amazing Facts About Time That’ll Blow Your Mind

Here are five truths about time:

#1 Time is only a creation of the mind

Time is only a creation of the mind

Time only exists in your mind.

Your mind often wants to live in two ways:

  • In memory of the past
  • Anticipation of the future

This is what also creates psychological time to a large extent.

This is another “time.”

There are many forms of illusionary time.

This is one of them.

You experience this type of time when your mind is in anticipation of something in the “future” or in memory of the “past.”

This “waiting” and “remembering” creates time, as well as a lot of pain and stress.

It is unnecessary.

#2 ‘Now’ is the only time that exists

'Now’ is the only time that exists

The most fruitful thing to do is not to remember or wait.

What you need to do is:

  • Observe
  • Experience
  • Create now

These three are timeless.

They are the true nature of the universe.

Everything happens now, including:

  • You remembering your past.
  • You dreaming of your future.
  • You learning from your past.
  • You working towards your future.

You are always here, now.

You cannot be anywhere else.

There is nothing you can do at any other moment except now.

Even “tomorrow” is happening right now.

Do you see how eternity works?

It is inescapable.

Trying to escape now in the mind is futile and painful.

That is why the Buddha, Jesus, and many other teachers taught us:

  • To be still
  • To be aware
  • To enjoy now
  • To be present
  • To be conscious
  • Not to worry about the future
  • To live one moment at a time

Time is largely a creation of the mind.

It looks at the past and an imaginary future, living out of the now.

An easy way to look at this is through your sleep.

You can “clock” 8 hours of it.

Yet, when you wake up, it feels like you spent no time at all.

It feels like you just went to sleep a moment ago.

As you probably know from research reports, people dream pretty much throughout the night.

Although, they remember just a few dreams if any.

When you sleep, your mind and your soul are in the same place.

And, that place is now, always.

#3 Be present in the now & always discover something new

Be present in the now & always discover something new

The first time you do something is a journey of discovery.

You take in the details and learn many new things.

At this point, there are no labels and memories to enable you to pre-judge the new experience.

Learning is at its highest.

The hundredth time you do it is often very different.

For most people, repetition brings about unconsciousness.

Most people do and see the things that occur most often in their lives in an unaware state.

Because they have done something before, they rely on their memories of it.

They’ve labeled it.

This is based on what they had in their minds the first time.

Learning and discovery drop to zero.

Memories of past experiences take over.

What good does it serve you to live today based on your memory of it yesterday?

You miss the gift of the present moment totally!

Take an absolutely fresh look at the following:

  • Business
  • Your work
  • Customers
  • Workmates

Do you go by how you “know” them in their past?

Everything changes.

Using memory keeps you from seeing that change, for perceiving things as they truly are.

Try to “forget” everything about what you are looking at.

You’ll see how it’ll help you:

  • Build your wealth
  • Grow a whole lot faster
  • Discover a whole new world
  • Develop your Self a whole lot quicker

Think about it!

Memory has its place.

However, many people overuse it and often in an unbeneficial way.

Decide right now to do the following:

  • To face every moment anew
  • Choose to forget that you have ever faced it before.
  • Not to anticipate a specific appearance or behavior

Practice detachment of outcome.

However, have certainty of your choices and intention.

You will find a world that has been hiding right in front of your eyes all along.

At all times, choose:

  • Joy
  • Happiness
  • Present moment

Moreover, thank the current moment for all it brings you.

#4 Live in the present & see opportunities

Live in the present & see opportunities

Do not throw yourself forward into where you wish to be all day long.

Imagination about the future is great, for it is what you use to create it.

But the present has great value.

Only through acting and living in it can you get to the future.

These things actually slow you down on your trip to a better tomorrow:

  • Going on about the whole day in a dreamlike state
  • Spending all day daydreaming about a future time, saying “if only
  • Mentally escaping your present and dwelling in an imaginary tomorrow
  • Being only half aware and conscious of the details going on in your day

Just as it is necessary that you set future goals, it is crucial that you embrace the present.

Act in it consciously, if you wish to progress.


The universe can only use the present moment to send you the following:

  • Clues
  • People
  • Events
  • Opportunities

Instead of chasing a better future, bring it back to the present.

#5 Say ‘I am now…’ & ‘soon’

Say 'I am now…' & 'soon'

Be careful how you set deadlines for yourself.

Time does not exist as an absolute.

Quantum physics, our spirituality, and our understanding of eternity all tell us that the only time that truly exists is now.

In the same way, the only place is here.

Here’s an example:

Imagine that you had a goal of becoming a millionaire in a year.

Think about this:

Why did you choose one year?

It is a very arbitrary date.

It is possible that The Source can create that millionaire or billionaire outcome in an instant.

Nothing is difficult for The Source, God.

So, why set a random date for the accomplishment?

It might be achieved in the blink of an eye or at a time that is best suited for you.

Setting deadlines for yourself also introduces fear and doubt.

It also makes detachment difficult – which is crucial for letting the infinite and unpredictable organizing power of The Source work optimally for you.

On the other hand, saying, “One day I will be a millionaire.” is no good at all.

 It is even worse.

Instead, think of now as the only time.

Say this:

I am now a millionaire.”

With everything, that is how you should always:

  • Act
  • Feel
  • Think
  • Speak

When people ask you, say soon.

Soon fits a whole lot better in the scheme of things.

Remember, even quantum physics proves to you that time is not what you think it is.

When you say, “I am a millionaire now” and the physical evidence around you does not show it, this does not mean that you are lying to yourself.

Indeed, the moment of now holds all existence in all possibilities, all at one time, including you being wealthy.


It is my desire that this post helped you appreciate the power of the present.

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Thanks for taking the time to read this article.

I will see you in the next one!

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David Cameron Gikandi

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