5 Legendary Visualization Methods To Turbocharge Manifesting (With Step-By-Step Guides!)

5 Legendary Visualization Methods To Turbocharge Manifesting (With Step-By-Step Guide!)

Do you desire step-by-step instructions for powerful visualization techniques?

This guide is for you!

Not only will it supercharge your manifesting skills, but it will also share the following information:

  • Exact time frames needed for visualizations
  • How to use fun activities to manifest your goals
  • The level where you have no blockages/limiting beliefs

Are you ready to begin?

Let’s start!

5 Life-Changing Visualization Methods To Quick-Start Manifesting

There are five methods an individual can utilize in order for them to successfully manifest their desires. They are the following: the heart-space/assemblage point method, the magnetizing technique, the energy ball technique, the active grounding method, and theta brain waves technique.

5 Transformational Visualization Techniques To Manifest Your Goals (With Step-By-Step Instructions!)

Here are the five visualization methods that will help to manifest your desires:

#1 The Heart-Space/Assemblage Point Method

The Heart-Space/Assemblage Point Method

In this technique, you’ll be able to consciously utilize the power of the heart.

It is actually amazingly simple.

Start by breathing in a manner that’s:

  • Deep
  • Relaxed
  • From the belly

This has two effects.

One is that it calms you down.

Secondly, it puts you in an inspirational mode.

Breath has many qualities, including giving life.

Other than being your life support, rhythmic deep breathing also connects you with your inner self.

It also is a communication medium between you and the “rest” of the universe, something that most westerners find hard to believe at first.

Moreover, it’s another way that energy comes into your body.

Anyways, get into a good deep breathing rhythm.

Once you settle into it, maintain it over the remaining steps that follow.

Next, put your attention in your heart space.

Feel it open.

You can also release its power by:

  • Loving yourself
  • Feeling gratitude for it
  • Placing your attention there

You will start to feel that warmth building up.

Then, visualize your desire in full detail, incorporating all sensory experiences.

Live it in your mind’s eye.

Next, place that visualization into your heart space.

Let it stay there for a few moments.

Feel the love for your desire and its manifestation.

And then, welcome the love both for the unmanifested desire and the manifestation itself.

After this, feel the unity between you and the desire, as well as its manifestation.

This is the key:

Feeling the bond with the desire.

Then, wrap it in love and acceptance.

Feel this for at least 17 seconds, preferably for 68 seconds or even more.

In fact, 68 seconds will give you a tremendous multiple of an effect.

Under 17 seconds is still okay, but not as miraculous.

You are working with energy here, my friend.

It moves in “leaps”, quantum leaps actually.

17 seconds of uninterrupted and uncontradicted focus on your desire will work wonders, but 68 seconds will absolutely amaze you!

Once you’ve done that, put your attention now to your Higher Self or God.

Give it over and gratefully say to yourself something to this effect:

“I command that this be done to the best and highest good of me and everyone else involved. Thank you. It is done.”

Important: Don’t just say the words, feel them!

Know that it is done, and by natural law, it will happen.

Truly feel the following:

  • Gratitude
  • Command
  • Excitement 

The vibration you give out counts!

And, don’t be afraid to command.

It is your birthright!

You are worthy of it.

This is not demanding, it is commanding.

There is a big difference.

So, command!

#2 The Magnetizing Technique

The Magnetizing Technique

This is a highly effective technique, adapted from various wonderful books written by Sanaya Roman.

It focuses on the direct use of vibration.

It works by attracting your desire and feeling its essence.

You do it as if you were a magnet, which scientifically and technically, you are!

Here’s how to start:

Breathe in a calm manner.

Now, visualize the form of your desire.

Feel its essence getting familiar.

Walk into it and then experience it as if you were standing in it.

Next, see yourself as if you were an observer.

“Zoom out” and go back into the vision.

See yourself living it.

Picture out what would happen had you achieved that desire or goal.

Feel the entire range of emotions that come with it.


You are an unlimited energy source.

You’re connected to your Higher Self and All-That-Is

And so, imagine this:

  • You have a coil that goes round and round.
  • This begins inside your body, at the solar plexus.
  • And then, this expands outwards as well as upwards.

Once you’ve done this. visualize that when you move your energy through this coil, you magnetize it, and then you become highly magnetic yourself.

Note: You really are already magnetic. This exercise just helps the subconscious work on this level better.

Now, start moving energy from within you.

This should be in the coil (from your solar plexus area).

And then, round and up through it.

Think of what you wish to attract (your desire or goal).

After this, feel what size of a coil you need to effectively magnetize it.

Try various ones and pick what’s best for you.

Now, vary the intensity of the energy you are pumping through the coil.

Settle for whatever you feel is best to attract your goals.

Trust yourself!

You will know what is best.

You are now a highly-powered magnet on an energetic level.

This is because of the following:

  • You’re consciously placing an intent of attracting your desire.
  • Also, you are visualizing and feeling the essence of it completely.
  • And furthermore, you are using your energy to pull this towards you.

Here’s the reality:

Energy always follows intent.

Be assured that this will actually happen.

As you keep bringing your desire closer to you, feel where you wish it to be.

Let me give you some examples.

You may wish to:

  • Pull it to your heart
  • Draw it into your hand
  • Imagine a cord linking your mind
  • Spread your desire all around you

Think of the events that would need to happen to bring about the manifestation of your desire.

You do not need to know everything, just an idea of some of them.

As you do so, visualize the time frame you’re most comfortable with.


You can expect miracles to the extent that you believe you deserve them.

As you think of these events, experiment with various time frames.

See what’s best for you (No pressure.)

Time is at your command because it is a product of your co-creation.

You can literally control the speed at which your desires manifest.

Now, notice your breathing and posture.

Adjust these two.

Notice the feeling of magnetizing as you gradually vary them.

Keep doing the visualization with the coil until:

  • You observe that it is simply fading.
  • You just get a tug that that is enough.
  • You feel that the energy has naturally come to a stop

The system knows by itself how much is adequate.

Finally, put your attention on your heart.

Ask your Higher Self how often you’ll require repeating this magnetization until your desire comes to fruition.

#3 The Energy Ball Technique

The Energy Ball Technique

There are three biggest producers and points of energy:

They are the following:

  • The brain
  • The heart
  • The palms of the hands

This manifestation technique, in particular, utilizes the palms.

Actually, it isn’t new.

It has been practiced over the ages by various civilizations.

Just like the other two methods, start with deep breathing.

Next, put your attention in your heart space.

You know the way Catholics, Buddhists, Muslims, and so on put their hands together by the chest to pray?

Be in the same position.

Now, pull your palms about 6 inches apart.

Put your attention on the space between them.

Hold the intention of filling that space with a ball of energy.

This should come out of the palms of your hands.

It may help to do this with your eyes closed.

See it in your mind’s eye as this vortex, a swirling ball of white light.

Watch it grow and charge up.

When you feel it has really become full, move to the next step.

Visualize your goals in full detail.

After that, place it into your swirling white ball.

Then, draw this energy into your heart space.

Let it stay in there for a few moments.

After this, raise it through the top of your head and then over.

See it float off and rise above you.

Then, place your attention on your Higher Self or God.

State something to this effect (similar to the 1st technique):

“I command this to be done to my highest good, as well as of everyone else’s. Thank you. It is done!”

#4 The Active Grounding Method

The Active Grounding Method

As discussed earlier, you are an energy system.

One of the ways to increase the flow of that energy is through exercise.

It’s like meditation for your body.

It puts you in contact with the life force.

There is a very powerful technique that you can use to manifest your desires while you go about enjoyable physical activities.

Here is how it works:

Select a fun pursuit.

It could be anything from:

  • Jogging
  • Walking
  • Dancing
  • Exercising

Note: The key here is that you find joy in it! If you don’t, this manifestation technique won’t be effective.

Now, as you do this activity, visualize your desire.

Feel it in its full range of experiences including:

  • Taste
  • Smell
  • Colors

Also, see the reasons why you wish to have this desire.

View yourself actually living your life after the desire has manifested.

Important: It is absolutely necessary that you feel love, enjoyment, and gratitude for this visualization.

Do this as you go about your activity

It should last for at least a few minutes.

However, you can hold it as long as you feel comfortable doing it

Remember, keep the vision uncontradicted.

Refrain from doing the following:

  • Daydreaming
  • Thinking negatively
  • Pondering on what-ifs

Stay deliberate.

Focus only on exactly what you desire.

That’s it!

#5 The Theta Brain Waves Technique

The Theta Brain Waves Technique

Theta puts you in direct touch with The Source Of All Creation.

There are no interferences and blockages at this level.

The conscious mind does not argue and interfere.

You put your thought straight and direct into The Source and the manifestation is that much more multiplied.

Note: I have an in-depth article regarding the theta state. Should you wish to expand your knowledge of this method, feel free to read it!

Anyways, this is how you get to this state:

Begin by breathing in a relaxed way and then focusing on your heart space.

Next, imagine that you are now lifting yourself up about 3 feet above your head.

Feel that lifting, like rising out of your body.

Get comfortable there for a moment.

Now, with you floating there, call upon whatever it is you call your Creator, whether it is:

  • Holy Spirit
  • Higher Self
  • The Source
  • God/Goddess

Put your attention on forming a communication link with Him/Her.

This will place you into theta. 

The advantage is that you can do it without any equipment or a third party.

You also maintain consciousness

Simply feel yourself float above 3 feet over your head and call on God.

Put your intent on communicating directly with The Source.

It knows that it is time to drop to theta, where the brain waves are of a very low and calm frequency.

However, you have to “float” mentally so that your consciousness is also where the God Force is.

Three feet is usually easy with most people.

If you can, attempt to go above 67 feet.

This is the level of your Higher Self in its purest state.

It’s in its most direct connection to the Godhead which is:

  • Totally unlimited
  • Multidimensional
  • Full of unconditional love

Note: You can always practice over time and go higher as you feel comfortable.

Next, view whatever it is you want to manifest in your mind’s eye.

After this, state:

“I command that I am now (Insert your desire here phrased as if it has just been accomplished.) I command that this be done for my best as well as all people involved. Thank you. It is done.”

When you put your “I am” focus here, you can really make some powerful commands!

Finally, imagine yourself looking down at your life below.

Change it how you’d like it to be.

In other words, see yourself after having just manifested your desire.

Feel this new life and visualize the following:

  • Stretching your mental arm down to your life below
  • Experiencing the new energy you just included in there
  • Stirring in that energy and mixing it in there with your mental arm

You can even put in place things you’d like!

Enjoy the new events.

Envelope yourself in gratitude knowing that it is done.

When you are done watching and playing with that scene, come back down into your body space and open your eyes.


When you perform conscious physical activities in theta, you snap out of it!

Therefore, you can only use this technique in silence.

The less exposed you are to external stimuli the better.

 So find as quiet a place as possible, sit comfortably, and close your eyes as you do this.

Also, don’t worry about how to measure exactly 67 feet.

It is approximately 7 floors of a building.

You don’t have to get it exactly.

Just intend it, feel yourself float, and stop where you feel is the right height.

The universe has an amazing intelligence that works on your intentions accurately.


I hope that this article has helped you manifest the life of your dreams!

If you need more guidance on this matter, I have some great courses for you (FREE Trials available).

You can also check out FRESH RELEASES and other programs to see which ones you’d like to try.

Moreover, my newsletter and blog are packed with enlightening articles such as this one.

Thank you very much for reading this post.

I’ll see you in the next one!

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