5 Revolutionary Facts About Beliefs That You Need To Know Today

5 Revolutionary Facts About Beliefs That You Need To Know Today

Are you aware of how powerful your beliefs truly are? In this article, I will share with you 5 truths that will completely transform how you view them.

I’ll shine a light on the following:

  • Why some beliefs lead to illnesses
  • How negative beliefs create a cycle
  • Why your memories aren’t really accurate
  • How beliefs create a filter through which you see life

Ready to learn? Let’s start!

5 Must-Know Facts About Beliefs

Beliefs are immensely important because they tend to create your experiences, impact your view of reality, as well as affect your emotions, will, and imagination. They are also what you need to address first if you want to alter your life.

5 Profound Truths On Beliefs

#1 Your Beliefs Create Your Life Experience

Your Beliefs Create Your Life Experience

Beliefs are statements of being, and as you are (be), so shall you experience (live).

Thus: Be-live.

It is also important to recognize its following nature:

  • They Physically Materialize: That is how beliefs work. And, it is so to enable you to experience them.
  • Everything Springs Forth From Beliefs: It is important to realize that with all things in your life, you are dealing with beliefs. That is what structures your world.

It has been said that anything is possible for someone who believes.

Here is the secret:

You are always believing in something!

That belief is always creating your experience.

#2 To Change Your Life, Start With Beliefs

To Change Your Life, Start With Beliefs

It is very important to understand that to affect anything, work should be done in the mind on the belief level.

It is pointless to try to change things by trying to manipulate the physical world if your beliefs are still the same.

Note: As you change your beliefs, do not look for immediate results. Instead, recognize that:

  • You Can Form New Beliefs: As surely as you created situations from your old beliefs, new ones will just as surely arise.
  • Patience, Time, & Trust Is Necessary: It will take some time for the old to give way to the new. You do not know how long this time should be so don’t bother working it out and stressing yourself about it. Have patience and trust.

If you change your mind (beliefs), you can be assured that the results will follow.

Remember to not constantly check for them or else that will introduce anxiety and actually delay them.

#3 Your Beliefs Color Your Perception Of Reality

Your Beliefs Color Your Perception Of Reality

Your beliefs can be walls around your experience.

This is because you’ll tend to see and experience what you believe and filter out everything else.

Your memory is also structured by your beliefs.

You will tend to remember only what fits your beliefs and those memories will justify and prove your beliefs to you.

As such, they can act as barriers to new experiences, especially if your mind is not open and willing to see alternatives.

Now, unless you are able to see and recognize these barriers (beliefs) you will not even realize that you are not free.

If your mind is closed, you will not see beyond the barriers that your beliefs have formed.

You must therefore learn to recognize these beliefs, first and foremost.

#4 Certain Beliefs Result To Illness

Certain Beliefs Result To Illness

Every illness arises from a belief.

All diseases are symptoms of an error in thought, a false belief about life and self.

This is because your body and your world always faithfully mirror them.

It is useless to blame an outside situation or get angry at a part of your body or an illness.

One belief can take on the manifestation of many forms.

A person who has cancer did not necessarily get it because they believed they would get it.

In fact, they may not even have a belief that is directly about cancer.

However, the illness may be the manifestation of a belief that leads to great resentment of life, which is mirrored back as this disease.

The connections may not be so apparent.

But if you ask your subconscious mind, it will always have an accurate answer.

It’ll enable you to link the experience you are having and the belief behind it.

The following are also true when it comes to your body and beliefs:

  • Medicines Aren’t Enough: Western medicine primarily focuses only on the symptom. This can be a problem because the symptom is only the effect, not the cause. If medication is used to eradicate the disease (which is the symptom of the true problem), the belief behind it must also be healed. Otherwise, the body will simply substitute the disease with something else (as it must keep its reflection with the inner self).
  • Limiting Beliefs Prevent You From Healing: Your body, mind, and soul are all self-correcting and self-healing if left on their own without interference from limiting beliefs. You limit your natural healing abilities to the extent that you don’t trust and believe they work. As long as you believe that you can only be saved by an outside power, you will deny your own power and experience that.

#5 Your Imagination, Will, & Emotions Come From Beliefs

You create your reality.

You do so through your emotions and imagination and these two always follow your beliefs.

Always and in all ways.

Let’s discuss imagination first.

If you do not recognize that your beliefs actually power what you imagine, then you’ll find yourself in a vicious cycle that includes:

  • You consistently picturing a negative outcome.
  • This, in return, produces an unfavorable result.
  • This event further reinforces your negative belief.

And this goes on and on.

Moreover, your imagination cannot ever be in conflict with your will.

You may think that it does, but this is not the case.

Think of the statement, “No matter how much I try I cannot seem to stop thinking negatively.”

This assumes that your thought is going against your will, which is impossible.

What’s really happening here is that your will is in line with your belief.

This is what truly springs up the negative imagination.

The same thing happens with emotions.

There are underlying beliefs that are associated with them (there are very, very few beliefs that are purely intellectual) causing them to arise.

Note: Once you change the belief, the rest will follow automatically. 


Now that you know how beliefs influence your life, I want you to understand one thing.

You are not your beliefs.

Sometimes, it’s hard to make this distinction. However, you need to recognize this so you can work with them and change them for the better.

Just in case you need more information when it comes to identity, here are two of my articles to help you find your way:

My book Who Am I? Finally, a Simple Answer the Question, “How Can I Be Happy?” is another great resource.

It’s packed with everything you need to know about this topic and it’s available on Amazon.

It also had a Kindle version.

I’d like to thank you for taking the time to read my post.

See you in the next one!

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