3 Top Mysterious Facts About Nature

3 Mysterious Facts About Nature

Do you wish to learn about nature’s most mysterious truths? This article will give you three of the strangest ones.

I will also teach you the following:

  • 4 key factors in transforming your life
  • Why negative experiences are important
  • How external events mirror your inner world

Are you ready to dive in? Let’s continue.

Top 3 Puzzling Truths About Nature

The three most peculiar facts about nature involve seven as its foundational number, duality as its standard, and resonance as a major trait. Moreover, humans, which is a part of it, are also composed of ideas.

3 Most Baffling Facts Regarding Nature

Here are three of nature’s most inexplicable truths:

#1 Its foundational number is 7

Foundational number of 7

The first thing that I would like you to notice about nature is this:

It has a foundation on seven energy bases.

Look at colors, for example.

There are seven primary ones, the colors of the rainbow.

All of the others are made up by combining these seven primary colors.

Then, there’s sound.

There are seven sounds (do, re, mi, fa, so, la, ti).

The other ones are made up by mixing these and going up or down in pitch.

This means that it’s the same sound only at a higher frequency/wavelength multiple.

Speaking of frequency, a fascinating property of energy has something to do with it.

The higher you go in vibration frequency of these colors and sounds, the stronger yet less perceptible they become.

Meanwhile, the lower it is, the weaker and more noticeable they turn out to be, until they fall off our sensory range.

Let me give you a few examples.

For sound, a high frequency one would be an ultrasound.

And as for light, x-rays are actually on the powerful end.

#2 Duality is nature’s norm

Duality is nature’s norm

Another interesting property of nature is duality.

Each of these seven has dual states:

  • On/off
  • Light/dark
  • Good/bad
  • Male/female
  • Positive/negative

This duality is what allows that very thing to be known.

You know the positive because the negative exists.

It can only be created and experienced within the field of negativity.

You cannot know what is tall without having a concept of short.

Both need to exist for the thing known as height to be perceived.

You cannot experience cold without an understanding of what hot is.

The two of them are there for temperature to be present.

Hence, negative is not to be avoided as such, but embraced.

As you will soon see, what you resist persists but what you accept empowers and releases you.

Although I urge you to drop negative patterns, I am not asking you to disown and cast them away.

Instead, I encourage you to stop living in an imbalance and unhealthy pattern.

What I intend for you is to know yourself positively as well and embrace both.

In such a state, the combination and acceptance of the duality as all parts of you enables you to achieve the state of “the whole is greater than the sum of the parts” which is a state of transcendence.

It is somewhat like a bird.

If it has any one of its wings, it cannot fly.

It doesn’t matter which wing it has, if it is only one, it will not soar to the sky.

But given both, it can take off.

And so, embrace all polarities, disown none, and you will transcend and become wholly powerful.

#3 It has resonant characteristics

It has resonant characteristics

Resonance is a characteristic of nature that I’d also love to discuss.

Energy resonates and attracts similar energy.

As I’ve discussed in the article An Easy 3-Step Guide To Manifest The Life You Want Today, unlike energies repel each other.

It even sounds unharmonious were you to hear it (like in music)! 

If you were to see unlike energies coming together, for example, as waves in a laboratory experiment, you would see that it has the appropriate interference or constructiveness.

Meanwhile, like energies attract one another.

You always create external conditions (including health) that mirror your internal state.

And once you change that, you will notice the outside events falling away.

Moreover, new ones come in that reflect your current internal state.

Sometimes the change can be sudden, especially if it is a major event in your life.

It might scare you and make you feel as if you are losing things.

What you need to do is relax knowing that it is only:

  • Normal
  • Natural
  • Healthy

It is giving way to something that is more like your new self.

Here is something that will help you tremendously in your understanding of your life and transforming it as you wish:

In this universe, created by a perfectly powerful and capable Creator, absolutely nothing exists in:

  • Chaos
  • Disorder
  • Accident

You are created in the image and likeness of this Creator (remember, you are spirit with a body that responds exactly to mind instructions).

In being this way, you are infinitely:

  • Peaceful
  • Powerful
  • Abundant

You are also perfect in the exact same way.

And  although you may have forgotten this, evolution and growth is all about remembering what you already are.

Step by step, you realize higher aspects of yourself.

As such, there is nothing new to learn.

All you are doing is unlearning the original error at whatever rate you choose.

Everything works perfectly with precision according to universal laws.

Note: Learning about the universal laws will help you profoundly when manifesting your goals and dreams. I highly recommend you read my article for more info. It’s enlightening!

It is impossible to create chaos, as that would mean undoing the eternal design put forth by an infinitely intelligent life force.

However, it is very possible and commonplace to judge things as chaotic.

When you perceive something as such (something that ‘should not have happened’), you throw your very own self into chaos.

Your judgment of life’s situations as bad things happening to you is what strips you of your power to see the following:

  • The reason behind the situation
  • How to respond effectively and positively

At this point, you create stress in your life.

You also split your personality into two:

  • One that you feel has been victimized
  • The other you wish to hide and run away from

This is the root cause of all disease, suffering, and pain.

But the good news is that it is totally unnecessary and preventable.

Your illusionary perception can be corrected by your decision to acknowledge that everything is in order.

Once you recognize that, you can now look behind the event to see the reason.

Within that is a seed to the highest level of:

  • Growth
  • Healing
  • Accomplishment

Important: Most of us have experienced being judged and have also done this to others in return. If you want to change this, please go ahead and read my post on the subject. You’ll be amazed at the new perspective it will bring you!

#Bonus: Humans are literally ideas

Humans are literally ideas

Here’s a bonus section that’s all about us, human beings.

As you’re already aware of, we are a part of nature.

But, did you know that you are literally an idea?

An idea is a thought.

Moreover, thought is a form of energy.

You are an idea that manifests itself by manipulating energy fields around it and experiencing those energies as emotions (energy in motion).

Granted, there are portions of yourself that you are not conscious of.

Therefore, their effects seem to be out of your control but you can always grow to be conscious of them.

The best news is this:

An idea can be changed.

Hence, there is no situation you cannot change if you truly chose to.

In a sense, you are in a cage built within your own mind, a cage with doors fully open, one you can walk out of at any time you choose.

In truth, nothing is impossible.

There are no situations that cannot be altered and no diseases that cannot be cured, as long as the person is willing to change the root cause.

All you need is the following:

  • Willingness: You need to be willing to change yourself. 
  • Awareness: You also have to be aware of how you feel, who you are, and what is going on. 
  • Honesty:  Moreover, you need to be honest to yourself about how you feel and what you think. Additionally, you have to be willing to be honest to others in the same regard. Become true to yourself and live authentically.
  • Responsibility: It is also crucial that you are responsible for your thoughts, words, and actions by acknowledging that you are the cause of your world. Without accepting responsibility for yourself, you cannot have response ability, and cannot therefore have choices.

These are the 4 keys to changing your Idea of who you really are and subsequently experiencing yourself anew.


It is my deepest desire that upon finishing this post, you’ve come to appreciate the mysterious wonders of nature.

If you’re curious and want to learn more about this subject, my book goes in-depth on it: Raising Humans: The 7-Step Chakra Cycles Method of Personal Growth & Spirituality. Also Includes The Prophet By Kahlil Gibran.

It’s available on Amazon via a Kindle version.

I’d like to thank you for reading this article.

See you in the next one!

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David Cameron Gikandi

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