3 Techniques To Supercharge Your Actions

3 Techniques To Supercharge Your Actions

Do you wish to learn the methods on how to turbocharge your actions? In this post, I will share with you three of them.

Additionally, I’ll also teach you the following:

  • Why just trying is not enough
  • How to spot hidden paths of opportunities
  • The importance of the sequence of creation

Ready to begin? Let’s continue!

3 Methods On Improving Your Actions

An individual can supercharge their actions by tending to the first three steps of creation, following the laws of the universe, and acting from a place of love and joy. He or she should also fully commit to getting things done.

Why You Need To Fully Commit When Acting

Why You Should Avoid Simply Trying

Before we discuss the techniques to improve your actions, let’s talk about something important first.

Here is an obvious observation that will change the way you look at your life:

Do or don’t.

There is no try.

It is so simple, isn’t it?

There is no outcome called “try.”

The only ones that exist are “done” and “not done.”

Either you set out to do it, or you do not do it, but never set out just to try.

If you do so something, the universe will “try” to give you a result.

In other words, it will remain mostly undone until you make up your mind as to whether you wish to have it done or not.

But if you just do something with a resolve that it will be done (not it may work out, but it will work out), the universe will honor that resolve.

Take advantage of the opportunity most available to you now and it will open up previously hidden paths to more.

By the law of cause and effect, your taking advantage of the closest opportunity to you will cause the unfolding of many more opportunities previously unavailable to you.

3 Amazing Techniques In Supercharging Your Actions

Now that you’ve learned the importance of committing to an action, here are the three techniques to boost them.

#1 Nurture the first three steps of creation

Nurture the first three steps of creation

Taking action is a little like swimming competitively.

You cannot win the Olympics if you only know how to vigorously thrash water and barely make it from one end of the pool to the other.

You are acting, and very strongly.

No one will fault you for your effort in that pool.

You would get full marks on that for sure.

But, the people who win swimming gold medals are the ones that prepare their spirit.

They possess the following qualities:

  • Focused
  • Confident
  • Motivated

Their mind and technique are also ready.

Additionally, they are rested and alert.

Action in the pool is the most noticeable bit of their total winning package, but it is the final part of their creating that gold medal-winning dash.

That’s why in your life, you need to follow the sequence of creation.

This is how it goes:

First in your being, then in your mind, followed by your words, and finally through your actions.

Acting only puts into place the system necessary to receive and experience what you create in being, thinking, and speaking.

Most people do not focus, nurture, and tend to their first three steps.

What they do is try to use action to create.

However, when you do this, you use an unnecessary amount of effort.

You also build up waiting time (years, in fact), as well as sacrifice and destroy a lot needlessly.

This is because creation happens as a by-product of the focusing of energy.

And this in return, transpires automatically from the arising of an:

  • Intent
  • Desire
  • Thought

Note: Do you want to learn more about the sequence of creation? If so, feel free to read this post on it:

#2 Follow the laws of the universe

Follow the laws of the universe

The second secret to supercharging your action is to use The Word.

This refers to the laws of the universe, the way it works and on all levels, not just the visible and physical.

These are not some commandments of God.

They are simply the laws that regulate and enable the universe.

These are laws that work not only spiritually, but can also be proven scientifically using quantum physics.

The Word has nothing to do with a particular religion or person or whatever else – the laws of the universe apply equally and unfailingly to everyone and everything at all times.

They never err.

Actions are part of The Word but they are only a small component of it.

Note: If you want to learn more about the laws of the universe, please go ahead and read my article on it:

#3 Take action rooted in joy & love

Take action rooted in joy & love

A few seconds of the right vibration, un-contradicted, will do more creation than a year of hard work at the wrong vibration.

Look around the world and you will see billions of people struggling against themselves, all the time holding a vibration contrary to their desires.

And then, you will see a few people who seem to work very little yet have all this abundance coming to them. 


Actions are important, but not anywhere as important as your state of being, your vibration, and how you feel.

Let all your actions be from such a state of being and reflect such a vibration.

Act from a point of love and joy.

Not to deserve something, or to struggle to get something, but simply for the joy of it.


I hope that this blog post has opened your eyes to how you can turbocharge your actions.

Should you want to learn more about this subject, go ahead and enroll in my course Spirituality & The Subconscious Revealed & Reprogrammed course.

There are also tons of enlightening posts such as this one in my newsletter and blog.

I’d like to thank you for reading this article and I’ll see you in the next one!

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