3 Miraculous Benefits Of Natural Aggression You’re Missing Out On

Natural Aggression

One of the most misunderstood emotions in our current civilization is natural aggression.

Furthermore, this misconception has caused individuals to experience the following:

  • Fear of certain emotions
  • Hindrance from fully living

In this article, I will debunk these myths and show you how this emotion can actually enrich your life.

I will also teach you the following:

  • How anger can actually help you
  • The link between creativity and powerful emotion
  • How denial of natural aggression leads to illnesses

Ready to learn?

Let’s continue.

3 Surprising Benefits Of Natural Aggression

Natural aggression, although often misrepresented in society, has three life-changing benefits, once an individual chooses to allow the emotion to be felt. These include empowerment, healing, and creativity.

The denial & distortion of natural aggression

The denial & distortion of natural aggression

Before we talk about its potential benefits, I want to get something out of the way first.

Natural aggression isn’t bad.

All of our emotions, even the ones you perceive as negative, are valid.

They serve a very important purpose in your life.

It is only when they are denied and distorted that unhealthy reactions take place.

Allow me to elaborate on this using two examples.

First, let’s talk about anger.

The reality is that in most day-to-day cases, this emotion rarely lasts longer than half a minute.

But if you’re an individual who sees natural aggression as wrong, you will not express anger when it is appropriate.

This can pose serious problems because, when used naturally, it corrects imbalances.

As a result, since you regard natural aggression in a negative manner, you’ll also suppress your anger.

This can then result in exaggerated displays later on.

It builds up, blows up, and may even involve violence – our second example.

This too is often associated with natural aggression.

Moreover, aside from anger and violence, there are many issues that you can fall into through denial and distortion.

That is why it is far more beneficial for you to accept your emotions as they are.

If you struggle when it comes to allowing yourself to feel, please read my article:

It will enlighten you on this subject.

3 Astounding Benefits Of Natural Aggression You Didn’t Know

Now that you’ve learned the dangers of suppressing natural aggression, let’s discuss what it can do for you once you fully embrace it.

#1 Empowerment


As I mentioned earlier, natural aggression has always been perceived negatively. In fact, it’s often associated with the following:

  • Punishment
  • Intentional harm
  • Impulsive behavior
  • Relational mistreatment
  • Verbal and physical abuse

What’s more, you can see this projection on a bigger scale all over the world including:

  • Gangs
  • Regimes
  • Societies
  • Religions
  • Governments

Here’s the issue:

If you perceive natural aggression as something unpleasant, this will also apply to your outlook when it comes to power.

You are in danger of believing the following:

  • Love as a weakness
  • Authority as a threat
  • Personal disempowerment

Think about it.

If you believe that natural aggression and power are morally questionable, then the experience of them both will leave you feeling controlled, vulnerable, and helpless.

Moreover, you link these two with being a bad person. The truth is most of us have a need to feel like good people.

As a result, you will deny yourself your own power and abilities.

You create beliefs and habits that make you live and perceive as if you are inadequate and an external entity holds dominion over you.

This is why I want you to change your beliefs regarding natural aggression, as well as power.

To get a more in-depth guide on how you can do this, I suggest you read the following articles:

In its unadulterated form, natural aggression enables you to become assertive and empowered.

Imagine everything that you can accomplish with these two traits!

You’ll be motivated, confident, and emboldened in the pursuit of your dreams.

#2 Healing


Now that you’ve learned the connection between power and natural aggression, here’s another outcome that you did not know about.

When you repress the two mentioned above, disease and life problems arise.

Let me explain.

Every creature is built with an innate desire to choose and act on that choice.

When, for any reason, that is suppressed, an imbalance occurs.

Self-correction, in one form or another, always attempts to happen.

Illnesses, as well as painful life situations, happen when an individual rejects their own power to act.

It is only when we recognize that we’ve always had the ability to conquer our problems, that these situations resolve themselves.

And so, avoid denying the experience of natural aggression.

It is a completely normal part of life.

It’s a great contributor to your well-being and healing.

It’s also what you’ve always needed to become triumphant in the challenges of your life! 

#3 Creativity


The last miraculous benefit of harnessing natural aggression is no other than creativity.

Although these two may seem unrelated at first, here’s how allowing yourself to feel this emotion actually makes you more in touch with your artistic side.

Creativity actually stems from powerful emotions, just like natural aggression.

And so, if you’re the type of person who is afraid of intense feelings, you may be preventing yourself from making moving art.

You will also cut yourself off from living fully.

With this in mind, learn how you can utilize moments in your life when you feel heightened emotions.

No matter what medium you are into, embrace your feelings and apply them creatively!


Contrary to common assumptions, natural aggression has tons of positive qualities.

These include being the:

  • Basis of all emotions
  • Foundation of creativity
  • Driving force behind love
  • One of nature’s most powerful self-healing energy

So, do your best not to resist this emotion.

Let it lead the way to a better life instead.

I hope that this article has helped you shed light on natural aggression.

I have tons of enlightening posts like this on my blog, so feel free to check those out.

If you want to take a deeper dive into this subject, grab a copy of my book Who Am I? Finally, a Simple Answer the Question, “How Can I Be Happy?”

It’s available on Amazon, plus there’s a Kindle version.

Did this article change your perspective on natural aggression?

Let me know if you have any experiences related to this topic. I’d love to read them in the comment section below!

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