3 Extraordinary Perks Of Acceptance

3 Extraordinary Perks Of Acceptance

Do you wish to learn the amazing benefits of acceptance? In this article, I will share with you three of them.

Along with that, I’ll also give you the following information:

  • Why love and acceptance are the same
  • The relationship of intuition and acceptance
  • Why resistance results in undesired outcomes

Eager to begin? Let’s start!

3 Awesome Benefits Of Acceptance You Must Know

Acceptance enables the manifestation of goals to become faster and easier. It also lets you see the big picture despite previous judgments and allows you to be more connected with The Source through intuition.

Acceptance: 3 Advantages of Practicing It

If you want to learn the astounding benefits that acceptance brings to your life, here are three of them:

#1 Acceptance enables faster manifestation of goals

Faster manifestation of goals

Did you know that what you desire seeks you more than you do?

However, delays in the fulfillment of goals are primarily caused by fear-based thoughts such as:

  • Worry
  • Anxiety
  • Judgment
  • Resentment

When you welcome the gifts of the universe, you drop your allegiance to the limited and fearful perceptions of your ego.

You give space for new becoming to occur in your life.

This is what acceptance means.

It is simply making room for the reception of the gifts the universe is continually offering you.

It is also a statement to yourself that says:

I acknowledge that my ego has a very limited grasp of All That Is.

It knows only the little it picked up in the past which makes up an amazingly tiny morsel of information, relative to all the possibilities this magnificent life holds.

I understand that the universe seeks to bring me the fulfillment of my desires faster than I seek them.

It is only my ego’s fear-based thoughts that slow this process down.

I am now ready to lay down my ego and my defense of it, and trust that the universe knows how to fulfill my desires.

Even when it may not immediately make sense to me, it does so in the best possible way.

So, I give it space to do so.

I do so by allowing its ways, knowing that each moment is the perfect outcome of divine laws that never err.”

#2 It allows you to see the big picture

Acceptance allows you to see the big picture

Another benefit of acceptance is that it lets you see the grand scheme of things.

This happens when you drop judgment of all sorts.

This does not mean that you support and condone, for example, violence.

However, it shows that you give unconditional allowance to what already is.

You also choose to change the next moment only but not the current one that is.

Additionally, it indicates that you acknowledge that nothing can exist outside of The Source.

You then realize that any judgment is an attempt to murder that which is.

Judgment is another way of saying this to someone or something:

I can see that you exist as you are.

You have been given existence and permission by life itself to be as you are.

However, I do not like how you are.”

When you go deeper into the mystery of things, you start to see that even some of the most “unacceptable” acts have a way of working together.

In the end, it was for the overall advancement of life.

That is why it is said that all things work together for the good of God.

Acceptance allows you to have the attitude that says:

I admit that some of the things and situations may not be what I wish to support, nor am I asked to help or condone them.

But, I also acknowledge that I may not be seeing the big picture.

I could be mistaken and not know what a thing really is or is for.

I can still choose to have a different outcome in the next moment, but in this one, I give space to what already Is, without judgment or attempting to deny it life.”

It is important to remember that this is a universe of vibration and attraction.

Therefore, what you judge, you keep in place.

In the same way, what you criticize, you tend to become.

So, acceptance has an added bonus in that it frees you from the feeling that you need to judge everything.

That in turn, prevents you from sabotaging yourself by attracting that which you condemn.

#3 Acceptance helps you become more connected to The Source

It helps you become more connected to The Source

Acceptance allows you to become more receptive to communication from the part of you that you call intuition.

This guidance moves you through life more effortlessly, from one synchronicity or what is also called coincidence to another, as if all steps have been arranged for you to fulfill your desire.

The reason this happens is that you do not resist as much.

And, the less you resist, the more you remain connected to the non-physical part of you that is fully in touch with the Eternal Source.

It also means that you will not maintain what you do not want.

What you resist persists.

Resistance means you are putting attention to what you do not want.

You are giving it the energy to exist and are vibrating in a way that keeps it around you.

And because you are doing so, you are keeping what you do desire away from you because you are maintaining something that you do not want.

So, stop resisting.

You will be amazed at how much easier and effortless your life and the manifestation of your desires will be.

Acceptance Is Unconditional Love

Acceptance Is Unconditional Love

Another way of expressing acceptance is unconditional love.

Love is simply acceptance.

That is it.

It is the total of all emotions, just like white is the sum of all colors.

If you mix all colors, you get white.

In the same way, when you combine every emotion that exists, you get love.

Hence, love is unconditional acceptance, the absolute allowance of being. 


I hope that this article enlightened you to practice more acceptance in your life.

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Thank you for reading this article.

I will see you in the next one!

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David Cameron Gikandi

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