25 Profound Truths About Emotions You Need To Know (#17 Is Priceless!)

25 Fast Facts About Emotions (#17 Is Priceless!)

Do you wish to gain a deeper understanding of your emotions? In this article, I will share with you 25 facts that will help you attain that.

I will also teach you the following:

  • Your original and natural frequency
  • How thoughts cause emotions to arise
  • The perks of choosing to feel joy all the time

Ready to start? Let’s continue.

25 Profound Truths About Emotions You Need To Know

Here are 25 facts about emotions that you need to know today:

#1 Unconditional self-love eliminates vibrational contradictions

Unconditional self-love eliminates vibrational contradictions

Let’s say, you feel this way:

“I want to lose weight.

The reason for this is that I’d like to be able to appear in public without feeling embarrassed about my appearance.”

This indicates that right now, you feel unfit for public appearance.

And because that is your current vibration, conditions to match it will be manifested for you by the universe effortlessly.

This is how you will end up:

  • Losing weight
  • Struggling against your weight
  • Maintaining weight (so you can be unfit for public appearance)

So, how do you get out of this trap?

The way you get out is to love yourself unconditionally right now.

Recognize that you are worthy as you are at this moment.

You must start to vibrate to a feeling that effectively says:

I am fully loved, worthy, a delight to others, and beautiful, right now.

This eliminates the contradiction.

Then, you can freely define your new weight goal.

From an already satisfied feeling about yourself, you can set your desired weight.

You can say:

I am now experiencing my new body weight of X and a physique <describe your desired new physique here>”.

The new body you desire is purely an experience out of love.

It won’t be a reaction to self-loathing and fear.

#2 Loving parts of yourself you dislike will transform them

Loving parts of yourself you dislike will transform them

Choose to like and love yourself.

Scream aloud several times, “I love myself!

Do this convincingly!

Just make the choice, now.

Do not complicate it.

It is a simple choice.

You may ask, “What if there is something about me that I do not like?

Start liking it, and then change it.

See, what you resist will never let go of you.

If a person told you not to think of the color red, you will find yourself thinking of it. 

Whatever it is that you do not like about yourself, stop resisting it.

Do this instead:

  • Love it
  • Accept it
  • Befriend it
  • Smile with it
  • Bring it into your light
  • Look at it calmly with detachment

It will then reveal its secrets to you.

#3 Love seals the process of creation

Love ‘seals the deal’ for creation

The first step to creation is desire.

It is then followed by the visualization of that desire to the point where you can feel how it must be like to experience the manifestation of it.

When you put as much detail and variety of impulses as you can in your imagination, this happens:

You start to vibrate in harmony with the desire and its final manifestation.

The next step is to feel love for the desire and the manifested outcome that is on its way.

This love for what you desire is what seals the process.

Love creates.

It is the stuff from which all things arose.

Remember that life forms are created as an extension of The Original Source.

Love is the “material” God is made of.

It is the substance of creation.

Hence, feeling this emotion is what brings it forth your desires.

#4 Love & acceptance are the same

Love & acceptance are the same

Always love yourself unconditionally.

Don’t just love yourself when you think you are successful and then criticize yourself when you think you are not.

Some people say:

Well, I love myself but I can still criticize myself when I am wrong.

There is no such thing.

Criticism means guilt.

This also indicates being deserving of punishment and unworthiness.

In that instant, you block yourself from receiving the manifestation of your desires.

This is because that is the vibration you send out to the universe.

Remember that love is simply acceptance.

That is pretty much all that it is.

#5 Self-acceptance will help you reach your goals

Self-acceptance will help you reach your goals

Keep in mind that this universe works by the Law of Attraction.

It brings forth experiences that match what you are vibrating to.

If you are not accepting yourself as you are right now, you are sending out a vibration that says:

I am unacceptable.”

You will attract situations and experiences to match that.

Many people walk around thinking:

“When I lose weight (or make money) I will be acceptable.”

They then wonder why they cannot seem to reach their goals.

That is because they are sending the vibration that is a perfect match to it.

Right now, you must do the following:

  • Love yourself as you are
  • Accept yourself as you are
  • Approve of yourself as you are

Only then will you attract whatever it was you desired.

#6 Accepting something negative eliminates it from your life

Accepting something negative eliminates it from your life

You cannot say, “I don’t want that” and then manage to effortlessly eliminate what you don’t want.

It will be brought back to you as an experience that matches that feeling of not wanting.

The universe responds with a “Yes” when you send out the following to it:

  • Feelings
  • Thoughts
  • Vibrations

In many ways, the way to get rid of what you don’t want in your life include:

  • Loving it
  • Accepting it
  • Stop hating it

This allows you to stop giving it attention and thought.

It also prevents you from vibrating in a way that attracts it to you and then it falls away.

#7 You manifest the best when you’re joyful

You manifest the best when you’re joyful

At all times, feel happy.

Look around, as well as within you, and then find something to feel the following:

  • Joy
  • Gratitude
  • Satisfaction

Not in your memory, but in the present moment.

It has been said that the words “joy,” “love,” and “God” all mean the same thing.

The Source creates by extension of thought and that expansion is called love.

You are an extension of The Creator and are created in Its image and likeness.

This is why the manifestations of your desires happen in your moments of joy.

This is when the universe is most actively working to bring your desires to you.

It’s also when you are in the best state to receive them.

#8 You exist to be happy

You exist to be happy

The only reason for life is joy.

Life, on all levels and dimensions, was created to enjoy itself.

That is the only reason and no other.

Yes, every soul has a growth path that is unique.

But for all of them, the reason behind them is happiness.

The Original Force created all this to enjoy the experience.

Whenever you are not in joy, this means that you have a false thought that contradicts who you really are.

It also indicates that you have a limiting thought that says you or another being is less than:

  • Loving
  • Perfect
  • Eternal
  • Powerful
  • One with everything

Additionally, it shows that you have chosen to believe in the following:

  • Limits
  • Attack
  • Separation

And in such a state, you contract instead of expanding.

#9 Happiness is a decision you make

Happiness is a decision you make

You’re born with a natural ability to live life with carefree abandon and joy. 

You can recapture that nature and extend it.

The way you can achieve this is by deciding to be so.

Decide now to be in the state of happiness and all else will follow.

Happiness is a continuum of moments that are not resisted.

If you resist a moment, you will not be happy with it.

Meanwhile, what you accept and bring into your light reveals itself and lets go of you.

Moreover, the following leads to happiness:

  • Tolerance
  • Acceptance
  • Detachment
  • Unconditional love

#10 Allowing freedom (yours & others) is a secret to joy

Allowing freedom (yours & others) is a secret to joy

Cherish and nurture your freedom.

Let others have theirs as well.

Freedom and love are the keys to happiness.

Do not cut your freedom short, nor do this to another.

True and unconditional freedom fuels the following:

  • Trust
  • Growth
  • Creativity

When this comes full of conditions, it goes against the only constant in the universe: change.

Every moment, things change.

Change is growth.

Conditional freedom takes away the power to choose happiness no matter what the event is.

People who understand this are able to face any situation with joy.

Conditionality makes it harder for you to do this.

To be happy, start to understand and practice unconditional freedom.

Start by allowing others to grow as they choose, not as you prefer.

#11 Being joyful is your original frequency

Being joyful is your original frequency

By now, you know that you are an energy being.

Your original frequency is very high and positive.

That is your natural state of being.

You could call it joy or love.

That would be a suitable label for such a high frequency.

#12 Enjoying something means it’s right for you

Enjoying something means it’s right for you

Whenever you place your attention on a particular subject, you generate emotion from your thoughts on that subject.

If your thoughts and emotions on that subject are in harmony with your natural frequency, you will feel in agreement with it.

You will enjoy yourself.

You’ll feel good about what you have your attention to.

Meanwhile, your whole vibration will slow down if your attention is on something that’s not right for you.

It will also “bring you down.”

Additionally, this subject has a much lower frequency than your natural vibration.

You will feel fear about it.

#13 When you are thankful, you receive more

When you are thankful, you receive more

All things come to those who are grateful.

There is great truth to that and here is why it works so well:

By the Law of Cause and Effect, your thankfulness attracts that which you are grateful for.

You must feel so even before you receive it.

In fact, you have it even before you ask.

Gratitude is the first step to receiving and experiencing.

It is an affirmation that you know you will have it.

Imagine being grateful and getting excited about a future event.

Do you have any idea how much faith that portrays and how that takes you to your goals at rapid speed?

It is magical!

#14 Feeling gratitude helps you find hidden gifts

Feeling gratitude helps you find hidden gifts

Gratitude creates and grows your faith, in addition to being the right thing to do.

The trick is to do the following:

  • Love the present moment, all of it
  • Prefer nothing but what’s in the now
  • Learn to want everything that you already have

Doing this places you in a state of calmness.

It also puts you in a position most suitable for finding the gifts contained in the present moment.

This will enable you to rapidly grow in the direction that you wish to move to.

#15 Being grateful assists in recreating yourself

Being grateful assists in recreating yourself

Gratitude does not need much explanation – you already know how to be grateful.

Inside of you, you know how magical it is.

In fact, being grateful for your past and future also works wonders:

All you now need to recognize is that everything was brought by your own:

  • Actions
  • Choices
  • Thoughts
  • States of being

You did it.

The world just creates itself around you so that you may experience and recreate yourself.

So be grateful for every moment, thing, and person – this is the best way to find yourself. 

#16 Gratitude leads to clarity & faith

Gratitude leads to clarity & faith

Gratitude negates resistance.

Once you are grateful, you can look at everything clearly and see yourself.

Another of its bonus is faith.

By being grateful now for things you have intended to experience in the future, you become ever more certain that you will experience them.

This, in turn, brings them to you.

It allows you to be excited about the future!

Be grateful for yourself and all life.

Smile at your heart space and praise its amazing nature.

Do the same for everything that includes:

  • Nature
  • The world
  • The Source
  • Your friends
  • Your higher self

Gratitude will draw to you an amazing amount of satisfactory experiences.

It is a powerful vibration that says:

“I am well and I am taken cared of.”

From that vibration, you attract even more experiences to manifest and increase this feeling.

#17 Trusting the universe is good for you

Trusting the universe is good for you

Learn to trust the universe.

It loves and knows you more than you do.

It has infinite intelligence that is eternally active.

Yet, the amazing thing about trust is that once you learn how the universe works, you start to see how it’s not even necessary.

You do not need to trust because the universe will always work by its perfect laws whether you do so or not.

However, distrusting the universe is actually very harmful to you.

If you distrust it, you will believe you are under attack.

You will worry and attract those very same situations you fear.

So, if you find that you do not trust yourself and the universe, then you need trust.

Once you have it, your well-being is guaranteed!

#18 The key to feeling peaceful is loving your inner child

The key to feeling peaceful is loving your inner child

Over time, you were repeatedly told the following until you bought these false perceptions:

  • You are in danger. 
  • You’re not good enough.
  • You are doing it all wrong.

Slowly, you started seeing yourself as the cause of the harm and rejection you experienced.

This resulted in your ego developing an inner critic.

It took the job of judging you in advance so that you never again experience those first rejections.

It’s that mental voice that tells you, just before you walk out of the door:

“You don’t look good enough!

You will embarrass us so just fix yourself up like this.

Do this and that first or else they will see that you really are unworthy.”

Hence, you ended up disowning and hiding your inner child.

And to this day, you still do it despite it being the key to your peace and power.

Your inner child needs to come to the forefront.

It needs to know that it was perfect all along.

There was nothing wrong with it.

Yes, it is still there within you (every individual is composed of several subpersonalities, as any psychologist will be able to verify).

#19 Forgiving yourself & others will connect you to your inner child

Forgiving yourself & others will connect you to your inner child

Currently, you identify with your ego and inner critic.

You hide away your inner child.

You are split and this has made you weak.

There is no way of getting back your inner child which is your original perfect self unless you forgive yourself and those you say harmed you.

If you don’t do this, you merely enhance the idea in your mind that the transgression was real and justified, and so it will continue to harm you.

#20 It is always safe for you to feel powerful

It is always safe for you to feel powerful

You are a powerful being.

This is because are an extension of The Creator.

It is safe for you to feel powerful.

The only way you can lose your power is if you give it away.

Let me share with you an example.

You can give away your power by believing you are less than without a particular thing (e.g. some people feel they are worth nothing, that they are weak when they have no money).

Here are other ways that illustrate this:

  • If you cannot create
  • If your self-worth is tied to anything external
  • If you have given away your ability or right to make decisions

Take back your power.

Affirm to yourself that you are fully powerful and worthy, regardless of external circumstances. 

Feel this totally.

Do this until it feels natural to you.

#21 When you feel nothing regarding a subject, you stop attracting it

When you feel nothing regarding a subject, you stop attracting it

With regards to your goals, what do you feel in total?

Is there any contradiction to that feeling?

If there is, here’s what you need to do:

Take it out and only focus on what you wish to have.

You should also stop the following:

  • Complaining
  • Thinking about it
  • Pushing against it 

To help you remember all this, here are some simple statements to guide you:

  • Feeling “Yes”: When you feel “Yes” about something, you are attracting that thing that you desire into your experiences.
  • Feeling “No”: On the other hand, when you feel “No” about a subject, you are still attracting that undesired outcome.
  • Feeling Nothing: It is only when you feel nothing about it that you stop attracting it into your experiences.

#22 You can choose a new emotion at any time

You can choose a new emotion at any time

Simply focus on what you wish to say “Yes” to.

This will dramatically speed up the uninterrupted and uncontradicted manifestations of your desires.

To put it in another way, the following does not matter:

  • What you see in front of you
  • What happened in your past

None of those have anything at all to do with the fresh moment of now presented to you.

You can feel anything you choose.

And in that new feeling, you will attract experiences that match that new feeling exactly.

The physical you see in front of you now was brought to you by your previous vibration.

It is an effect without power to cause.

Unless you allow it, the following does not dictate the next moment:

  • Your past
  • Other people
  • Physical things

#23 Releasing guilt will empower you

Releasing guilt will empower you

Guilt is a thing made up by the ego mind to trap and limit you.

Nothing harms a person more than feeling guilty or imposing guilt on another. 

It robs you of our God-given perfect worth and power.

It calls for punishment which is never a good teacher.

How can you teach that violence is bad when you use the same thing to correct it?

It is consequence that truly teaches and love that actually heals.

Punishment and guilt only imprison the mind.

#24 Feeling victimized does not improve your life

Feeling victimized does not improve your life

Whatever vibration you give out, you receive its perfect match of experiences.

Therefore, whenever you feel the following negative vibrations, you will call forth the same:

  • Envy
  • Anger
  • Criticism
  • Jealousy
  • Resentment

You must also drop all these vibrations regarding yourself.

In your mind and heart, give the highest thoughts to everyone, including yourself, and all things will be cleared for you.

You will stop tripping yourself.

Feeling victimized, holding it as truth that you were wronged, is only going to make things worse for you.

You see, you have an inner child that you disowned a long time ago.

This inner child must now be put in its right position of splendor.

It was “victimized” in your first seven years as a child (or any time after that).

However, you came into this world full of the following:

  • Love
  • Faith
  • Innocence
  • Inner power

These are what you must choose to feel instead.

#25 Limiting beliefs hide behind negative emotions

Limiting beliefs hide behind negative emotions

Remember that it is your thoughts that raise an emotion.

This can either match your vibration frequency or not.

The subject itself is neutral.

Let me give you an example.

If you see a beautiful person that you wish to get to know better, you will at first feel excited.

It will feel great, so that’s good for you.

But then you may think, “I might get rejected.” 

That thought raises some tension in you.

This is a much slower and lower frequency of energy.

So, it is not this beautiful person that is not good for you.

Instead, it is the fearful thought you just had about a potential rejection that is causing the emotion.


I hope that this post has helped you learn more about emotions.

Should you need more information on this subject, I have a course that’s perfect for you!

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My blog and newsletter are also packed with enlightening articles such as this one.

Thank you so much for reading this article.

See you in the next one!

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