13 Best Mindset Tweaks For A Fulfilling Life

13 Best Mindset Tweaks For A Fulfilling Life

Do you wish to learn about mindset hacks that will lead to a more fulfilling life? In this article, I will share with you 13 of them.

I will also give you the following information:

  • The true meaning of giving
  • Why honesty prevents repression
  • How to know if a feeling comes from intuition

Are you ready to begin? Let’s continue!

13 Thoughts Hacks For A Happy Life

Here are thought hacks to improve yourself, thoughts patterns, career, relationships, and many more!

#1 Practice questioning the origin and validity of your thinking

Practice questioning the origin of your thinking

Any time you feel bad about something, examine your thoughts

See which one is raising that feeling.

You can then look at why you have such a thought and examine it for the truth.

If it fails the test of truth, it is a self-limiting belief.

You should also drop that belief.

There cannot be possibly valid because you have no limits.

The only exception is those that you place upon yourself.

And so, whenever you feel bad about something, this means:

  • There’s an error in your thinking
  • You’re out of harmony with who you really are

At all times, keep choosing thoughts that feel good to you.

This is crucial because it’ll allow you to have the following:

  • Successes
  • Good experiences
  • Things and people you desire

If you do this consistently, you will have established a constant high frequency.

This matches who you truly are.

It will also let you attract things and events with the same vibration.

#2 Choose positive thoughts about yourself

Choose positive thoughts about yourself

You must continuously choose to like yourself fully at all times.

This means that you need to carefully select the thoughts you have about yourself.

Whenever a negative one pops up, end it instantly, and then think positively.

Be deliberate in thought.

You become what you think about most often.

If you immerse yourself in unloving thoughts, you become an unloved person.

Both you and other people will be unable to love you.

It is very simple.

It is all within your power.

Not only must you choose well, but you must also do so:

  • Clearly
  • Believingly
  • Consistently

Allow me to give you an example.

Let’s say you’ve always thought of yourself as unwanted and incapable.

What’s going to happen is this:

The universe will conspire to make the powerful thoughts that you have of yourself come true.

The conditions to make them true will arise.

#3 Hold the intention to see the good in the world

Hold the intention to see the good in the world

If you want to change your world, change your thinking first.

Start seeing how good things really are and you will have joy.

Look at the light and you will never see the darkness.

Change your mind; change what you think you see.

You can be looking at the same thing and see a happy picture instead of a miserable one.

See the good in everything.

Open your eyes to all the magic.

That is what happy people do.

It’s also important to start creating instead of simply reacting to what’s happening around you.

It is possible to experience joy no matter what your outward circumstances.

The way you get to that point is by holding the intention to always feel joy in your heart and mind.

Put your attention on your heart space, feel the joy, and hold the intention.

Emotions are always the result of thought.

You can train your mind to be in this state no matter what.

It may take a few weeks to get into the habit of being deliberate in joy.

When you do, you’ll notice that everything runs a lot more smoothly for you because that is your new vibration.

Joy is the highest vibration and it attracts conditions that perpetuate it.

It is a cycle, in which you choose joy, and it brings you joy.

#4 Ensure that you’re giving gracefully & cheerfully

Ensure that you’re giving gracefully & cheerfully

One of the greatest laws is the law of giving.

It is a phenomenal law.

Note: If you want to learn more about the universal laws, please feel free to check out my article on it:

You need to give freely and happily.

Aside from forming the habit of cheerful giving, you also need to do so before you receive.

Here’s why:

Whatever energy you give will come back to you in an amazing way.

Let me give you an example.

You may give away your time.

It comes back to you much later from an unexpected source.

This also transpires in an unanticipated manner that benefits you greatly.

Important: You cannot insist on a particular way and time it will come back to you, but you can be assured it will come back in the best way.

It is the energy behind the giving that matters so do not give grudgingly.

The Law Of Cause And Effect guarantees that you shall receive plenty for what you give.

Life is for giving.

Give what you have that includes your:

  • Time
  • Love
  • Money
  • Smiles
  • Compliments

You will get back what you do not have on you.

Give graciously and receive gratefully.

Grace and gratitude are the energizing factors of giving and receiving.

The universe is all energy.

Giving promotes this energy flow, placing you in harmony with the powers of the universe. 

#5 Help others first to receive in abundance

Help others first to receive in abundance

Whatever you wish to have, cause another being to have it first, and you will begin to have it in abundance.

For example, if you wish to have wealth, show others how to have wealth, and in an amazing way, you will soon find yourself wealthy.

How do you cause others to have wealth?

Here are some notable ways:

  • Groups: Form study groups or mastermind circles with them. Where two or more are gathered, the whole is more than the sum of its parts.
  • Awareness: Develop an awareness that enables you to look out for and see all opportunities where you can give something freely and cheerfully.
  • Sharing: You can give material things, your time, skills, or anything else. Teach these lessons to your friends that are interested in wealth.

It is a very complicated system that works perfectly.

Giving has one bonus effect:

It shows you what you already have that you did not notice before.

Let’s say you wished to have wealth.

You then decide to give wealth first by helping others learn how to have it.

In that process, you end up realizing you had a whole lot of it and capabilities that you previously thought you lacked.

You are surrounded by abundant opportunities to give, but you only see them when you decide to start seeing them.

The trick to giving is to not force it.

Show your hand.

Do not shove.

If the receiver does not wish to accept it, respect that and do not get offended.

Allow the other person their full nature of freedom of choice.

Important: Do not make a person dependent on you. If this happens, you have not done them any good because you have reduced their belief and ability in themselves.

Here is a likely scenario.

Imagine someone who does not have many material possessions to give and share with others.

However, this person is very charming and kind.

She gives a thousand compliments to people she comes across without even getting one back.

Sle lifts their mood and confidence by finding ways to encourage them.

Well, not to worry.

The universe keeps its accounts perfectly.

This person’s giving builds credit in the universal system.

One day, by the Law Of Cause And Effect, of giving and receiving, this person somehow gets the bicycle she has always wanted.

This takes place just when she needed it – in a way that looks like a miracle.

It could be any of the following:

  • By winning some competition
  • Having it given to them by a stranger
  • One of the countless other possibilities other people call luck.

That is how giving works.

#6 Break the habit of exchanges/trading

Break the habit of exchanges/trading

Get out of the habit of thinking that you should receive something first before you give.

That is not giving.

That is an exchange.

Giving freely and cheerfully enables you to do business, if you wish to look at it that way, with the universe.

This is how it works:

You give someone something that you have now with you – freely and cheerfully.

The universe, by the law, finds the best way to give back that energy to you in the form of something that you do not have with you.

It gives you back in multiples when the timing is correct and in the most appropriate form.

It is a magical process.

Obviously, the more you give, the more magic you create for yourself.

Life starts to work for you.

It is ok to think and know that when you give you will get back something from the universe.

You do not have to pretend you are not interested in receiving a reward for giving.

Expecting a reward is good.

In fact, this expectation empowers a reward to come to you.

This is when you violate the law of giving:

You start expecting to receive something back from the same being you give to saying, “Well, I did this for you so you should do that for me.”

It indicates that you have a “trading” mindset instead of a freely-giving one.

#7 Progress faster through honesty & awareness

Progress faster through honesty & awareness

Honesty and awareness go hand in hand.

It is simply stating to yourself and others whatever it is that you are aware of.

It also means that you’re being clear and truthful about what you feel.

Additionally, honesty prevents blockages from happening, because you are not hiding parts of yourself in shame.

It frees you to progress on your path and experience fully what you are and the choices you make.

Honesty resolves all business right there and then.

It is said and done, not hidden and carried around repressed for years.

The truth really does set you free.

Be aware, first and foremost, of the following:

  • Words
  • Actions
  • Feelings
  • Thoughts

Then, be honest with yourself and others about them.

This will help you transcend limitations faster than you can imagine.

#8 Operate from a place of purity

Operate from a place of purity

Purity is just another word for clarity.

It has nothing to do with religion or anything like that.

Your heart space is like a canvas on which you paint images that are then projected into experiences.

Any old images still on the canvas will seep through and interfere with the new image.

These are those old fears and worries you have regarding similar situations.

Purity, therefore, is ensuring that, regarding a particular goal, you are clear.

You do not have any egoistic blockages and fears.

You feel light about the matter, not bogged down, for you will experience exactly what you feel.

#9 Accept responsibility for yourself

Accept responsibility for yourself

The simple truth is this:

If you do not take responsibility for all that you experience, you give away your response ability.

Moreover, if you believe that things are happening to you and caused by an external source, then that belief will prevent you from seeing how you can respond to those things.

Responsibility does not mean guilt and blame.

In fact, it is not related in any way.

Being responsible simply means acknowledging that you are the source of all you see and experience.

It takes great wisdom and maturity to clearly see this link.

But once you see it, you will feel tremendous freedom, not weight, of responsibility.

Sometimes, you may desire another person to behave in a certain way.

Is this a worthy goal?

Well, these statements will help you answer that for you:

  • You cannot vibrate for others.
  • You cannot possibly infringe on another person’s free will.
  • You can’t control what another person chooses to experience.

Nothing another person sees and experiences can be caused by a source outside of them.

You can only choose how you will interact with them.

#10 Exercise determination with your goals

Exercise determination with your goals

Every single one of us has a specific purpose on this earth.

If you want to know if you’re in the correct field connected to your destiny, examine your feelings.

Do you feel joy?

If not, it is important to take steps toward the path to your true purpose.

You also need to practice perseverance.

Determination is an amazing thing.

Nothing happens without it on some level.

Nothing you see or experience can be caused by a source outside of you.

Moreover, your free will is never interfered with.

At some level, you must be willing before anything moves.

Concerning the particular desire or goal in mind, you need to have the willingness to have it done.

#11 Envision your future in great detail

Envision your future in great detail

This is just a reminder of what you now already know:

The universe only understands the language of vibration.

The visualization you do should encompass emotion on all levels.

Life situations are images of the mind expressed.

Without vision, life has no instructions to work with.

Do not just write down a goal, sit, and wait.

That isn’t very powerful at all.

You must visualize that goal in its fullness, involving details and a full range of experiences such as:

  • Reasons
  • Emotions
  • How it feels
  • How it smells
  • What you will do with it

You must do so until it feels natural to you and the next step is for the manifestation to actually occur.

It’s also crucial that you enjoy the visualization itself and have an exciting time with it in mind.

The truth is that manifestation is the natural by-product of full visualization.

It is how life works.

So, you don’t even need to worry or concern yourself with it.

I mean, you have a divine promise that guarantees that your visualization will naturally result in manifestation!

So the visualization itself should be sweet, like a promise of a gift!

That’s all you got to do!

Enjoy it!

#12 Follow your inner wisdom

Follow your inner wisdom

Everyone has built-in inner wisdom.

However, they can only hear it if they quiet the fearful worries of the ego.

It is that silent voice that never interferes but offers clarity beyond “logical” thought.

There is no mystery to it.

Just listen.

You can feel it always.

Wisdom is that knowingness that comes to you, directing you to the next step, always.

You get that feeling, but often you choose not to trust it.

Instead, you turn to the analysis of the egoic mind.

Remember that your ego runs on fear – notice the decisions it makes and you will see that they are all in an attempt to “survive” and “defend” itself.

It acts as if your survival can be threatened.

Your survival is guaranteed.

It only looks like it is not because you believe it isn’t.

Wisdom is that which shows you reason.

Reason is what gets you into the truth of who you really are. It is not the following:

  • Logic
  • Analysis
  • Argument

It is simply the seeing of the truth.

It is vital that when you are making decisions, you ask yourself the following questions:

  • Are you using wisdom?
  • Do you trust your intuition?
  • Are you following that inner guidance?

Your intuition will always come from a place of love.

That is how you recognize it.

It will never scare you.

Whenever you get a fearful feeling, know that this is not intuition.

It is just fear masking itself as such.

#13 Purify your feelings behind words

Purify your feelings behind words

It is not the words that count; it is the feeling behind them.

Some clarification is in order now.

  • Creation: Words are a tool of creation. However, it is not just the words themselves that are the tool. It is the feeling behind the word.
  • Vibration: The universe also does not understand or listen to words, only to vibration. Since words have a vibration to them, they create.

Every word has a feeling attached to it that is specific to you.

Allow me to explain further:

Let us look at the way you learned words as you grew up.

Take the word “happy” for example.

The first time you heard that word was as a child. Perhaps you learned it from your parents.

As they taught you what happiness meant, you noticed the following:

  • Their faces
  • Their emotions
  • Their body language

You felt their vibration intuitively as they said, “I am happy!

So, you concluded that happy means feeling joy.

However, if you were with parents who associated happiness with the ideas below, you picked that up as well:

  • Rarely comes
  • Paired with guilt
  • Needs struggle to be achieved

Now, you always had the choice of accepting their feeling for the word “happy” or creating your own feeling for that word.

Throughout your life, you’ve altered the original feeling and made up your own.

And each person has their own feeling about this particular word.

When it is used, it attracts unique conditions to match that utterance.

You need to ask yourself what your overall feelings are about other words.

  • Sex: What is your feeling behind the word “sex”? Is it free or is it laced with shame?
  • Money: Meanwhile, what is your feeling behind the word “money”? Is it purely joyful or is it associated with difficulty, scarcity, struggle, and limitations?

Notice how others around you react when these words are stated.

Do you accept their feelings for this word?

Are they good feelings or not?

You can always change your feelings towards any word.

It is very important that you purify what you feel behind major words in your life, such as:

  • Health
  • Friends
  • Relationships

Align them with love, abundance, and freedom.


I hope that this post has helped you learn more mindset hacks to help better your life.

If you need more guidance on this matter, I have a course that’s a great fit for you (Free trial is available)!

My newsletter and blog are also filled with eye-opening posts like this one.

I’d like to thank you for taking the time to read this post.

I’ll see you in the next one!

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